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There is nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, or switching off from being a parent for a bit, and settling onto the sofa with all your favorite snacks to watch some television. Are we wrong?

Now imagine that you could earn money while doing this. You heard us right: you could get paid to watch Netflix. It doesn’t quite sound real that a job could be so relaxing and enjoyable, but we promise that it is totally possible!

It can feel overwhelming sometimes, being exhausted and not knowing what to watch, or never being able to settle on a show with your family and friends. There is simply so much content on Netflix, who knows what’s good and what’s not? Getting paid to watch certain TV shows and movies eliminates this issue! You could discover your new obsession, binge-watch old favorites, or find a new genre that you would never usually watch.

In no time you could be earning money from watching the latest shows and movies all from the comfort of your own home. If this sounds like your dream job, then keep reading to learn exactly how to achieve it!

What is a Netflix Tagger?

So, you’re interested in the idea of being able to get paid to watch Netflix. We don’t blame you. All it requires is securing a position as an originals creative analyst, otherwise known as a tagger.

A tagger is someone who watches TV shows and movies and labels or “tags” them so that they’re easier to find and search for by future watchers. This is how Netflix is able to make specific and specialistic categories on its site such as “Movies with a Strong Female Lead”.

Originals creative analysts are important because they help you to discover your next favorite series. If you tend to watch documentaries, for example, Netflix will be able to recommend similar programs on your account which are suited to your interests thanks to the work of taggers. Essentially, all of the content that you see on your account is carefully tailored for you by them, through the tags that they give each film or series.

Analysts not only put objective tags such as release dates, cast, language, and director but also more subjective tags to do with genre and the feel of the content. This is how they perfect the algorithm and provide viewers with such specific and relevant options.

How to Work as a Netflix Tagger

Understandably, becoming an originals creative analyst is pretty sought after, so there are a couple of steps you’ll need to take before landing your dream job. This is not to say that there aren’t more ways of securing the position, but this is your best option, trust us!


Having formal qualifications is not always necessary, as is the case in many creative jobs. However, some kind of official recognition that you have a keen interest in film and television could go a long way and set you apart from other people who are after the job.

It’s not quite like anyone could get the job – some kind of creative experience is needed to prove to the company that you’re worth hiring.

For example, if you have a degree or other kind of qualification in media or film studies, this could prove to your potential future employers that you’d be well suited to working in content personalisation for them. An alternative option is to show that you have experience in the entertainment industry or have had jobs previously in creative fields such as film or social media.

Check the Netflix Careers Website

Unfortunately, your dream job is not likely to just be offered to you on a plate. You’ll have to do a bit of groundwork first. At the moment, the only way to see if Netflix are hiring originals creative analysts is to check their official website. Here, you’ll find all open vacancies and details of how to apply.

Make sure you check the site regularly as a creative analyst position could be uploaded at any time, and you best believe that countless other people are after the same spot. Ensure that your resume is up to date, unique, and eye-catching so that you have the best shot possible at securing the job!

Some of our top tips for your resume include listing all relevant experience in detail: let the company know why you would be better than everyone else at this role. Any knowledge you have of the film industry or of social media and content creation could be important, so don’t be afraid to add it in. You don’t want to miss out on the best job of your life because you forgot to mention something that could’ve clinched it!


Can I get paid for watching Netflix?

You most certainly can! Sadly, it is not as simple as switching on your TV and settling in for the night. We’ve outlined above exactly how to earn money whilst using a streaming service, so check out our guide for more information. With the right advice, your next career move could be to work for a company like Netflix!

The only official way that you can earn money is by becoming a tagger, meaning that you watch certain programs and movies in order to improve their content personalization services. Essentially, you improve Netflix’s features and help it maintain its excellent reputation as the biggest streaming giant.

How much do Netflix taggers get paid?

How much you earn will depend on your availability and experience, but it is certainly possible to be able to fully support yourself on a originals creative analyst’s salary. Some taggers have reported earnings of $50,000 and more per year, which doesn’t sound too bad to us!

Others use tagging as a means to supplement their income and earn a bit of extra cash, picking it up as a part-time job. This means you could get up to an extra $1,000 a month from watching TV at home after work! For more information on salaries, we recommend checking out the Netflix careers site.

Can you get paid to binge-watch Netflix?

As we’ve mentioned, you definitely can make money from watching movies and TV if you become an originals creative analyst.

However, you won’t always get to choose what you watch, or for how long you have to watch it. Some analysts have reported having to binge-watch every season of a show that they have no personal interest in, or watching movies in languages they don’t even understand! Be prepared for this when considering becoming a tagger, as it may involve long hours binge-watching a season of a show you don’t even like.

Is Netflix hiring someone to watch Netflix all day?

The short answer to this question is yes, Netflix are hiring people to use their service.

The long answer is a little more complicated. The role of originals creative analyst is very desirable and so vacancies are usually closed very shortly after being posted. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on the careers section of their website and check a few times a week to see if they are currently hiring.

It’s also good to keep in mind that your job may not just be watching TV and film all day: you may have to attend meetings and calls, write up notes, and watch things that you have no interest in. It’s a small price to pay for a job you can do from your couch though, right?

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