Best Budget Android Phones 2020

While there are many cheap android smartphones on the market today, getting one that has all the features you want may be quite challenging. But shopping for a good quality Android smartphone should be difficult, especially when you know exactly what you want and where to get it. But not all of us are tech-savvy, making it difficult to decide on the best option.

Most android phones will essentially give you the same experience, but the design, model, hardware, and sometimes software make all the difference. You can basically run the same applications on cheap android phones under $200 and those under $100. In this piece, we want to help you find the best android phone on a budget. We will give you a list of some of the top-rated android smartphones that cost less than $100 and those that cost less than $250. So, if you are looking to get a cheap android phone that has great features, stick with us through the end.

However, before we look at the various smartphone options, it would benefit you to know some buying points when shopping for affordable android phones. So here are some of the things to consider when shopping for cheap android phones.

Features to Consider when Looking for the Best Budget Android Phones

The Android Version

Over the years, android has evolved, and today, there are many android versions. There is, therefore, need to understand which android version is the latest on the market, so you don’t buy a phone running on the oldest version and have problems running some software.

The latest android version is the Pie Version released in 2018. However, earlier versions like Oreo 8.0 and Oreo 8.1 are still very strong, and you will find many devices running on them. Again, you can find great smartphones running on the older Marshmallow and Nougat Android versions. For performance and security reasons, you might want to consider getting an android phone with the latest versions.

The Processor

Of course, this is one of the primary buying points when shopping for high-end smartphones and computers. It is also the case when looking for cheap android phones. The processor plays a critical role in the performance of a phone. Many good quality android phones come with easy-to-work-with processors like Quad-Core Snapdragon.

Storage Capacity

This is as important as the processor. RAM is especially key to how the phone will perform and what software or applications you can run on the phone. Most cheap but good quality android phones will come with 2GB to 4GB RAM, which is just sufficient.

Note also that most android phones available today have a memory card slot so you can expand its storage capacity. Some phones will allow memory card capacity of up 256GB, while others will limit you to 64GB or 32GB. So this is a key factor to consider when shopping for android phones on a budget.


We are living in times when your phone’s camera is as important as its processor. The phone camera has actually become a big buying or selling point when it comes to phones. In fact, some people would prefer a powerful camera to a powerful processor. Even professional photographers nowadays take some pictures with powerful phone cameras.

If you are a picture person, you might want to go for an android phone that has a camera with high megapixels. While you will find cheap phones with camera power as low as 2mp, there are many affordable options with camera power as high as 13mp. Who wants a phone that can’t take clear pictures? So be sure to get a phone that will give you detailed photos and high-quality videos.

Dual SIM vs. Single SIM

These days, many budget android phones come with Dual-SIM capacity. You can, however, use a single SIM on them. In case you multiple phones that you want to replace with a single good quality smartphone, then a dual SIM android phone will be a great choice. With such a phone, you will no longer have to lug around multiple phones. You can have your work contacts and friends and family contacts on different SIM cards in the same phone.

Other features to look out for include the connectivity of the phone. You want a phone that can easily connect to Wi-Fi, and such software as Bluetooth. You may also need to consider such things as whether or not the phone has USB or HDMI ports. Battery capacity is also another factor, plus how long the battery lasts.

Now, having looked at the factors to consider when shopping for budget android phones, let get straight to the best cheap phones available on the shelves today.

Best Budget Android Phones Below $100

1. Samsung Galaxy J3

With a 5-inch display and a raft of other great features, this truly is one of the best cheap android phones from Samsung. The 5 inches of screen size means the phone is average in size. You’ll receive key brand features but at a lower cost, making the Galaxy J3 a worthwhile investment. It’s also android.

Key Convenient Features

The Galaxy J3 has 16 GB internal storage for installing your favorite apps while still leaving space for media files. For more space, there’s a MicroSD slot to expand the capacity up to 256GB. This device has a 5-megapixel camera and capabilities like Wi-Fi and GPS.


This smartphone offers Samsung upgrades like 4G and large expandable internal storage.

  • Expandable memory slot
  • 4G connectivity
  • GPS
  • A 5-inch display
  • The camera’s quality could be upgraded

2. Moto E – 4th Gen

Moto E - 4th Gen

With a 5-megapixel camera and 4G LTE, this phone also makes an excellent option for those on the lookout for cheap, yet good quality smartphones. Its design will leave you believing it’s an expensive phone. It has sleek, rounded edges and a 5-inch screen, allowing you to browse or even watch videos comfortably.

