Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboards 2020

Finding the best cheap mechanical Keyboard is not easy. One has to compare various brand features, and this takes plenty of time. Mechanical keyboards are not often priced on the lower side as other types of keyboards. These keyboards feature a unique feel with excellent tactile feedback on each key press. They are popular among professional typists and gamers because of their smooth feel at the fingertips. We have reviewed the best pocket- friendly keyboards to help you get started immediately. But before we get to reviews, lets us look at factors to consider before buying a mechanical keyboard. Read on




Current Price


Redragon K552

Compact profile fit for crowded working stations


EagleTec KG011

High-quality ABS for increased durability, Features a cracked trendy surface



Features anti- spillage design, Ergonomically designed keys to reduced fatigue



Boasts three LED colors to choose, High-quality ABS


Rosewill (RK-9000V2 BR)

Solid matte plastic body, N-key rollover function, window disabling key


Havit HV- KB390L

10 keyless design, Customizable backlighting, It works fine without any software


Logitech G710+

Features Cherry MX brown switches, Features Dual-zone LED


Corsair Strafe

Top-notch keying control, Features CUE software


Logitech G610 Orion Red

Features Cherry MX Red switches that are efficient in quick keying


Corsair K63 Wireless

Small ten keyless design, Features Cherry MX Red switches for rapid actuation

What should you look for in a cheap Keyboard?


Mechanical keyboards lack a layer of rubber under them. For this reason, they come with enough space for adding lighting and colors under the keys. It is easier for one to type in low light when they are using a backlight keyboard. Such keyboards are vital for night hours in the office or nighttime gaming. Keyboard backlighting comes in two types; RGB and single color lighting display. The RGB lighting lets you choose the keyboard color from a pool of colors so that each zone or section of your Keyboard has a different color of light. The single color display uses one color throughout the Keyboard.

Type of switch

There are quite several switch types. Here are the most common types of the switch on mechanical keyboards:

Cherry MX black

These switches need clicking until they bottom up. They lack tactile feedback and come with a high actuation force, which is not suitable for dedicated gamers or professional typists.

Cherry MX Brown

These types of keyboard switches feature excellent tactile feedback and actuation force. They allow crucial multiple pressing with minimal error hence an excellent option for gamers. They are also recommended for typists because of the minimum noise they make when in use.

Cherry MX Red

These types of switches come with less actuation force as compared to all other types of switches. The keys are linear thus less tactile feedback, the small actuation distance and power make it easier for one to the game for so long without getting tired

Kailh and Romer- G- switches

The Kailh switches resemble Cherry MX switches; the brown version is tactile while the red text is linear. The blue ones offer excellent tactile feedback with a clicky feeling.

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue features excellent tactile feedback and a unique click. They let you feel they keypress as soon as it is registered, a feature that makes them ideal for typists and serious gamers. They have a small actuation distance, thus increased typing speed.

Switch behavior

Each Keyboard responded differently when they pressed. There are quite several switch behavior; you may not know which one works best for you until you try them out.

Tactile switches

With tactile switches, you get a bumpy feeling midway when pressing. However, the click sound does not follow after a successful registration.

Linear switches

They are the simplest of all switches. They lack bumping or click when moving up and down. Most gamers and professional typists prefer them due to their silence when in use.

Clicky Switches

With Clicky switches, you get a prominent bump once the key is pressed down; the click sound then follows instantly.


It is vital to check off the affordable Keyboard you intend to buy comes with customization features. The most common and crucial mechanical keyboard customization includes programmable keys and macros. Such features make it easier for gamers to stay at par with those competitors with costly keyboards.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards 

1. Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The Redragon K552 KUMARA is not your ordinary cheap keyboard. This unit features more crucial gaming and typing features to get you through long hours of doing what you love.

Design features

The Redragon K552 KUMARA may be a compact option, but it remains one of the best keyboards in the market for typing and gaming. The Keyboard comes with quality switches to ensure durability throughout the years. The keyboard’s custom switches are also Cherry Blue equivalent to increase tactility and enhance maximum durability. This Redragon K552 keyboard features a double-shot injection molded Keyboard, which is responsible for the keyboard backlighting. Amazingly, the lighting can be adjusted through the brightness settings to the desired level so that you do not miss a keypress even in a poorly lit room.

The Keyboard features a metallic plate key foundation and an aircraft aluminum grade base to increase its durability. This is an excellent addon for a mechanical keyboard of its price. You will love the fact that the keyboard features anti-ghosting keys, it also comes with ten multimedia keys to meet your needs.

Convenient features

You will love the keyboard size, this Redragon K552 KUMARA keyboard has only 87 keys, and the mouse is used for typing and gaming. The Keyboard’s USB can be packed without any risk of damage.

