Best Cheap Laser Printers 2020

If your profession requires quality printouts, then purchasing your very own laser printer could be one of the best things worth doing to advance your career. Printers are vital additions even to the home as they reduce the amount of work you need to do outside of your premises.

However, those who are not well versed in what’s hot and what’s not may find shopping for low-budget options to be a hassle. After all, how do you figure out which make and model would be your ideal fit if you can’t even differentiate great specifications from average ones? But don’t lose hope as there are fantastic budget-friendly printers that give you the functionality of their much higher-priced counterparts.




Current Price


Dell C17060NW

Fast printing, whether colored or grayscale


Xpress M2835DW

Outputs clear images due to ReCP technology


Brother HL-L2300D

Can produce 27 printouts per minute


Brother HL-L2350DW

Offers an easy setup process with Mac and Windows computers


Xpress M2020

64MB RAM and a 400 MHz processor


LaserJet Pro M254dw

Has the auto-duplexing option


Brother HL-L2380DW

Loads individual sheets and can auto-duplex


LaserJet Pro M452nw

Jet Intelligence cartridges offer savings on toner usage


Brother MFC-L2750

Reduce company expenditure by using standard cartridges


Image CLASS MF249dw

Connect through wireless networks and Wi-Fi Direct

Significant Best Budget Printer Specifications Worth Checking

Acceptable Paper Proportions

Based on what the office requires, the proportions of your machine’s paper could vary. Users should be guaranteed that whichever paper dimensions are deemed necessary for the desired output, their chosen printer’s tray will not interfere with the output, be it on an A5 or A3 sheet. Nowadays, if you take the time to carefully search, you’ll come across machines that handle ordinary paper plus envelopes or cards. So, you don’t go back and forth whenever there’s a lot to be done, the tray should be able to keep large sheet volumes, and preferably also have an automated paper feed built into it.

Print Speed and Acceptable Volumes

As far as budget-friendly solutions that still offer efficiency, keep your sights trained on printers capable of handling about 200 sheets on a weekly basis. For a printer with such specifications, you should be getting 20 sheets every minute. With offices outputting upwards of 1,000 pages every week, the machine you sets your sights on needs to churn out 34 sheets a minute to keep up with the office’s demands.


When looking into image quality, the average resolution worth your time happens to be no less than 600 dpi. During your search, you’ll come across machines with imaging enhancements that guarantee all printouts have no jagged edges regardless of whether or not you choose a cheap low-resolution model for your workload.

Grayscale, or a Colour Printer

The printouts being produced play a vital role in your final decision when making a cheap purchase. Does it matter if printouts have color to better illustrate the data imprinted on them, or would grayscale presentations suffice? From the answer, you wind up formulating, pick a cost-effective option, which clearly brings to life the colors of your print.


The purpose of a printer is, of course, to print out the paperwork you’ve got stored. However, would having a version that does more than its primary function, without having to go off your budget, be a disadvantage? Absolutely not. Getting additional functionalities such as faxing at no extra cost will make your purchase financially sound while enabling you to run the office more efficiently.

Best Budget Laser Printers 

1. Dell C17060NW

Key Design Features

This Dell version works well those in need of affordable, compact printers. You’ll then manage to output 15 grayscale or 12 colored papers per minute comfortably. So don’t fear that the compactness of this printer’s design doesn’t compromise output received from this model. It’s a recommendable solution for smaller office spaces, or for using within your home office.

As far as connecting to other devices, the printer works on wireless networks enabling printouts from files on portable devices. Alternatively, there’s the USB, and the use of an Ethernet also possible for plugged connections. Installation is through USB by Dell’s Installer 4. This machine operates on a single drum that won’t have to be changed during its lifetime. Another bonus, you’ll receive a grayscale and color toner to start you off. These will guarantee you about 1,000 black toner pages, or 500 colored ones.

Convenient Features

You’ll get only five buttons beside the LCD panel so you can operate the machine. Within a month, it’s possible to output more than 25,000 sheets, which would mean it’s a fitting solution for more heavy printing needs.


  • Monthly output that’s more than 25,000 pages
  • Comes with a 10-sheet paper tray
  • Operates on Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Colour printouts are great quality
  • Allows NPrinting
  • Fast printing, whether colored or grayscale
  • Uses a lone drum unit
  • Doesn’t support auto-duplexing


Though compact, the C17060NW isn’t lightweight. However, it produces nearly 1200×1200 dpi printouts. Installation is also easy.

2. Xpress M2835DW

Key Design Features

Gadget fans of this brand get cheaper options, as well as impressive connectivity, great for keeping operational expenses minimal. You can connect through Wi-Fi, NFC, USB or Ethernet. The NFC function prints your files whenever you simply hold a compatible device, whether smartphone or tablet, in close proximity to the printer’s sensor. Proceed to print at speeds of 29 ppm effortlessly. Avoid having to make frequent printer trips as this machine has storage space for 250 pages, plus the auto-duplexing function.