Key Convenient Features

Looks aren’t all there is to say for this model. Like most smartphones today, it has added benefits, including a fingerprint sensor, 4G capability, and a storage capacity 16GB. In addition to these, it’s also got a 5-megapixel selfie camera plus an 8-megapixel rear camera. This phone has 2 GB of RAM and uses Android 7.1. Users in need of more storage space can increase the capacity to 128GB as it has a MicroSD slot.


The Moto E has enough features to ensure users get the functionality they need. With its price range, this is one of the best budget android phones you can hope to find on the shelves today.

  • Front and rear cameras
  • Runs on Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Supports 4G
  • Has a fingerprint sensor
  • Some apps lag when being used

3. Nokia 2

Nokia 2

The Nokia 2 runs on Android Nougat and has a stylish look, not common for cheaper smartphones. The Nokia 2 has an impressive aluminum frame. It gives it a pricey look, all in line with Nokia’s efforts to create aesthetically pleasing options for those low-cost shoppers. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon Qualcomm processor and comes with a 4.100mAh battery.

Key Convenient Features

Nokia added an 8-megapixel camera. Hence, sufficient light is all that stands between its photo quality and that of costly smartphones. Another big plus is its 5-inch LCD screen, ideal for browsing or indulging in mobile games. For you to do all these, the Nokia 2 has great battery life, especially when compared with similar costing phones.


If looks matter to you, then this is the ideal cheap option for you. It’s been fashioned using Gorilla Glass and polycarbonate, giving you a stylish, yet functional low budget device.

  • Uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • The camera takes exceptional images and videos
  • The battery doesn’t drain quickly
  • It has a 5-inch display
  • Suitable for online surfing and even playing mobile games
  • Is a bit slow with more recently launched apps

4. LG Revolution

Boasting of over 7 hours’ worth of talk time, the LG Revolution android smartphone could serve as a worthwhile auxilliary phone for those who need one. The LG Revolution has a smaller screen size than other options here at 4.3 inches. This smaller size makes it easier to carry around for those in need of a secondary device. It runs on an older version of Android, making it suitable for those who do not require access to the newest apps.

This device keeps things fairly simple with an expandable memory of 16GB. This is adequate storage capacity for downloading applications plus multimedia files.

Key Convenient Features

This phone is 4G enabled and compact. Its small display size allows users to get the most out of its extended battery life. It can last up to 7 hours on calls alone, and up to 2 weeks on standby. In case you would like to take photos, you can do so with its 5-megapixel camera.


For a secondary phone, you can’t go wrong with this model, given its extraordinary battery life. You will surely get value for your money with this cheap android smartphone.

  • It has GPS and WiFi
  • It can last up to 2 weeks on standby
  • Has expandable internal memory
  • It supports 4G
  • Its cameras are no longer supported

5. LG Sunset L33L

LG Sunset L33L

This is yet another affordable option from LG with a smaller display and increased battery life. The L33L has a 4.5-inch screen, adding it to the list of smaller, more affordable smartphone options. Considering its features, you will certainly see it as a bargain. It features a minimalist design, with a plastic casing along the back, which is something you don’t often see nowadays. Users will also be able to take pictures with its 5-megapixel back camera, though it’s not updated.

Key Convenient Features

The fact that it’s 4G enabled means that you can enjoy faster browsing speeds and better call quality. You may not use it for multimedia storage. However, you can store up on your favorite apps with ease as it has 8GB worth of internal memory. Apart from the basic functionalities it possesses, users will get additional features like gesture control, geo-tagging, and even an FM radio.


Considering this device is for those looking for smartphone capabilities at a low cost, it checks all the boxes.

