Best Cheap Gaming Mouse 2020

Until a few years ago, a good quality gaming mouse would cost you not less than $100. But thanks to the competition among the many tech firms setting up shop these days, you can easily get a high-quality gaming mouse with as little as under $25. However, since there are so many products from several brands on the market, getting the right cheap mouse for your needs can be a little difficult. But don’t worry, in this piece, we take it upon ourselves to help you find the best budget gaming mouse.

We have compiled a list of top seven gaming mice under $50. But before we look at the list, it is important that you are aware of the key factors to consider when shopping for a gaming mouse on a budget.

Things to consider when buying the best budget gaming mouse

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

This feature will determine how sensitive your mouse is going to be. While the sensitivity will be affected by other factors such as the scaling in your Windows software, the Dpi will give you a good idea of how responsive the gaming mouse is going to be. Gaming mice that have low sensitivity have a DPI range of 400 to 800, which means you will need to use larger sweeping motions. With a highly-sensitive mouse, even the slightest wrist movement will make significant moves on the screen.


This is the rate at which the cursor moves to the rate at which the mouse moves. It is a standard feature that you should never ignore. For more hand movements, you will need low sensitivity to be able to stay on top things at all times.

Optical gaming mouse vs. Laser

Most gaming mice come with an optical sensor, but laser mice use laser for illumination. They are very good, especially on reflective surfaces. Optical sensors, on the other hand, are ideal for rough surfaces. A laser mouse will be susceptible to dirt and dust, affecting its lifespan. Optical mice come with a low error margin, but you will still need to consider the type of surface you will be using them on.

Polling rate

This feature shows how many times per second, a mouse sensor reads cursor location on the screen. The feature is read in Hertz, and ut ranges from 250HZ to 100Hz. The higher the polling rate, the faster the mouse’s response rate. If you are a hardcore gamer, this is one of those features that you should never ignore. Note, however, that very high polling rates may slow down your PC since it frequently updates the cursor position.

Now, having looked at the primary, most important features to consider when shopping for a reliable gaming mouse, let’s dive in and look at some of the best budget gaming mice you will find on the shelves today. Stick with us through the end and discover what your options are.

The Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50

1. HAVIT MS672 Wired Gaming Mouse

Key Design Features

If it is HAVIT, then you know it is the best. The HV -ms672 is one of the companies’ pocket-friendly gaming mouse ideal for entry-level gamers. However, the mouse’s size may present some discomfort for users with small hands. It comes with a large build designed for bigger hands. In case you desire to track your DPI setting, you can do so conveniently using a specific color flash to indicate the DPI level. You can then choose to go higher or lower. Besides, this mouse comes with seven breathing colors which continuously change while you are using the device. The multi colors add to the style and design of this mouse.

The mouse also comes with six buttons. When playing games that allow for remapping, you use the two side buttons to program the games. The buttons also function as a page forward or page backward on the browser. However, the device lacks the conventional back and forward prompts, which are common in other mice. It will get some time though to get used to this device.

Convenient Features

HAVIT HV-ms672 features a 5.5 ft long USB cable. You can comfortably use the device from a distance from your pc. Besides, the device is resistant to dust, water, and rust thanks to its gold-plated connector. It can also track well on a variety of surfaces because of its highly sensitive laser sensor. In case you need to turn off the LED light, use the switch located underneath the mouse.


HAVIT has outdone itself to come up with an excellent mouse that suits all your gaming needs. The mouse is ergonomic, robust, and accurate, and if you are shopping for the best cheap mice for your gaming, then go for this mouse. Choose the most pocket-friendly HAVIT HV-ms672 gaming mouse to experience optimal results today.

  • No additional software needed for the device to work
  • Comes with 4dpi levels
  • A woven USB cable with gold plated connector
  • Seven led breathing lights
  • Solid built for long term use
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Cannot fit small hands

2. Vic Tsing MMO57 2.4G

Vic Tsing MMO57 2.4G

Key Design Features

You can take the game along with you with this exceptional mouse that comes with a 2.4 GHz band with a range of 15 meters. The device is designed for a gaming PC to allow for extended hours of gaming without necessarily sitting down.

