Best Cheap Drawing Tablets 2020

With the advancement of technology, most modern-day artists have shifted from pen and paper to practicing their art form on electronic devices. A drawing tablet is one such innovative innovation which tries to make the life of an artist easier. Maybe you are a professional in this field or maybe this is just a hobby, having a drawing tablet helps. But with the huge variety of product available on the market, it may become a bit confusing and overwhelming to choose a single device to suit your need. They are all special in their own way. Don’t worry, we are here to help you find a high quality best budget drawing tablet. Let’s take a look at a few factors you should use to filter your search upon.

Factors To Look Before Buying Drawing Tablet

What Is Your Need?

Probably the most important question, you should first define for what purpose you are planning to use the tablet for. A single device, can’t be an all-purpose device, despite whatever the parent company claims. And the fact remains, one device can’t please all the users. So, decide if you want to use this tablet professionally or just to kill time with family drawing silly stuff will narrow your search down.

Display or Non-display?

Drawing tablets are basically of two types. Display tablets come with the inbuilt display screen. By using this device, you don’t have to shift your focus between the drawing area and the externally connected display screen. Suited for people who are just starting out in a professional field, the built-in display feature reduces a lot of tiring features but will make the drawing tablet a bit expensive as compared to non-display tablets.

The non-display tablets come with a drawing surface. You need to connect into a computer screen through a USB and draw on the drawing surface. Your drawing will appear on the computer. Although a tiring process, this will reduce your tablets price drastically. Suited more for amateurs and people who just want to try graphical drawing as a hobby, these tablets cannot be used for any other purpose than drawing.


We all have a fixed budget to buy certain things, so deciding how much of your hard-earned money you want to spend in the beginning is a wise choice. This way, you won’t be distracted by the high-end tablets and won’t end up buying an expensive tablet which isn’t of much use to you. Value for money is a good trait in your drawing tablet.


Most of the people don’t like things which are too complicated to understand. Complicated things result in a loss of interest in most cases. So, select a tablet which is user-friendly. This will reduce the time consumed in drawing and will let your interest and creativity flow without any hindrance.


If a drawing tablet isn’t the main device you use for practicing your art, then select a tablet which is compatible with your main drawing device. This includes checking the compatibility with the operating system of the device and compatibility of the applications you use or plan on using. A tablet may work on Android, Windows, Linux etc. select a tablet based on the operating system of your main device.

Image quality

Since a drawing tablet is a graphics device, it should have high image quality and good available screen resolution. The screen resolution of a device is measured in Lines per inches (LPI). Selecting a tablet with an LPI of around 1500-2000 will be enough to produce high-quality images. You can opt for higher LPI if you want an increase in the image resolution, but that will make your drawing tablet expensive and may stray off your budget.


Size may not be an issue for most users but a heavy and big tablet might hinder your ability to draw. Also, if the tablet is too small, the screen size reduces and that can also affect your ability to draw. Opting for a bigger screen size will increase the area you can draw upon. So, deciding whether you want easier portability or bigger drawing screen size will help you figure out what size of tablet you should opt for. Also, the size of the screen and the size of the device are two different factors. A device may have a small screen size but the total device size can be bigger than what you want. The ideal thing to do is to go for a tablet with little difference between screen size and the total device size.


One of the most important criterion, the quality of the drawing pen or the stylus is something you should definitely check. Having a quality stylus which is easy to control and comes with a variety of additional features such as pressure sensitivity and durability is a good choice. Since, the use of the drawing pen is the most frequent process when you are drawing on a drawing tablet, having a tablet with a good stylus will make your drawing experience easier.

Battery Life

If you are a frequent traveler and work while you are traveling, having a drawing tablet with a good battery life is a must. You don’t want to ruin your trip looking for a charging point to charge your device.

The battery strength of a tablet is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). More the mAh more is the strength of the tablet and hence more is the battery life of the tablet. Selecting a drawing tablet with a battery strength of around 6000 mAh should be enough to last a day of intensive use.