Convenient Features

Fans of sending documents for printing from their portable gadgets can use a variety of apps like the Samsung Mobile Print. No additional software updates are necessary to enable portable gadget printouts.


  • Monthly capacity of 10,000 sheets
  • Allows printing from mobile devices
  • Connects through Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Has the auto-duplex feature
  • Outputs clear images due to ReCP technology
  • Pages get printed out in 8.5 seconds
  • You can only use the recommended paper


This Samsung printer takes care of your medium level printing needs with ease. The quality you receive is similar to that of superior monochrome printers. Your costs are greatly reduced with this model, as even the Samsung MLT-D116L cartridges used are quite cheap.

3. Brother HL-L2300D

Key Design Features

For medium level use, this budget-friendly printer delivers clear black and white printouts. Setting it up is no hassle as the manual clearly outlines the requirements for you. The Brother HL-L2300D doesn’t require any warm-up time and releases your first printout in only 8.5 seconds. It’s also very quiet unless operational. In which case, you’ll only hear a low hum as it prints.

Connectivity is only via a USB port; no Ethernet or Wi-Fi options are available. It’s compatible with all Windows versions after XP, as well as Mac OS versions after 10.7.5. Due to its limited connectivity, users cannot connect it to other computers or print from mobile devices. However, high-speed USB 2.0 will allow you to quickly send documents for printing. You also get added options like selecting your printout resolution, paper curl reduction, duplex printing, and even a toner saving option.

Convenient Features

You have a monthly print volume of 10,000 sheets as well as a 250-sheet tray storage. You can print up to 27 sheets a minute, good for a small office setup.

To reduce your operational costs, the Brother has low-cost toners that’ll get you up 2,600 printouts before running out. There’s also a toner saver mode to help you make even more savings.


  • Uses affordable Brother toner cartridges
  • Brother offers support throughout the printer’s lifetime
  • Uses USB 2.0 to connect to your computer
  • Can produce 27 printouts per minute
  • Produces printouts with a resolution of up to 2400×600 dpi
  • Has a bypass tray to feed paper into the printer
  • Can print legal-sized documents
  • Has a toner saving mode and supports duplex printing
  • Some of the functions are hard to implement


Simplicity is what this Brother model provides you with. You can print out large volumes that are of high quality at relatively fast speeds. It’s also a heavy-duty design that’s reliable and comes at an affordable cost.

4. Brother HL-L2350DW

Key Design Features

The Japanese company behind this printer model created a modern-looking, budget printer that supports wireless printing. This makes it extremely convenient for setups with multiple computers that all require the printer. You can also print from Brother iPrint&Scan, Google Chrome Print, Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, among other platforms. Connectivity is via USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. You can print up to 32 pages a minute and store 250 sheets. To save you valuable time, auto-duplexing is possible.

Convenient Features

Printouts from this printer are 600 dpi, which works well for producing monochrome office documents.

You can print up to 10,000 sheets in a month. An added advantage of this model is its ability to output different sizes with ease. So, whether you’re printing B5, B6, A5, A4, or A3, the handy bypass tray will ensure your printing is hassle-free.


  • Can handle printing envelopes and labels, in addition to plain paper printouts
  • Uses budget Brother cartridges
  • Supports mobile printing from Android and iOS devices
  • Can perform auto-duplex printing
  • Offers an easy setup process with Mac and Windows computers
  • Connectivity is via wireless and USB
  • It has an LCD panel
  • It outputs low-quality graphics


You don’t require a lot of space to place this affordable printer. Though it doesn’t output high printout volumes per month, its wireless connectivity coupled with fast printing speeds makes it a good option for small offices.

5. Xpress M2020

Key Design Features

It’s not every day you come across a machine that completes your home-based office. However, with the Xpress M2020, that’s now an affordable reality. Its minimal weight makes it manageable enough for shifting around as needed. No wire connections are necessary as it makes use of wireless connectively enhancements. You can, therefore, print stored files from your portable gadgets through Samsung or iOS apps. You’ll get a decent 21 ppm, making it excellent for medium-level tasks common within a smaller office setting.

Convenient Features

It uses the Easy Eco Driver, which enables users to make savings on their toner usage through imaging tech, which still produces exceptional printouts.

With its WPS button, users click the printer button to link it with an access point. Another time-saving characteristic is its simple user guide for instructions on the printer’s fast installation procedures.