Our say

The Redragon K552 KUMARA keyboard makes typing and gaming enjoyable. The Keyboard boasts several necessary features despite its small size. Although the Keyboard is more substantial than most ten keyless designs, the red backlighting is an impressive feature on such a budget mechanical keyboard.

  • Compact profile fit for crowded working stations
  • Features 12 multimedia keys
  • Removable keycaps for cleaning
  • Features double-shot injection molded keycaps
  • Custom switches featuring tactile feedback
  • Does not include macro keys

2. EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The EagleTec KG011 Gaming Keyboard features several amazing features for both durability and functionality. The keyboard has few features that make it one of the top cheap mechanical keyboards for gamers.

Design features

This keyboard is designed to last years to come. It features a rigid ABS base plate and an aircraft-gradee aluminum body that can withstand prolonged use. The keycaps of the EagleTec KG011 boast double-shot injection molding that is responsible for displaying backlight evenly and prevent any fading of the keyboard letter. The Custom-built blue switches make this Keyboard comfortable for typing. You will always get that tactile feedback, and an audible click as the key actuates. These features make typing more effortlessly and enjoyable.

Convenient features

The EagleTec KG011 keyboard comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys. For gaming purposes, the Keyboard comes with N-key, which we still think is a fantastic addition to this pocket- friendly Keyboard. You will love the Keyboard’s durability, works just fine after liquid spills as long as you are quick to wipe it. The keyboard features a WIN key that you can easily disable when gaming. The arrow and WASD keys can be used interchangeably to enhance performance.

Our say

The EagleTec KG011 is an excellent office keyboard. However, it can also be used for gaming thanks to its few vital gaming features. Additionally, this keyboard is durable and fit for heavy use.

  • Features ABS and aircraft aluminum grade construction for increased durability
  • Features custom mechanical switches
  • Withstands typical office or home liquid spills
  • Boasts Blue LED backlighting
  • Cannot be customized for gaming

3. TOMOKO Water-resistant Mechanical Keyboard

The TOMOKO water-resistant mechanical keyboard offers a fantastic typing experience and excellent tactile feedback. These features make it one of the best typing and gaming keyboards you can buy at a low price.

Design features

This Tomoko mechanical keyboard is designed with holes to enhance water-resistance. The holes ensure that the Keyboard drains any liquid or water in case of a spill, thus keeping the keyboard functioning frequently. In case of an accidental discharge, the Keyboard features a keycap puller that you can easily remove for proper cleaning,

This TOMOKO mechanical keyboard produces blue switches accompanied by an audible click and tactile feedback to prevent any typing errors. The keyboard’s physical feedback lets you use the Keyboard for coding and data entry. It comes with 87 keys that are all anti-ghosting; you get simple keypress in return. The keyboard works fine when you press several keys at ago for multiple combinations of input.

Convenient features

This TOMOKO keyboard features laser printed for that cascading form delivery. Such construction allows you to keep your hand at an angle that you are comfortable, thus preventing tiredness from long hours of gaming or typing. This Keyboard is of top quality, and the ABS comes with a metal base, the keys are simply designed for comfort.

Our say

As you can already see, the TOMOKO keyboard is designed to meet several user needs. Its ergonomic design offers maximum conform, thus the best choice for those who spend long hours typing or gaming.

  • Features anti- spillage design
  • Boast tactile feedback with audible feedback
  • Includes media keys
  • Features durable metal base plate and ABS
  • Ergonomically designed keys to reduced fatigue
  • Low-quality keycaps

4. Bluefinger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Bluefinger mechanical keyboard is made with a dedicated gamer in mind. It has an attractive crack surface that is an excellent option for gamers.

Design features

The Bluefinger mechanical gaming keyboard comes with several features than most of its competitors within the same price range. The Keyboard offers backlight in three colors, including red, blue, and purple. You can use the color of your choice at any time while using this Keyboard by just clicking on the function keys. The Keyboard also features three alternating modes for the same purpose.

The Keyboard is made to withstand heavy use thanks to its ABS solid construction. The keys have excellent tactile feedback so that you get the fast and accurate response you need when gaming or typing. This Bluefinger keyboard also has ten multimedia keys to help you control your music seamlessly. Additionally, the Keyboard boasts 19 keys rollover to give you multiple keying that is essential when doing your tasks. It is worth to mention that all the keys are anti-ghosting.

Convenient features

This Bluefinger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is not short of versatile features. Just like many other keyboards on our list, this Keyboard features double-shott injection molding to the keycaps that ensure even lighting and good condition of the keycaps. By using the function keys, you can customize the Keyboard in several colors. There are three colors that you can alternative, or you can switch to a single color that you prefer for that personalized feeling.