Processor Speed

Most of the users ignore the processor details while considering a drawing tablet. This is one of the biggest mistakes. A better than average processor ensures that your device runs smoothly and there isn’t any lag or performance issue in running any application. Investing in a tablet with a great processor will not any ensure great performance but will make sure you can run any of your desired application on it.


drawing tablets come in different storage variety. A device with a storage greater than at least 32 gigabytes (GB) will help you store your data. This way, your device acts as a regular drawing tablet and can store any desired form of data. It can be used even to store pictures, videos, music and play games. Opting for higher storage space will definitely increase your tablet’s price but it may well be worth it if you want a tablet which can perform a variety of functions.

Security Features

Having a tablet with a good security system ensures that your work is safe and your privacy is maintained. Facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, voice recognition are a few innovative security features and a lot of tablets are equipped with these features.


This is solely for users who intend to use their device to pursue their hobby and aren’t interested much in the professional features offered by the device. So, a drawing tablet which can be used for a different purpose is what they need. There are many drawing tablets available in the market which aren’t just for drawing. They can be used as a desktop and the user can use them as any normal laptop. It can also be used to access multimedia services offered by a desktop such as playing games and listening to music or maybe watch a movie or two.

Company Guarantee or Warranty

Electronics product can turn out to be a menace if there’s no guarantee or warranty offered by the company. There’s no exception for drawing tablets. Going to a company which has service centers around your house and offers a good warranty or guarantee period is a smart choice. Also, you may opt for an additional warranty offers provided by the company if you are interested. They charge a bit extra for that and it varies from company to company.

Now that you have decided what factors you want to consider, let us take a look on a list of 10 of the best budget drawing tablets in the technical world at the moment.

Top 10 Best Budget Drawing Tablets 2020

1. Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro is one of the best budget drawing tablets available in the market right now. Compatible with the latest versions of Mac and PC operating systems, this is one of the best budget drawing tablets of 2020. Coming with a revolutionary new pen technology which supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Suited for professionals of graphical drawing field, this drawing tablet comes in three sizes, small (active area of 6.2 x 3.9”), medium (active area of 8.7” x 5.8”) and large (active area of 12.1” x 8.4”). windows user can use it with an operating system of Windows 7 or higher.

For Mac users, the operating system should be Mac OS 10.10 or higher. Available in two different editions, the regular and the paperback, this budget drawing tablet is priced under the range if $200-$400 depending on the model. All the latest driver software can be downloaded directly from Wacom’s website for the device’s best performance. The drawing pen is the of superb quality and is smooth. Since it’s a non-display tablet, you can’t draw on it directly. The device also features a Bluetooth LE for wireless connection to a mobile device. The small model may be too small for you and the large model may be too big, so the ideal choice should be the medium model.

Look wise, all three models are slim with the small model coming with a thickness of 0.4 inches and the medium and the large model with 0.3 inches. All three models are less than 3 pounds hence being heavy isn’t a problem. Suited for professionals, this device will surely give you a hassle-free experience and a superb quality drawing experience.

  • It works well with both Mac and PC OS’s
  • Users can choose between three different tablet sizes
  • All drivers are available on the Wacom site
  • Come in a slim frame
  • All models are lightweight
  • You cannot directly draw on the tablet

2. Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet

Another one of the bestsellers, this is certainly one of the best budget tablets of 2020. With an LPI (lines per inches) of 4000 and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, it has 8 express keys which can be assigned by the users according to their comfort and requirement. Compatible with Windows XP or later or Mac OS 10.4.x or later (for windows and mac respectively), the drawing area is 8 x 5 inches. The total size of the device 10 x 6.25 inches.

Its one of the cheapest budget drawing tablets of 2020. The accuracy and performance of this device are unsurpassed and the price tag is one of its best features. Weighing around 2.4 ounces, this device is light weighted. However, if you are looking for a stylish device, this device’s look may disappoint you because of its thickness. Other than that, this device will surely not disappoint you with its superb quality drawing pen and sensitive drawing surface. The drivers are inbuilt and update automatically over the internet whenever updates are available. This is a really good option if you aren’t a professional or are just starting out in this field.

