Best Cheap Wireless Mouse 2020

You will need the convenience that comes with a wireless mouse to navigate your laptop or PC during your routine office work. A wireless mouse does not only make your task easy but also ensures that nothing gets in the way when working on your documents. With the mouse, you can quickly move over every degree possible to reach even the furthest corner of your page.

New technology has made it possible for highly accurate, effective, and efficient mouse to be developed. The popularity of such a mouse has skyrocketed, and despite its relatively high price, many consumers purchase the device as soon as it hits the shelves. However, picking a pocket-friendly, accurate, and efficient mouse can be a challenge for you. We have come up with choices of the best cheap wireless mouse that you can acquire without necessarily breaking the bank. We have also come up with the following factors you should consider before buying the best cheap wireless mouse:




Current Price


Logitech M510

Compatible with a variety of windows including windows7,8,10 and window rt, mac so x10.5, and chrome OS.


Anker 2.4 g

Five buttons including web browsing buttons


VicTsing MMO57

High arch and rubber indents for comfortable handling


Amazon basic

Compatible with mac and windows computer


TechNet Pro 2.4 net Pro

Advanced technology tom maintain a stable connection


Logitech M705

Comes with a storage compartment to store the nano-receiver during travel


Logitech M570

Compatible with windows vista and windows 7,8,9 and 10 and mac OS x 10.5 or later


Microsoft sculpt L6V0001

10 ft stable wireless range, Microsoft track technology


Wireless mouse has two types of connection; while some connect through nano receivers on 2.4 GHz wireless networks, some use Bluetooth to make their connections. You should go for the mouse that uses both connectivity. Such a mouse ensures you do your work undisrupted in case the 2.4ghz frequency is crowded.


You should go for a mouse that is neither too big nor too small. An ideal mouse should come with size 4-5 inches. If you go for a big mouse, then your fingers may struggle to reach the buttons. A mouse that is too small may inconvenience you while working with it. Mice that come with dongles should be free from any obstruction when sitting on your laptop.

Battery life

The best cheap wireless mouse should have a long-lasting battery. Replacing dead cells can be a source of frustration and inconvenience, especially when you are in the middle of a task. You should also know the battery life of your mouse so that you replace it well in advance.

Number of buttons

The best budget mouse should have at least two buttons and the scroll wheel. If you want extra functionality, then go for a mouse with two or more extra buttons located on the side. You will use the buttons for scrolling through web pages, forward and backward, and in the addition of more commands.

Operating range

You should go for the best cheap mouse with a long enough range to allow you to work freely from any corner of your office. Such a mouse will enable you to control the features of your computer when you are located at a distance from your desk.

Best Budget wireless mouse Under $20

1. Logitech M510 wireless computer mouse

Key Design Features

Logitech is always the best when it comes to wireless mice. The company has a good number of good brands in the market. The Logitech M510 is an exceptional wireless mouse that delivers the best performance for your daily use. The mouse features good ergonometric design with its contoured shape that is designed to fit well into your hands and offer you comfort. Besides, the device comes with soft rubber grips that ensure you work for extended periods without your fingers experiencing any strain or fatigue.

The mouse can track well on a variety of surfaces owing to its high precision laser grade optical sensor. You can, therefore, use the mouse on a wooden desktop or soft and rough mouse pads. The other advantage that comes with the laser grade optical sensor is that the mouse is prevented from picking unnecessary data that can affect overall performance. This device also comes with two extra side buttons that give you more edge and speed when navigating through your documents. The buttons also enable you to zoom in or out your photos easily and quickly. This superior mouse connects via Logitech nano receiver, which can be stored in the mouse whenever you need to travel.

Battery life

You can use the mouse for two years before changing the battery. You will enjoy working for long periods without the inconvenience of changing dead batteries. Besides, the mouse preserves energy whenever it is idle using the on and off switch and the sleep mode that automatically switches off the mouse after 8 minutes of inactivity.


If you are looking for a reliable wireless mouse that won’t disappoint, then go for Logitech m510 today. The mouse will get you through the most demanding job comfortably and speedily. With an excellent ergonometric design, this mouse gives you the comfort to work for hours without getting tired. When you consider the long battery life and the extra buttons, then this model is way worth more than the current retailing price.