  • Has 64MB RAM and a 400 MHz processor
  • Has the ECO-driver for toner savings
  • Uses ReCP tech
  • Outputs 1200×1200 dpi printouts
  • Printer connects via Wi-Fi, allowing mobile gadget printouts
  • It’s not recommendable for heavy output printing requirements


The M2020W is compact and fitting for smaller offices functioning on a budget. You get clear monochrome printouts and connect wirelessly or by using the NFC feature.

Best Budget Laser Printers worth Under $200

6. LaserJet Pro M254dw

Key Design Features

HP’s known as a leader in this arena and can’t miss being mentioned. It’s one of its fairly priced solutions for smaller office spaces. But don’t be fooled to thinking its printouts will come out mediocre since it’s a cheap model. The first printout is released within 10 or 11 seconds, depending on if it’s grayscale or colored prints, respectively. Furthermore, prints can reach 22 ppm. You will have 256MB of RAM plus an 800 MHz processor that supports two printing languages. Installing is a speedy undertaking before you connect through Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi, whichever works best for you. Print out files from your portable devices or use the USB drive instead of access to print stored documents.

Convenient Features

The navigation panel is a touchscreen panel to allow users to easily adjust their setting preferences.

Paper storage stands at the standard 250 sheets. Auto-duplexing is another added feature on top of the monthly print volume of 40,000 sheets. You can certainly rely on it for large volume printing.

  • Can connect through Ethernet
  • Produces quality printouts
  • Has the auto-duplexing option
  • Has a touchscreen control panel
  • Can print from portable gadgets
  • Coloured printouts raise its operational costs


For larger printout volumes, this HP printer’s quite dependable. It doesn’t offer additional functionalities but ensures your printouts are always outstanding.

7. Brother HL-L2380DW


Key Design Features

For low-budget shoppers on the lookout for a machine with features you’d likely only find with expensive printers, a Brother might just be what you need. Besides printing, scans and photocopies of your documents can be done. Its lack of an auto feeder, however, doesn’t quite help users in need of bulk scans and photocopies.

You’ve got enough storage for 250 sheets, which get printed out at a rate of 32 ppm. It can auto-duplex and connect wirelessly, reducing the amount of time spent on it, while also enabling you to share with multiple users. Your printouts can also come from cloud-based resources such as Cortado Workspace, enabling you to wirelessly authorize printouts from a distance.

Convenient Features

It’s got a touchscreen panel for navigating options like web connections for scans and printouts. Printed files can come from Google Drive, Evernote, and One Drive. Users may, as well, select whether the document format should be Excel, Word, PDF, or PowerPoint. Added functionalities include emailing or saving files to the cloud.

  • It’s Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
  • Print out of your portable devices
  • USB connectivity is possible, plus scanning and photocopying
  • Outputs printouts with 2400×600 dpi resolution
  • You can network wirelessly
  • Loads individual sheets and can auto-duplex
  • Doesn’t have an auto document feeder


With this printer, you not only get a printer. It’s also got added functions that would have come at an extra cost with other printer brands. It’s fast, making it a perfect budget option for medium-sized workloads.

8. LaserJet Pro M452nw


Key Design Features

For effectively handling the demands of mid-level offices, the machine is a perfect addition to the workspace. Be forewarned, however, that it’s slightly bulky and not likely to fit on a desk beside other equipment. This printer’s size comes with added space for 300 sheets, with printout rates reaching a maximum of 28 ppm. Printouts, whether colored or grayscale, come out looking exceptionally good due to the 600×600 dpi. Networking wirelessly is a possibility, and you can use it with mobile devices. Setup is simple, and in case of anything, support via the HP site is always on hand to offer any assistance required.

Convenient Features

This is yet another budget machine created with a touchscreen panel. Learning your way around the different controls is synch, even if you’re not very familiar with printer operations. Whilst operating on a low budget, it uses very little energy, keeping your expenses at a minimum. There are also stringent measures in place to ensure every document’s security. Extend your savings by using Jet Intelligence cartridges for 5,000 colored or 6,500 grayscale printouts.

  • Jet Intelligence cartridges offer savings on toner usage
  • Use the HP Smart app for managing your preferences on the fly
  • It’s Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
  • Can hold up to 300 sheets
  • Can print 28 ppm, whether grayscale or colored
  • Doesn’t support auto-duplexing


Ensures you keep your operational costs at their lowest without compromising on speed or the standard of your outputs. Users that require wireless printing capabilities look no further than this HP version.

9. Brother MFC-L2750

Brother MFC-L2750


Key Design Features

This is yet another cheap printer boasting features found in higher-value printers. It’s a grayscale printer capable of creating extremely clear printouts. With this version, you will get additional functions like being able to fax, make photocopies, do scans, and auto-duplex. It uses wireless connections to enable printing from your portable gadgets, plus other networked computers that happen to be around it. Plus, with a 50-sheet auto-feed tray, it can comfortably deal with bulk tasks. With printout speeds of 36 sheets a minute, go ahead and set it up in a mid-level office environment for optimized productivity.

