Music is often considered as nourishment of the soul and although we have transcended the days of Beethoven and Mozart, music as an industry has continued to grow exponentially in the last few decades with the growth of portable gadgets that can store and play music.

Headphones are increasingly becoming the centerpiece of music consumption as it allows you to effectively lose yourself amidst your favorite tunes anywhere and anytime without causing inconveniences to those around you.

Headphones have dramatically changed in their structure and makeup, although their core functions remain the same. Purchasing a new set of headphones can be slightly tricky considering the vast number of options you have and that essentially, those are similar in many ways.

Whether you’re looking for simple wired headphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones or wired/wireless gaming headsets, we want you to know what you are purchasing and if you can get better at the same price range. Our team of experts has compiled the best list of headphones for you keeping your personal needs and expectations in mind.