  • Compatible with a variety of windows including windows7,8,10 and window rt, mac so x10.5, and chrome OS.
  • It uses a laser grade optical sensor
  • Comes with a tiny nano receiver that won’t block your view
  • Offers 10 meters of operating distance
  • It comes with two extra buttons.
  • greatly disadvantages left hand users

2. Anker 2.4 g wireless vertical mouse

Key Design Features

If your work demands that you spend countless hours on your computer, then the Anker is the ideal mouse for you. This mouse will enable you to work for hours without the risk of repetitive strain injury thanks to its vertical shape that saves you the trouble while remaining functional. The mouse is designed with a shape that encourages your hands to take the handshake position comfortably. You get a very comfortable grip, which is free from any strain or stress; thus, you can work for long periods with the mouse without suffering from any injury.

The mouse also features a three DPI levels on its optical sensor. With these features, the mouse’s sensitivity is greatly improved to enable you to use it well on different surfaces. You will efficiently and quickly change the dpi levels or scroll web pages using the two side buttons. The mouse also comes with a small nano recover that you can store within the mouse whenever you are on the move.

Battery life

The battery life can run for up to six months of continuous usage. This is made possible by the two AAA batteries that come with this mouse. The mouse is also very reliable and reasonable when compared to its peers, such as the amazon basics. Battery life is preserved thanks to the automatic power of feature that cuts off power when the mouse stays for 8 minutes without use.


If you own such an ergonometric wireless mouse that comes with a low price, then you should know you have gotten yourself a perfect deal. The design ensures you work for hours without experiencing any discomfort on your palm and wrist. Although the mouse is not light, you will find out easy to navigate and lift it thanks to its strain-free construction.

  • It comes with a power switch
  • You can enjoy six months of battery life
  • 8 minutes off to save on battery
  • Five buttons including web browsing buttons
  • There levels dpi
  • The vertical design prevents RSI
  • The mouse is too big, and people with small hands may find it quite uncomfortable to work with

3. VicTsing MMO57 optical wireless mouse

VicTsing MMO57 optical wireless mouse

Key design features

If you are an avid gamer, then this incredible mouse was made for you. Once you power it on, this mouse doesn’t waste time. It pugs in and starts work right away. It features a powerful 2.4 GHz nano receiver that can work in a far range of up to 15 meters. Thus, it will be possible for you to play your favorite game while sitting on the couch without experiencing any lag that can affect the performance.

It also features an excellent ergonometric design thanks to the thumb indent and a high arch that enables you to relax your hands and still comfortably reach all buttons.

The mouse also features a highly sensitive optical sensor that makes it possible to track on a variety of surfaces without any issue. You can, therefore use the mouse to play high-speed games. The mouse also comes with five levels of DPI starting at 800 to 2400. You will use the lower dpi in high precision games and vice versa.

Convenient Features

With this device, you get intuitive features of knowing your DPI level even when you are in the middle of your game. When you press the CPI button, a red light flashes several times. You can tell the level of DPI by the number of flashes. For example, one flash means that you are operating at an 800 DPI level while five flashes indicate that you are working at a high-level of 2400 DPI.

Battery life.

The mouse comes with 15-month battery life. Although it is shorter than other mice in the market, the battery life is okay for use in gaming. The mouse doesn’t come with any battery, and you will need to power it on using one AAA, which is readily available in the market.


If you are looking for a simple yet reliable and practical mouse for your gaming needs, then go for a viTsing MMO57 mouse. It comes with fantastic connectivity and convenient programmable buttons that enable you to play your game smoothly and comfortably.

  • Comes with two programmable side buttons
  • You can easily and quickly change the different CPI levels
  • High arch and rubber indents for comfortable handling
  • Comes with an energy-saving mode that kicks off after 8 hours of inactivity
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • It comes with a compact receiver.
  • It doesn’t come with any battery; you have to buy one separately before use

4. Amazon basic wireless mouse

Amazon basic wireless mouse

Key design features

The term basic practically applies to this mouse. Everything is pretty basic from the shape to the functionality. If you are looking for the best cheap mouse that you will occasionally use, then go for Amazon basic wireless mouse. This mouse features the signature form that comes with only three buttons. With no side buttons, this mouse can be used by both right hand and left-hand users. Moreover, the mouse is so light that you will lift and navigate effortlessly and at high speeds. It also comes with an excellent ergonometric design thanks to its rubberized surface that prevents your hand from sliding while you are working with it. Moreover, the four Teflon feet located at the base facilitates seamless and smooth gliding.