Our say

The Bluefinger keyboard comes with a cracked surface that is common with gamers. The Keyboard has several customizable options that make it easy to use anytime for any purpose.

  • High-quality ABS for increased durability
  • Features customizable colors
  • Features a cracked trendy surface with double injection keycaps
  • Boasts three LED colors to choose from
  • Does not include programmable keys for gaming

5. Rosewill (RK-9000V2 BR) Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You will love this Keyboard from Rosewill. It offers nothing less of a substantial typing experience and topmost gaming performance that you desire.

Design features

The Rosewill (RK-9000V2 BR) mechanical keyboard does not feature backlighting bit that does not stop it from being one of the pocket- friendly keyboards in the market today. It comes with Cherry MX Brown switches that are responsible for the keyboard’s top0- notch responsiveness. This means that you can type at high speed during those final games. The keyboard’s wide rubber feet increase its stability on the desk. The N-key rollover makes it possible for you to make several vital combinations. This is a great feature when it comes to gaming, and it allows you to get ahead of your competitors by simultaneously pressing the keys. To help you control your audio setting unit is equipped with shortcut keys to control your audio setting without reaching for the keyboard.

Convenient features

The model base plate provides a strong solid foundation for the keys. The Keyboard’s body is made of plastic matter, but that does not make it inferior to its competitors whose body is made of aluminum. The keyboard functionality is out of this world. This is a wired keyboard that also comes with a USB cable.

Our say

There is no doubt that this Keyboard comes with great features that make gaming fun and typing seamlessly. This keyboard ticks on performance and durability.

  • Features a Solid matte plastic body
  • Comes with N-key rollover function
  • Features a window disabling key
  • Supports fast and smooth typing
  • Keys are adequately secured on a metal base.
  • Lacks backlighting

6. Havit HV- KB390L Mechanical Keyboard

The Havit HV-KB390L is a compact and portable keyboard to give you the benefits of a mechanical keyboard even when you are on the move.

Design features

This is one of the most convenient check mechanical keyboards in the market. This Keybaord uses Kailh Blue switches, a feature that enables it to function just like any mechanical keyboard. The keyboard switches are firm and highly tactile. Any typists will fall in love with the accuracy they get. A click follows each keypress. This is vital because it helps you know that the particular key has actuated so that you can continue tying. There is no guesswork when using this Keyboard; this means that you can do so much within a short time. Carry this Keyboard anywhere as you wish. It is lightweight, at only 1.5 pounds, this is the best option for any busy office individual. It comes with a thickness of 7mm, and it will sit well in your bag and your working desk in meetings.

Convenient features

This Havit Keyboard boasts ice-blue backlighting. You will not find the backlight distracting in any way; even during meetings, it maintains its low profile. This Keyboard comes with 13 presets and five custom modes for backlighting customization. You can save several different light settings for that quick use by use of shortcut keys.

Our say

The Haviv HV-KB390L is an affordable and portable mechanical keyboard that works well. You will not experience any difficulties as key, and this makes your typing easy and enjoyable.

  • Features 10 keyless design for portability
  • Customizable backlighting
  • It works fine without any software but can use Havit for the best experience.
  • Highly portable
  • Features N-key rollover for all keys
  • Less gaming customization

7. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard makes use of high-speed mechanical keys that make typing much amazingly simple. The Keyboard can also be used by gamers or anyone looking for a keyboard that can withstand heavy use.

Design features

Logitech is a famous brand when it comes when it comes to designing user-specific products. This particular Keyboard is made for two worlds; its functions are highly customizable to meet both your gaming and typing needs. The keys are extremely tactile, and each keystroke is enjoyable. This Keyboard does not let you wait for the keys to bottom out before they are registered. This Keyboard offers 6 programmable G-keys making it more of a gaming unit. The G keys provide you access to 18 functions so that you can customize and personalize your games.

There are three macros for every G-key. The Logitech keyboard comes with 26- key rollover and 110 anti-ghosting keys. With these key features, you can combine several keys when gaming. The keys are quiet so that you do not distract other gamers in the room. The keys extraordinarily responsive and has a dampening ring to lock out the sound.

Convenient features

The Dual-zone backlighting lets you adjust the keyboard lighting accordingly. You won’t have to worry about using the Keyboard when light is dim. The WASD keys will remain visible. This mechanical keyboard comes with a 2.0 USB port to enable you to connect your headphone or mouse

Our say

The Logitech G710-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers quiet keys that are also amazingly responsive. This keyboard is a pocket- friendly option for both gamers and typists. Its features can only be compared to those of expensive options.

  • Features Cherry MX brown switches for increased responsiveness
  • Comes with six programmable keys
  • Features a USB –pass-through system
  • Features Dual-zone LED lighting
  • Boasts four brightness levels
  • Needs the latest Software to configure macros for gaming

8. Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This Keyboard from Corsair has full- programing and macros to enhancing gaming performance like never before. It also comes with a high level of control.