  • Its internal memory is 8GB
  • It’s 4G enabled
  • It’s small in size
  • Users have gesture control and a radio
  • Its camera quality isn’t too good

Best Budget Android Phones worth Under $250

1. Galaxy J7 Pro

Galaxy J7 Pro

As one of Samsung’s affordable phones, this model brings forth a host of features plus an exceptional camera. Much as Samsung created this for low budget consumers, they did not compromise on its look. The frame is stylish, with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen that gives it a high-end smartphone look. It runs on Android 7.0. Multimedia fans will not miss out on this phone’s exceptional camera. Another upside is this model is resistant to both liquid droplets and dust, making it suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Convenient Features

If you are looking for a cheap android phone with fast browsing capabilities, this smartphone from Samsung is among the best options as it is 4G enabled. It also has a larger display to provide a seamless browsing interface directly on your phone. It’s also dual-SIM, meaning you may utilise both your work and personal lines all in one device. No need to lug around two phones anymore.

At the back, you have a 13-megapixel camera which is guaranteed to produce quality images and videos regardless of the amount of light available.


This device runs on Android, with an exceptional back camera to perfectly capture your memorable moments. It is surely among the best cheap android smartphones under $200.

  • RAM is 3GB
  • It’s stylish and functional
  • The screen is 5.5 inches
  • It has 32GB internal storage
  • This device is smooth and rather slippery

2. LG V20

LG V20

It’s known for its fast online surfing experience and multimedia support. With a display of 5.7 inches, LG has outdone itself with this model. The screen size goes on to ensure users have an exceptional mobile browsing experience. The LG V20 comes with a 16-megapixel dual-camera at the back to take some exquisite shots. A bonus for its users is its F1.8 aperture makes it possible to take photos even in poor light conditions. Not so many cheap android phones have this feature, and so the phone is a real gem.

Key Convenient Features

This phone ups the stakes by being able to handle demanding apps with ease. This is as a result of having 4GB worth of RAM and 64GB of internal storage at your disposal. However, the cameras are its main selling point. It has a wide-angle lens that helps create outstanding panoramic images. You can also tweak your camera settings to create HDR media, geotag, and even automatically focus your shots for clarity. For those who love to take and post videos, this phone’s camera records all footage at 2160p.


It’s an incredible smartphone for users looking to pay less for quality.

  • It has dual back cameras Runs on Android 7.0
  • Has 4GB RAM
  • Has 64GB internal storage
  • Low battery life

3. Nokia 6.1

True to Nokia’s design prowess, this device is elegantly fashioned and runs on Android One. The Nokia 6.1 features the company’s now-signature aluminum body. Add this to the rear Carl Zeiss camera, and you’ve got a low-cost smartphone with a high-end finish. This phone has a 5.5-inch full HD screen made using Corning Gorilla Glass.

Key Convenient Features

This phone has features you would expect with higher tier smartphones. The first is its 16-megapixel camera. Nokia’s partnership with Carl Zeiss ensures users have impressive cameras on their devices. With so many features, you’ll need to charge your phone fast when the battery runs out. The Nokia 6.1 uses a type-C USB with fast charging capabilities, getting your phone from 0% to 50% in just half an hour. The camera on this phone allows users to take 4K videos.


Coming in hot with its aluminum body, and outstanding camera, the Nokia 6.1 is an ideal option for people looking for an android smartphone with great features on a budget.

  • You can take 4K footage
  • It has 4GB of RAM plus 32GB of internal storage
  • Uses Type-C USB to enable fast-charging
  • The fingerprint sensor’s location

4. Huawei P10 Lite

Huawei P10 Lite

With Huawei P10 Lite comes a big 5.2-inch display. The phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and has a slim silhouette. The 5.2-inch display will allow you to enjoy full HD videos. It’s got a fingerprint sensor, a single speaker, and volume rockers along the sides — perfect choice given for individuals shopping for best budget android phones.

Key Convenient Features

This Android device uses an i5 processor and has a storage capacity of 64GB coupled with 4GB of RAM. This is a clear indication that your apps will not lag. Use the 12-megapixel camera to take photos and videos as there’s adequate internal space to store them. This phone has several sensors, ideal for use with certain new-age apps. It’s got a distance, gravity, fingerprint, and optical scanners in addition to a compass and gyroscope.


This smartphone has all the makings of a great, affordable, and functional smartphone.

  • Has several in-built sensors
  • Can fast charge
  • Runs on Android 7.0
  • Battery gets used up quickly

5. Moto G Plus – 5th Gen

Moto G Plus - 5th Gen

Motorola’s 5th Gen Moto G Plus keeps your mobile experiences up to date with Android 7.0 Nougat, and above-average screen size. This smartphone boasts a number of features all packed into its stylish metallic frame. Its metal casing makes for a sturdy frame, ensuring users of its durability. You also get a fingerprint sensor, similar to those of high-end phones.