The mouse will establish a stable and robust connection with your laptop, notebook, or pc thanks to its 2.4Ghz dongle. The mouse can also work well with a variety of operating systems, including mac OS and Windows. It is compatible with most Windows from 20000 to Windows vista, XP,7,8, and 10. You can work with this mouse even when you are located at a far distance from your device because it comes with a range of up to 7 meters.

Convenient features

You will power this mouse using two AA batteries. Some mice come with cells while others come without. If you buy a mouse with no cell, you will need to purchase the cells separately. The optical sensor is entirely accurate for most basic activities except gaming. The mouse can also track well in choice surfaces, including single color desktops and plain pads. However, it doesn’t track well on glass or mirror surface, and as such, you will need a mouse pad.

Battery life

The mouse can last for three months of continued use before the battery dies. The battery life is much better as compared to those of other similar brands in the market.


If you are on a budget and you need a basic wireless mouse with basic functionality, then go for this mouse. You will get a good connection over a seven-metro distance. The mouse is also quite small and easy to lift and navigate. The lack of additional features means that you will use this mouse for primary office and home tasks only.

  • It comes with a design that allows left-handed people to use it
  • Ultra-straight for simple navigation
  • Compatible with mac and windows computer
  • Rubberized surface prevents fingers from sliding
  • Easy and convenient to use with only three buttons it maintains a responsive tracking on ideal surfaces
  • Lacks extra buttons meaning it comes with no additional functionality

5. TechNet Pro 2.4 net Pro Ergonometric wireless mouse

Key design features

You will be surprised to find this mouse way better than an ergonometric vertical mouse when it comes to comfort. The mouse features a slight bump on the scroll wheel, which you slightly touch to produce the desired action when working with it. It also features two side buttons that enable extra functionality when using it. The mouse can also track well on a variety of surfaces thanks to the TechNet’s Truwave technology. Besides, its advance optical sensor ensures that the mouse doesn’t suffer any lags or dropouts whenever you are using it. The nano receiver enables the mouse to connect automatically to a maximum range of 15 meters.

With this mouse, you get up to five DPI settings that take the performance a notch higher thanks to TechNet pro-technology. It also features good ergonometric design with a rubber grip that increases accuracy. The indented dots on the side of the mouse also enhances a firm grip to allow you to work comfortably using this mouse.

Convenient features

Once you connect the mouse to your computer, the nano receiver doesn’t waste time; it pairs the device to your pc right away. This mouse also comes with a compartment at the base of the mouse, which you will use to store the nano-receiver whenever it is not in use or when you are traveling.

Battery life

The mouse’s battery can run for up to 12 months of continuous heavy use. But if you are using the mouse occasionally, the battery can last longer, for up to 18 months. This mouse is ideal for heavy users or gaming addicts.


This mouse is quite durable, accurate, reliable, and affordable. It makes use of advanced technology to provide stable, functional connectivity that will enable you to complete your tasks without any interruption. You can also use this device for long periods without experiencing any stress or strain on your hands thanks to its contoured rubber grip.

  • Comes with a soft rubber grip
  • Five levels of dip and five buttons
  • Uses advanced technology tom maintain a stable connection
  • Comes with a high range of up to 15 meters
  • It is a plug and plays mouse
  • You will have to buy batteries separately

6. Logitech M705 wireless marathon mouse

Logitech M705 wireless marathon mouse

Key design features

You will find this mouse quite attractive to the eye owing to its sophisticated design. The ergonometric design ensures you suffer no injuries, especially if your work schedule involves sitting all day in front of your computer. The mouse was made for the right handlers who seek comfort while working out tedious tasks on the computers. Besides, the mouse comes with a wide surface that will accommodate different hand sizes. It can work well on a variety of surfaces thanks to its 3200 DPI laser sensor that guarantees high sensitivity.

You will also quickly scroll up and down long pages thanks to the device’s superfast scroll wheel that provides you with quick speeds whenever you need it. Besides, the Logitech canon receiver is another unique feature of this mouse. It makes use of 2.4ghz wireless frequency to enable you pair it with up to six Logitech devices at ago, to provide for seamless, fast, and efficient connection. The mouse also comes with a good working range of up to 10 meters all around.

Convenient features

This mouse is quite light and reliable to work with. If you are looking for a comfortable mouse that offers comfort and high speeds, then go for this Logitech device.

