Gone are the days when we used a mobile phone only for making calls. These new age devices used for communication have transitioned from the wired telephones to feature phones and the very latest smartphone. With the old age feature phones, one could barely make phone calls, send SMSes and play built-in games. But the modern day smartphone offers an array of benefits like email, internet access, video games, in-built high-quality camera, MMS facility, etc.

Now, one can watch movies/series, take photographs, use social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc), get directions while traveling and make video calls with a tap on the smartphone. The world is in your hand with this small portable device. But with the wide range of electronics available in the market, choosing the best is a daunting task.

Picking the best phone in the market that suits your budget baffling task – What features are you supposed to look for? Does it have an HD camera? Does it have a Gorilla Glass screen? Is it sleek, portable, lightweight and yet appealing to the eye? Does it have a good battery life? We have made your life a little simpler. Our experts have spent hours reviewing thousand of smartphones that offer the best design, features, performance, camera quality, battery life and while fitting your budget. If you’re planning to buy a smartphone soon, check our lists for the best options.

Best Budget Camera Phones 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Budget Camera Phones 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
1. Samsung Galaxy S8 2. Huawei Honor 6X 3. Apple Iphone SE See the current price here! See the current price here! See the current price here! Choosing the best budget camera phones can be a confusing task! While the quality of these smartphones have increased phenomenally, the cutting-edge features they have aren’t restricted to top-of-the-line...

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