Key Convenient Features

The G Plus has an octa-core processor to ensure a seamless experience on the apps you download. However, it’s 2GB RAM limits you from accessing the newer, more demanding apps. It also comes with fast-charging capabilities; the battery fully charges in only 15 minutes, leaving you comfortable with up to 6 hours of charge. This phone is 4G enabled and even has GPS tracking available. For your multimedia needs, the 12-megapixel back camera will serve you well whenever you need to shoot videos or take photos.


With a metallic frame built to withstand damage, fast-charging capability, and an exceptional camera, the Moto G Plus provides a worthwhile experience for low a budget smartphone.

  • Has a sturdy frame
  • Possesses fast-charging capabilities
  • Plays full HD videos
  • Is compatible with Google Maps
  • Only has 2GB of RAM

Tips for Purchasing the Best Budget Android Phones

Once you’ve decided you’d like to purchase a low budget Android phone, do your research first. Do not simply buy whatever you come across first. Here are some quick tips to help you get the best cheap android phone when you are on a tight budget.

Different Android Versions and Mobile Apps

The Android OS running on different devices frequently gets updated to ensure users are getting up to date functionality. So, when you’re in the market for a new Android device, look out for those with the latest Android versions. The latest two versions are Android Oreo version 8.0 and version 8.1, and Android Nougat version 7.0 and version 7.1.

Processors, RAM, and Storage Capacity

How quickly your smartphone processes the different requests you make is dependent on the device’s RAM and processor. Therefore, users looking to run the latest demanding apps on their phones would need to look for something with a good processor and above-average RAM capacity. Slow processors and low RAM capacities result in apps lagging or even shutting down while you use them. In some instances, apps will completely refuse to launch.

Also, the more the storage your device has, the better. That’s because each process requires memory allocations to help them function. A good thing with Android phones is that even when the phone itself comes with minimal storage, you can extend the size by getting a MicroSD card. Additional storage also allows you to store your media files on the phone with ease.


These days, a phone’s camera is one of the first things most users look at to determine its worth. The number of megapixels will determine how much detail you can expect, but in general, other factors like the number of available settings and its performance in low light conditions should also play a role in your decision-making. While you will find cheap phones with camera power as low as 2mp, as we have seen, there are many affordable options with cameras of up to 13mp.

Aesthetics and Materials

With cheaper options, finding plastic-cased phones used to be the norm. But now, that’s changed. Low-budget phones nowadays come in metallic and aluminum exteriors, which are aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t mean the phones are more durable, though, as smartphones tend to receive damage to the screen rather than the body.

Battery Life and Fast Charging

Most affordable smartphones have a 3000mAh battery. Depending on your use, this may last you significantly. But if you know you often play lengthy games or use functions like WiFi and GPS, your battery will drain quickly. To remedy this, get models with better battery life as well as fast charging capacity to cater to your needs adequately.


Smartphones these days can assist with things like real-time navigation, and even monitoring bodily functions for health apps. If these conveniences are something you require, ensure the device you choose has them.

Unique Features

For competitive reasons, different models come with their own special characteristics. They could be software or hardware enhancements, but they’re all there to add value to your user experience.


When purchasing your phone, find out what policies the store has in cases of theft or damage. Some will offer standard warranties while others will have expansive covers that make your purchase more of an investment.

Dual or Single SIM

Low budget phones tend to come with dual-SIM capability. If the features are worth it, you can purchase a dual-SIM and only use one SIM with it. However, if you have two lines, a dual-SIM phone will stop you from carrying two phones around with you.


The smartphone screen size is ultimately the phone’s size. If you’re not a fan of big phones, choose smaller screens. You’ll even conserve your battery. However, if you need a big display for, say, gaming or video and photoshoots, just know that in addition to being big, it also uses more of your device’s battery.

In Summary

Selecting your ideal budget-friendly android phone boils down to your preferences. Be sure you know exactly what you want and some research on the features of the phones available before you make the purchase. Hopefully, our list on the best budget android phones and the tips we have provided will help you get the smartphone you are looking for.