Battery life

This mouse comes with arguably the most extended battery life. Using the two AA batteries, you can use this mouse for three long years without having to change them. If you meant to reduce the weight of the mouse, you could use one single battery at ago.


This mouse is excellent in many ways. When you consider the long battery life, unifying nano receiver, lightweight, and a high price, this mouse is the ideal choice if you are looking for the best cheap mouse for your home and office use.

  • Comes with a storage compartment to store the nano-receiver during travel
  • It is designed for comfortable right-hand use
  • Comes with two AA batteries that offer up to 3 years of continuous use
  • You can operate with it in a range of 10 square feet
  • Unifying 2.4ghz dongle
  • Superfast scrolling wheel
  • There are two confusing versions of the mouse, and if you are not keen, you can get the less functional one.

7. Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Key design features

This mouse guarantees you work comfortably in small spaces owing to the its trackball that enables you to work conveniently in small spaces. Its unique ergonometric design has made this mouse one of the most popular computing devices in the market today. When you hold this mouse, you find your hands settling comfortably on the device, and you can move your thumb effortlessly to move the trackball.

The mouse is not also too big and thus will fit well in your hands to enable your fingers to reach the navigation side buttons quickly. You will also access the click buttons and scroll wheel speedily and conveniently. The mouse can be connected to six unifying compatible devices at a go without necessarily switching out the receivers.

Convenient features

The tracking ball that comes with the mouse will help you use it in tight spaces. The tracking ball also ensures your mouse tracks on a wide range of surfaces. You can, therefore, use this mouse on your lap, rough couch benches, glass. Its good ergonometric designs make this device quite comfortable to use for long hours without your fingers experiencing any strain or fatigue.

Battery life

The mouse comes with a battery that can last for up to 18 months of regular usage. You will need to buy a single AA battery to power this mouse on. With a single cell, the mouse will be light enough to lift and navigate.


If you are looking for a wireless trackball mouse to use in your small spaces, then go for this mouse. You will use this house conveniently without having to move around your hands. This mouse is also ideal for tasks that take extended periods to complete.

  • It features a 30ft wireless range
  • It is compatible with windows vista and windows 7,8,9 and 10 and mac OS x 10.5 or later
  • Comes with a single battery that can last for 18 months
  • The ergonometric design ensures the hand is in a comfortable position
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • All surface use thanks to the tracking ball
  • You will need to maintain the trackball regularly for it to work well

8. Microsoft sculpt L6V0001 ergonometric mouse

Microsoft sculpt L6V0001 ergonometric mouse

Key design features

This unique mouse comes with such excellent functionality features that will turn your work into a joyous experience. If you are a super who likes to begin your tasks from the start menu, the mouse comes with a blue windows button that enables you to do so quickly. It also comes with an average size that will accommodate most users regardless of the size of your hands. Its design is also unique. Unlike other computer mice, this exceptional device comes in a circular shape coupled with a thumb scoop. The shape is essential when resting your thumb to take a natural hand position. When working with this mouse, your wrist will rest comfortably in a natural posture.

Convenient features

This mouse makes use of Microsoft track technology to express superior tracking on a wide range of surfaces. However, the mouse cannot work on glass and mirrored surfaces. With its excellent sensitivity, your hand and cursor will always be directed to where you want. The zoom buttons and scroll will also provide you with a superior experience. The buttons will provide you with quick navigations that save you a lot of time.

Battery life

If you are using this mouse occasionally, then you will get a maximum of 12 months of battery life. However, if you are a heavy user, expect the battery to run out in five months. This mouse lacks the auto shut off feature, and thus if you leave it on without use for long periods, the battery life will be reduced to as little as six months. The other advantage with this mouse is that it comes with a first battery which you will insert before use.


With this mouse, you can kiss strain and fatigue goodbye, owing to its sculpted model that works to eliminate strain. The ergonometric design guarantees your comfort and superior tracking capabilities.

  • It comes with two aa batteries which offer up to 12 months of usage
  • Comes with a 10 ft stable wireless range
  • It uses Microsoft track technology for use in most surfaces
  • It comes with side scroll buttons
  • It comes with a thumb rest for natural hand positioning
  • When working with this mouse, it leaves smudges on surfaces

Final thoughts

There are a variety of mice nn the market today, and choosing the best which comes with affordable prices can challenge. However, with the guide and review, we have done above; you will easily make an informed choice when buying one. Choose one of the above mice to experience the most amazing results.


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