Projectors have existed for quite some time now, however, their structure and efficiency in use have transformed greatly in the last 50 years. Generally speaking, a projector is an optical device that is used to project an image (or a set of images in perpetual motion) onto an external surface, usually called a projection screen. Projectors of today, are either digital or computer-based. Digital projectors and LCD projectors using different kinds of technology to serve their purposes. Projectors are equipped with electronic devices which are responsible for displaying videos or computer-based images.

This particular device is used for a multitude of purposes such as teaching in classrooms, giving presentations in conference rooms to viewing content related to media and entertainment. A projector is a complicated electronic device for many individuals who are not familiar with audio-visual technology and that is why it is crucial to understand certain elements that are fundamental to its functioning.

Our highly qualified technical experts have made concerted efforts to demystify the entire concept of a projector to the average individual, seeking to empower them with the requisite tools to make an informed and rational purchase.