  • Comes with eight keys for the user to program their preferred functions
  • The drivers get updated automatically
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Light and easy to carry
  • The design isn’t eye-catching

3. Huion KAMVAS GT-191 Drawing Tablet

Huion KAMVAS GT-191 Drawing Tablet

Coming with a cutting-edge high-resolution screen of 8192 pressure sensitivity, this is one of the best budget drawing tablets for those who want their work in high resolution. Coming with a 19.5-inch full HD display with a proper aspect ratio of 16:1, the device has an amazing color display spectrum with 3000:1 contrast ratio which allows the display to present 16.7 million colors vividly.

This drawing tablet has around 5081 LPI and is compatible with Windows XP or higher or Mac OS 10.10 or higher. Priced under $500, this is suited for professionals, who need high-resolution screens for their work. Weighed at 13.05 lbs, this drawing tablet is sleek and look-wise, its appealing. The GT-191 comes with the newest digital pen PE330. So, laced with superb features, you should definitely consider buying this drawing tablet.

  • It’s a full HD screen
  • Works with Mac OS 10.10 and up, or Windows XP and up
  • Great for professionals
  • Ideal for working on high-resolution projects
  • Users can draw directly on the screen
  • It’s a bit heavy

4. Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet

Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet

Another superb budget tablet from Wacom, this device comes with a unique feature. It is wireless. It gives you all the features to use your creativity to the best. The 4k pressure sensitive pen has a unique design which is suitable for both left-hand and right-hand users. With an active area of 6.0 x 3.7 inches, this drawing tablet has 4 express keys which can be configured by the user according to their needs and comfort. This drawing tablet is priced reasonably, which is a steal for the amount and quality of features offered with this device.

The device boasts of a pressure sensitivity of 4096 and requires Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS 10.11 0r higher. due to a special promotion offer, you get a free drawing software of your choice from the list of three available software provided by Wacom. Weighing 0.95 lbs, the tablet is just 0.35 inches thick. Due to its lightness and sleek look, this device is suitable for those users who travel a lot.

  • Its pen is 4k pressure-sensitive
  • Comes with four Express keys for the user to program
  • Works well with Windows 7 and upwards
  • It’s compatible with Mac OS 10.11
  • Wacom provides you with one of three drawing software upon purchase
  • The Express buttons may be too few for professional users

5. Artisul D-16 LCD Display Tablet

Artisul D-16 LCD Display Tablet

Now, this is a tablet worth taking a good look at. Coming with Full HD Resolution (1920 x 1080), the tablet is thin and sleek. With an aspect ratio of 16:1 and a contrast ratio of 700:1, it comes with a battery-free Monet pen and which has detailed brush strokes and has a pressure sensitivity of 8192.

The tablet has 7 quick access buttons which can be customized based on the user’s preference. With an active area of 344.25 x 193.64 mm, this device claims that it can detect and display 16.7 different shades of color. Weighing 1.6 kgs, this drawing tablet is slightly heavier than its counterpart. Although this device is a bit costlier than normal budget tablets, the unique features and the superb display makes up for it easily.

  • Has a full HD screen
  • Comes with a battery-free pen
  • It has a sleek and slim design
  • Ideal for producing detailed work
  • It can display up to 16.7 color shades
  • It’s not very sensitive

6. Parblo Coast 10 Display Drawing Tablet

Parblo Coast 10 Display Drawing Tablet

This device comes off with an LCD Dimension of 11.4 x 8.3 x 0.73 inches, having an active area of 8.54 x 5.34 inches. Weighing 0.63 kgs only, the panel size for this tablet is 10.1 inches. With 16:10 display ratio the screen resolution is 1280 x 800 with Pixel Pitch of 0.1695 x 0.1695 mm. this drawing tablet will cost you $198, this device is compatible with only Windows XP or higher.

This device is not compatible with Mac OS and that seems to be the only drawback in this superb piece. The drawing pen has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. The tablet is sleek and looks really trendy. Since it’s a non-display drawing tablet, it comes with a super-fast USB 3.0 interface to connect it directly to your PCs or laptops.