Besides, the ergonometric design ensures you engage in gaming without your hands experiencing t any strain or fatigue. The mouse comes with three extra buttons that allow you to adjust the five DPI settings from 800 to 2400. You can program the two additional buttons to perform any other function to suit your gaming needs. The extended period is ideal for any right-handed user, but the lefties are not so lucky. The location of the buttons significantly disadvantages left-handed users.

The device comes with a good battery life that can last way past 15 months of continuous use. You are therefore saved the trouble of having to change the batteries often. Your battery life will be extended even further by the sleep mode feature that is automatically activated after 8 minutes of inactivity.

Convenient Features

This device makes use of an optical sensor. The sensor is sensitive on a variety of surfaces except for glass. Your gaming experience will be so smooth regardless of the surface you are using to track your mouse. Moreover, the device is entirely compatible with windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can comfortably use it with your gaming MacBook or Notebook. With its sturdy construction, this mouse is built to last long and to be reliable.


This exceptional wireless gaming mouse gives you fast connectivity speeds. You also enjoy gaming without being tethered to your personal computer. It comes with a convenient ergonometric design that allows you to take it anywhere you want. The mouse is highly sensitive and is suitable for superior gaming activities such as the MOM, FPS, Stealth, and RTS.

  • Long wireless length up to 50 ft
  • Lenser sensor ideal for a range of surfaces
  • The comfortable rubber scroll wheel
  • Two excellent programmable buttons
  • Five adjustable dip setting
  • Convenient wireless capability
  • Grip not comfortable with for use with large hands

3. Redrag on m601 Wired Centrophorus gaming mouse

Redrag on m601 Wired Centrophorus gaming mouse

Key Design Features

This mouse is quite comfortable thanks to its durable ABS build. You are guaranteed to get value for your money thanks the mouse’s superior features, including top-notch quality and precision. The mouse comes with five programmable buttons and four levels of DPI adjustments. Moreover, you can save any gaming conveniently using the five onboard profiles.

You will enjoy hours of comfortable gaming owing to the device’s soundtrack owing to the Teflon feet and a highly sensitive sensor. Besides, the mouse features an 8-piece weight tuning set of 2.4g each. You can, therefore, remove or add your desired weight easily. Besides, this superior gadget comes with a 6 feet durable braided fiber cable that guaranteed longevity. Moreover, the cable is long enough, allowing you to work from a reasonable distance.

Convenient Features

Redragon M601 comes with a red, bright backlight that blends itself well with other gaming features. However, you may find the light too bright for your comfort. You can turn off the light by disassembling the mouse and removing the lighter connector. The mouse is also designed to fit most hand sizes and thus ideal for gamers for both small and large hands.


With this device, all your gaming needs are taken care of. The mouse provides you with the comfort you are looking for whenever you are engaging in long gaming sessions. This mouse makes gaming more practical and fun thanks to its adjustable dpi and lightweight.

  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Long 6ft braided fiber cable
  • Eight-piece weight tuning set
  • Five onboard profiles
  • Five programmable buttons
  • Four levels of DPI
  • The brightness level is quite cumbersome to adjust

4. Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Key Design Features

Logitech is a pacesetter in the world of gaming, and their products are always top-notch. However, you may find their gaming mice a bit out of budget, but still, you can make do with old models like Logitech G300s. This superior mouse was designed to provide smooth gameplay for avid gamers. You can use the mouse for any game owing to its adjustable DPI, which you can easily adjust from250 to 2500.

The mouse features on- the -fly DPI setting, which allows you to make desired changes quickly. It also comes with nine programmable buttons and three onboard profiles, which enables you to allocate several essential functions of the keyboard to this exceptional mouse. However, the mouse doesn’t come with programming software; this means you have to install one yourself before using the device. With this mouse, fatigue and stress on your hands will be a thing of the past thanks to its pinched design, which allows your middle and index fingers to move freely without causing strain. Moreover, the design will enable you to comfortably use the mouse with both your left or right hands.

Convenient Features

The mouse allows you to select any color of your choice from the available variety. The mouse also allows you to change the profile you are using easily. You can keep tabs of your profile you are using conveniently by setting your functions. You can also play using different PCs seamlessly, thanks to the device’s stored profiles. With a six and half long feet cable, the mouse offers you comfort when working with your pc. However, the long cord can be a source of frustration if it keeps getting caught in the corners around your furniture.