Convenient Features

For a printer that manages to bring you more output at a low cost, the Brother MFC-L2750 works seamlessly. Get 1,200 pages from a standards cartridge and up to 3,000 sheets with the high yield cartridges.

  • Reduce company expenditure by using standard cartridges
  • Has a touchscreen control panel
  • You can connect via Wi-Fi and NFC
  • It comes with a toner saving mode
  • You can auto-duplex
  • You’ll get high yield toners
  • Scanning various formats is possible
  • Slows down when making colored printouts


The Brother MFC-L2750 comes with added options that add value to its purchase. The ability to photocopy, scan, and fax make it a great addition to any office’s productivity.

10. ImageCLASS MF249dw

Key Design Features

If you’re looking for a cheap office helper, then this model will do right by you. It not only prints but also faxes, scans, and photocopies your documents. It has an auto-feeder tray so you can leave it as you handle other duties, then come collect your pages once it’s done. The machine’s auto-duplexing is made more efficient by the 250-page tray. You can function easily with this printer in a mid-level setting, where 28 sheets a minute is acceptable. To allow a larger scope of use, wireless and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity is possible, allowing printing from apps like Mopria Print Service.

Convenient Features

Among its features is the ability to use the Canon PRINT Business app to scan documents and even create copies of ID cards. When held against other low-budget printers, this Canon model has some savings in store for you, especially through the use of standard toners.


  • Supports dedicated app functions
  • It’s an affordable printer
  • Connect through wireless networks and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Fax and email your documents
  • An auto-feeder that can hold 50 sheets
  • Takes time to turn on once it’s in energy saver mode


If the workload within your office is above average, this printer can handle it all quite efficiently. It accomplishes multiple functions, making it a solution that gives you value.

Guidelines for Purchasing Affordable Laser Printers

If you require printouts that stand out then laser printers are the solution you’ve been searching for. Without going over your budget, you can get a machine that produces quality printouts. No smudges, minimum noise during printing, the capacity to handle bulk work volumes, and a lot more are all perks that come with getting laser printers. The following features should help influence your decision:

The Ease of Use

It’s worth saying that printers that are easy to use are a preference for any one in the process of making a purchase. It all starts with the installation procedures. Are they complex? Is there a detailed manual to guide you through the process? You’ll also need to get a printer that comes from a manufacturer who is willing to assist with any issues you happen to encounter after making the purchase. Apart from the installation process, operating the printer should be just as simple. The machine should have an easily navigable control panel, allowing you to set your controls and settings without you having to look for a professional’s assistance. Nowadays, you will even come across options with touchscreen panels that are quite affordable.

It’s Connectivity

In an office environment, you may have multiple devices accessing a single printer. Being able to connect to the printer regardless of the number of users in the office plays a role in your selection. A printer that only accepts one USB connection in an office with multiple personnel isn’t an ideal purchase. The more connectivity features, the better. To accommodate more users, printers are coming with NFCs for access by mobile devices, Ethernet, and USB ports, as well as Wi-Fi networking capacities.

The Printer’s Language

Laser printers function using either PostScript or PCL. The former is for files created with desktop publishing and drawing software. The latter makes printing graphics, spreadsheets, letters, and more a possibility.


If you would like the capacity to print a page on two sides minus the hassle of manually flipping it, then a machine with duplexing is what you seek. It will automatically print on both sides, and may also scan and photocopy both page sides, depending on the model you purchase. This saves you both paper and time, increasing your efficiency.

The Purchase Price

The amount of work you would like your printer to do weighs on the amount you should be willing to spend on the purchase. Simply because the initial cost may be low, it doesn’t mean that the operational costs will follow suit. You should find out everything your printer will need so as to function optimally. Place that against the value you receive from the outputted documents and decide whether the operational cost is manageable.

Warm-up Speed and Printing Time

Different laptops take different durations to boot up. Some budget versions take a few seconds, while others require several minutes before they become operational. In addition to that, printing out the first paper also takes its own amount of time. So, you need to ask yourself whether your office requires you to have a machine that quickly starts up, enabling you to get down to business in no time. This is worth looking into as there are also printers that come with power-saver modes whenever the printer is not in use. Those that are slow when initially turned on will be just as slow in starting up after getting into the energy-saver mode.

In Summary

As is the case with all electronics, finding one with the right specifications to meet your needs is always the right option. However, if you’re functioning on a budget, the luxury of buying whatever works in your favor no longer features. You now have to really get down to the basics and make sure your selection checks out most of your needs. With a budget laser printer, you should be increasing your productivity without increasing operational costs around the office. To do that, the above criteria will prove rather vital towards the decision you make when you’re ready to get that reliable, yet cheap laser printer you need.

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