  • Comes with an 8.54×5.34 inch LCD screen
  • Works well with Windows XP, upwards and Mac OS X 10.11, upwards
  • Has a USB 3.0 port for fast connections
  • Its pen doesn’t require a battery
  • Works seamlessly with a variety of graphic software options
  • Comes with four USB 3.0 ports
  • It isn’t a wireless tablet

7. Huion H-6 10 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet

Huion H-6 10 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet

With an excellent pen pressure sensitivity of 8192, this device is priced under $100. it has 8 user-defined shortcut keys which can be customized by the user according to their needs. It is compatible with both Mac OS and windows with operating system versions higher than Mac OS 10.11 or later and Windows 7 or later respectively. With a big screen of 10 x 6.25 inches, the user gets a natural and realistic experience on a large smooth surface which comes with 5080 LPI.

The total dimension of this drawing tablet is 16.3 x 9.8 x 1.7 inches and weighs 2.85 pounds. This is also a non-display tablet so you need to connect it to another screen to see your drawing. The tablet is easy to use and can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. This is definitely a go-to option if you are a newbie and haven’t used a drawing tablet before.

  • Comes with eight shortcut keys that can be customized
  • It’s ideal for both professionals and beginners
  • It has a big working area of 10×6.25 inches
  • Its work surface is smooth
  • Needs to be connected to a screen whenever you use it

8. XP- Pen Star06C Drawing Tablet

XP- Pen Star06C Drawing Tablet

One of the best low budget drawing tablets, this is another device suited for newbies. With an active screen surface of 10 x 6 inches, it comes with 8192 high-pressure sensitive battery-free stylus. The refresh rate of 250RPS and 5080 LPI ensures that you have a smooth experience and your work is in high resolution. It is a non-display tablet so you need to connect it to another screen to see your drawing.

It is compatible with both Mac OS and windows with operating system versions higher than Mac OS 10.06 or later and Windows 7 or later respectively. It has 6 shortcut keys. Suitable for starters and people who just want a drawing tablet for fun, this device is perfect to inculcate an interest for graphics drawing in children because of its simple control and vibrant color screen and is compatible with all the basic creative graphics drawing software.

  • It’s a good option for those who have never used drawing tablets
  • It comes with six shortcut keys for customizing by the user
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has bright and vivid colors
  • The pen is rechargeable
  • To use it, you must connect it to another screen

9. Ugee M708 Art Design Graphics Drawing Tablet

Ugee M708 Art Design Graphics Drawing Tablet

This is the cheapest tablet on our list of the best budget tablets, it offers a wide array of features. With a 10 x 6-inch active screen area, it comes off with 5080LPI resolution and 230RPS report rate which makes your work look bigger, better and in high resolution. Laced with 8 user customizable hotkeys, it has a 2048 levels pressure sensitive pen and is compatible with both windows vista or higher and Mac OS. Weighing 1.27 lbs and measuring 8.27 x 14.09 x 0.31 inches in dimensions, this tablet is lightweight and trendy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Fast, doesn’t lag while you use it
  • Offers a 10×6 inch drawing area
  • Works well with a variety of drawing software
  • Can be operated on Mac or Windows
  • Comes with customizable shortcut keys
  • The pen pressure isn’t very responsive

10. Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro

Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro

Now, this is a drawing tablet, which let its features talk for itself. With 21.5 inches of full HD display and a pen sensitivity level of 8192, this is arguably the best budget tablet of 2020. It has 10 user customizable shortcut keys and is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS 10.11 or higher.

The new design of the stylus allows it to be used for 350 hours for a charging time of 1.5 hours. It has a Wide Viewing Angle 178° x 178°. Easy to use, it weighs 16.53 lbs and measures 25.98 x 5.31 x 16.73 inches in dimensions. Not just a drawing tablet, it can be used to surf the internet to play songs and YouTube videos too. To sum it up the device is purely for professionals and experts in the field of graphics drawing.

  • Installation is fast
  • Comes with a sturdy back stand
  • Has a full HD screen
  • Great for professionals who create detailed work
  • Has a long-lasting battery within the stylus for up to 350 hours of use
  • You can use it to browse and watch videos
  • It’s a bit heavy


Now you know what factors you need to consider and the superb drawing tablets available in the market, buying the best budget tablet according to your users won’t be a difficult choice. Have fun doodling on your new drawing tablet.


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