If you are looking for a unique gaming mouse that was designed with programmability in mind and which will deliver beyond your expectations, then go for Logitech G300s. The device allows you to have most of your gaming commands at hand. The device is also ideal for avid gamers who are looking for a budget-friendly mouse.

  • Comes in the ambidextrous shape
  • Lighting is configurable to a variety of colors
  • Comes with several onboard profiles
  • Nine programmable buttons
  • Five levels DPI
  • Comes with unique on -the- fly DPI
  • You will time getting used to the pinched design

5. Logitech G602 Lag-free wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G602 Lag-free wireless gaming mouse

Key Design Features

With this mouse, you can play a comfortable game without the inconveniences that come with cords. And while at it, you get better input speeds that surpass that of a wired mouse. Unlike another wireless mouse that is annoying and slow, Logitech comes with a unique nano receiver with an extender cable to enable you to experience better speeds on the 2.4 GHz band and a 2 ms response rate.

Moreover, the mouse comes with eleven programmable buttons for easy and convenient use. This mouse is one of the rare types in the market with its high number of buttons, which you get for affordable prices. You can also set up macros and all games’ commands efficiently on your mouse. The device is also compatible with both your laptop or pc, and you can set up your gaming profiles on both the devices quite easily using the mouse.

In case you want to use pixel-precise control, the mouse allows you a DPI as low as 250. You can also raise the DPI to 2500 to up your game and outcompete all your competitors. Besides, this mouse can be used with most Windows, including Windows 7,8, and 10. It is also compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS x 10.6.8. However, you may experience some challenges using the mouse with Windows 8.

Installing the windows is quite easy with this mouse. You go to the control panel and locate the mouse in the device manager. You then update the driver by right-clicking on the properties. You will see a dialog box that will pop up immediately. You should then select the option that says browse my computer for driver software. Once you do that, click the location of the Logitech Gaming Software and then click next, and your installation is through. After you are through with the update, you will get the prompt Logitech Gaming Receiver. You are free to open it and access the functions of the mouse that suits your needs.

Convenient Features

Logitech G602 guarantees a long battery life that can cover up to 250 hours of use. The mouse makes use of delta zero sponsors that extend the battery life substantially. Moreover, the mouse comes with battery saving capabilities, which allows you to save the life of the battery once it runs low. Alternatively, you can make use of the optical software that alerts you of a low battery so that you can change the batteries on time.


Logitech G602 is ideal for gaming lovers who are looking to have an enjoyable experience at low prices. It is sturdy and can withstand all the rigors of gaming, including being exposed to outside environments and even when it is dropped on hard ground. Besides, as compared to other mice in the market with the same features, this mouse comes with outstanding features, including extended longevity and precision, which you get at amazing pocket-friendly prices.

  • come with 11 programmable buttons
  • Comes with a nano receiver extender
  • It is lag-free with a 2ms response
  • You get a maximum 250 hours of battery life in gaming
  • The adjustable dip from 250 to 2500
  • The durable exterior improves longevity substantially
  • The quality of the scroll is wanting. It wears off fast and can stop working after short periods of gaming.

6. Lenrue Laser Gaming Mouse

Key Design Features

Lenrue gaming mouse is unbelievably affordable despite its many unique features. If you want a gaming mouse that guarantees optimum functionality, then choose Lenrue. The mouse is designed to offer you practical experience. It features six programmable buttons, which will help you easily command your keyboard on the mouse to concentrate on your fast-paced game.

The mouse’s finish is unique, coming with a rubber feel that improves your grip while gaming. The rubber feel ensures you game for longer hours without experiencing any stress or strain on your fingers. You can choose the comfortable rate to work in, thanks to the mouse’s four levels of DPI, with 3200 being the highest. The mouse also comes with improved control for efficiency, enabling you to focus entirely on the game rather than on the position of the cursor. It also comes with a variety of LED colors that matches the DPI level you’re working on. For example, the pink color goes with 1600 DPI while purple symbolizes 3200 DPI level. You can therefore easily keep tabs on the DPI that suits the game you are playing.