Design features

Corsair Strafe’s mechanical keyboard offers exceptional performance at a low price. You will love how customizable this Keyboard is. It is so easy to reassign different functions to all the keys and come up with macros that will give you an edge over your competitors. This keyboard model from Corsair uses Chery MX Red switches. With such switches, need minimal actuation thanks to its linear switches. This function allows you to type fast so that you do not waste time retyping highly annoying commands. The Keyboard boasts 104 key rollover; all the keys on the Keyboard are no- ghosting. It doesn’t matter how many keys you press at a particular time; the Keyboard handles it pretty well.

Convenient features

The Keyboard features a single textured keycaps design that makes keying an easy task. There is soft red lighting under each key, also comes with deep backlighting. The Keyboard’s light can be customized using the units six presets. With the help of the Corsair Utility Engine, you can be able to create a custom lighting pattern that you want

Our say

There is no doubt that as a gamer, the Keyboard’s responsiveness will give you an advantage over your competitors.

  • Features dedicated macro and multimedia keys
  • Adjustable backlighting patterns
  • Top-notch keying control due to its texture keycaps design
  • Features a USB pass-through
  • Features CUE software that makes it easy to create and save macros
  • One-color backlighting

9. Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical keyboard

Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit keyboard is a durable option to take care of each gaming need. It boasts several customizations that support FPS and MOBA gaming.

Design features

This Keyboard is specially designed for gamers. It is a large size smooth keyboard that can withstand heavy usage for a long time. The keyboard uses the accessible Cherry MX Red switches for its increased comfort when pressing. This Keyboard lacks clicks, another great feature for gamers; there are no distractions whatsoever. Use the function keys to create macros for your gaming. Additionally, the Keyboard has media keys to help you effortlessly control your background music. The gaming mode key easily stables the window while the volume wheel just next to playback, adjusts the volume accordingly.

You will love the Keyboard’s natural white LED backlighting. Amazingly, you can be able to adjust lighting for each key to your preference. Any gamer will appreciate this feature as it helps one to stay upfront with different profiles created in a game. Any keyboard lighting customization you make can be saved and synchronized with other devices from the same brand.

Convenient features

Any profile you create with the Logitech G610 Orion software can be easily controlled. The software makes it easy for you to set up different profiles for different games. You only won’t have to create a pattern each time you are playing.

Our say

The Keyboard comes with robust customizations that are crucial in gaming. The Keyboard lets gamers create their profile and synchronize them with other devices. We feel this keyboard is not ordinary. It offers more for less.

  • Features Cherry MX Red switches that are efficient in quick keying
  • Uses function key to create macros
  • Features LED customizable backlighting
  • Comes with media keys
  • One-color LED display

10. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K63 wireless keyboard is a pocket- friendly Keyboard that offers many possibilities without any hitch. Its wireless capabilities are its main selling point, and at less than $100, you get more features with this fantastic Keyboard.

Design features

The Corsair K63 mechanical wireless keyboard features a ten-keyless model. In simple terms, the Keyboard lets you move freely from one area to the other. The Keyboard attains maximum performance; you will never experience lags or delays when using it. This Keyboard easily connects through a 24GHz band at 1ms response time, and its connection is top-notch. Featuring the Cherry MX Red switches, the Keyboard offers accurate and fast input. The units 87 keys come with key rollover and are 100% ghost-free. There are some media keys on the top side of the Keyboard to help you take control of your playlist from wherever you are.

Convenient features

The Keyboard features blue backlighting, and you have the advantage of changing the brightness depending on how you want it. You can also lock down the windows using a dedicated key so that you do not have to keep on going between the two during your gaming sessions. The unit battery lasts for 15 hours, making it an excellent option for outdoor use, charge it fully, pack it and go! The offered 128-bit AES encryption protects your data from any privacy instructions.

Our say

At an affordable price, Corsair lets you forget about the ordinary wire keyboard. You can now enjoy music and gaming from your preferred area. With this Keyboard, you get more convenience than offered by most of the keyboards out there in the market. Use the Bluetooth 4.2 adapter to connect to your PC for that fantastic gaming experience that you desire.

  • Small tenkeyless design
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity for increased gaming flexibility
  • Features CUE software to help with macros creation
  • Features Cherry MX Red switches for rapid actuation
  • Some bad reviews about clips being flimsy

Final Thoughts

There are quite a several functional and affordable mechanical keyboards, as you can see from above. We only listed the ones that you can rely on to do the job without experiencing any input lag. Any of these mechanical keyboards will take your gaming or typing experience to the next level.


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