Convenient Features

With Lenrue, you can program all the six buttons. With its unique features, you are sure to get value for your money. You will, however, need to download the right software from the Lenrue website for you to allocate macros to the mouse. You will find the page written in Japanese; however, there are available English versions. In case you are buying the mouse for office use only, then you won’t need any software to run it.


Lenrue has delivered a perfect, accurate, and efficient gaming mouse that comes with a budget price. The DPI settings are designed for gaming and other heavy activities. The rubber and metallic housing make this device hardy enough to withstand harsh exposure. It is also unbelievably cheap as compared with other gaming mice with the same features.

  1. It comes with a high precision polling rate
  2. Four breathing colors
  3. Durable, metallic base and rubber housing
  4. Rubbery grip
  5. Six programmable buttons
  6. Four dpi setting with dip button
  • You can’t use the mouse with Mac OS

7. RazerDeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Key Design Features

Razer DeathAdderChroma comes with unbelievably pocket-friendly premium features. This superior mouse features a highly accurate optical sensor that will take your gaming to another level. With a high DPI level of 10,000, you can expect high gaming speed that will blow your competitors off the chase. The mouse also comes with two programmable buttons that you can use to allocate functions to assist in RPG and FPS gaming. With 200 inches per second movement speeds, you can look forward to longer gaming hours with this unique mouse.

Convenient Features

The mouse comes with a variety of colors that you can use to illuminate the wheel and Razer logo. The advanced features also allow for tracking on most surfaces, including rough ones. The mouse also comes with a rubberized grip that is textured to allow for smooth gaming with no sliding. The device is designed for right-hand users, and thus, left-hand users may not enjoy using this mouse.


Razer is quite an accurate, efficient, and versatile gaming mouse that comes at a very affordable price. If you want a capable mouse with a very high DPI setting, then go for the razer.

  • Comes with backlighting with all colors of the light spectrum
  • Comes with a rubberized grip
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Can track on most surfaces
  • Accurate and high dpi
  • Ergonomic design for right-hand users only
  • You will need to update the software quite often to achieve excellent performance

Tips for purchasing the best budget gaming mouse

Knowing what you want when it comes to gaming mice is one thing, and finding it is entirely a different thing. We have provided you with two lists of the gaming mice that we think will give you the best gaming experience. However, as you might already be aware, a gaming mouse is not like any other ordinary mouse. Therefore, you will need to be careful and very specific when trying to get one that works for you. To make things easier for you, below, we highlight some tips for choosing the best budget gaming mouse.

Consider your grip type

  • Claw grip

Claw grip will involve the upper palm being rested in at the bottom of your mouse. Usually, your index and middle fingertips are the ones you use to click. If you have a claw grip, a light to medium-sized arch mouse will be ideal for you.

  • Fingertip grip

This grip, the mouse is held with two fingers and the thumb. If you have this kind of grip, then you would need a flat-arched mouse, that is short and light.

  • Pam grip

This grip, the mouse is held in the hand in the most relaxed and natural manner. Some people with this grip use the entire index and middle fingers to do the clicks. You will require a high-arched mouse that is thumb-indented. The most may or may not need to be heavy.

Look for Customization and Programmability

The ability to turn keys into soft and hot keys makes your gaming even more fun. So you might want to look at whether or not the mouse comes with such options as DPI adjustments, or color settings. You may also consider whether or not the device has onboard memory.

Wireless vs. Wired gaming mouse

Wireless mice come with a fair share of pros and cons. Some people think they are more convenient than the wired ones, while others think their battery life isn’t reliable. However, there are many wireless gaming mice that come with very impressive features. It all comes down to what you really prefer to have.

Button Layout

Gaming mice come with different button layouts depending on the game. Some come with large buttons on both or one side while others have snipping buttons. You need to understand your games and get a mouse with the best button layout. You can do some online research on mouse button layout and games before placing your order just to make sure you are purchasing the right mouse.

Handed gaming mouse vs. Ambidextrous gaming mouse

The former are designed to for use with either hand while the former are meant to be used with the right or left hand. So, obviously, this is a factor that you might want to seriously consider.

Another key factor is the mouse’s durability. You don’t want to buy a mouse that will get damaged easily. Look for those that are made metal frames (the most durable). Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to get the best budget gaming mouse for your gaming needs.


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