Best Cheap Cameras for Youtube 2020

Creating YouTube videos can be fun but pricey, especially when starting out with vlogging. Now more than ever, viewers are aware of what makes a great video. Even though is it really necessary to go for expensive cameras to do the job? We can all agree that YouTubers need a camera that is easy to use, carry around, and one that produces high-quality images and videos. There are several durable cameras under $100 that boast features necessary for vlogging. Fortunately for you, this article helps you cut through the marketing noise. We have reviewed the best pocket- friendly YouTube cameras to get you started.




Current Price


Sony DSCW800

21MP sensor, steady shot image stabilization, Compact in size



automatic face recognition software, 3 inch digital display


Canon PowerShot A2300

in-built TFT display, dedicated help button,


YI 4K Action

Wi-Fi technology, gorilla screen hence resists scratches.



16 MP sensor, Compact, slim body for increased portability


Nikon Coolpix A10

16.1 MP sensor, rechargeable batteries, half-press focus for fast focus


Comi Tech

flip screen, HD video recording, WIFI enabled data transfer



Connects via USB, 720 HD video, 16 MP sensor



swivel screen, 24MP CMOS sensor, ergonomic design


AbergBest HD

compact design, Inbuilt TFT display, quality of videos and images

Factors to Consider to Consider When Shopping for Best Budget Cameras for YouTube

There are some specifications that make a camera-worthy buying. We have focussed our discussion on factors relevant for choosing a YouTube camera. This guide is meant to help you avoid buying a camera because of its classy features that might not make sense when it comes to your business.

Quality and size of the camera sensor

The quality and size of the camera sensor determine the type of images you get. Fortunately, each camera on this list makes use of high tech image sensors. Most camera shoppers are inclined to checking the camera pixels other than the image quality, which is more important than anything else. What many may not understand is that the size of the sensor determines the pixel size. For crystal clear images, use a DSLR camera that uses a full-frame CMOS sensor. At the end of the day, you want to get high-quality videos.


Resolution is a term used to refer to the pixel density of an image. Viewers have no time for low-resolution videos; they will gladly skip. There are several high-resolution cameras at a pocket-friendly price, as you shall see in this article. High definition cameras come with a pixel density of 1920 x 1080, hence their name 1080p. All in all, the camera you finally pay for should have the capacity to take care of high definition videos minus any hitch. There is a new camera generation with 4k resolution. Such cameras feature 4 times the amount of pixels as a high definition at 3840 x2160. While this is the case, you have to understand that one has to use a 4k supporting monitor to be able to view such videos. We believe choosing a 4k video capturing camera is one way of enhancing your video quality. This does not mean that the HD standard camera will not deliver great results.


Ever bought a gadget and had to spend hours figuring how to set it up? It is not only annoying but also time-wasting. The good news is that most HD cameras boost intuitive buttons that make them effortless to operate. Additionally, most cameras come with a swivel screen to make it easier for any YouTuber to film themselves.

Image stabilization

Steadiness is hard to achieve when taking videos. There is a higher possibility that your camera will move even when on a tripod stand. It is paramount to make sure that the camera you intend to buy comes with an image stabilization feature to significantly help with the blur so that your videos look better.

Best Budget YouTube cameras 

Here are the best cameras to go for when shopping on a budget:

1. Sony DSCW800 Digital Camera

Looking for both functionality and affordability? This Sony digital camera has more to offer for its price.

Design features

You will love how this Sony camera fits into your pockets hence making it ideal for outdoor filming. Amazingly, you will be holding this camera for hours, and you won’t even notice it, thanks to its lightweight. At the back of the camera, you will find all the menu navigation buttons together with the recording button just adjacent to the digital display. This camera is what you need for both indoor and outdoor filming; it is so easy to use!

Convenient features

This Sony camera is on top of our list for several reasons. Its 21MP sensor is more than what other cameras in the same price range offer. The camera can deliver clear videos and detailed images thanks to its HAD OCD sensor. With a video quality of 720 pixels, this camera is ideal for most YouTubers, especially those that are starting out on YouTube content creation. Pictures taken using this camera do not have blurs because of its SteadyShot image stabilization feature. The standard 5x zooms that the lens offer is perfect to deliver close portraits, especially when filming indoors.. We love the simplicity of the camera menu. It ensures that you can get right into business as soon as you take the camera out of the box. Video bloggers can now capture stills for their YouTube pictogram using the in-built flash that enables them to add more light to the images.

Our say

The Sony DSCW800 digital camera has a powerful sensor than most of its competitors and is also easy to use.

  • Compact in size
  • Comes with a 21MP sensor
  • Features a steady shot image stabilization
  • Simple menu
  • Low-quality batteries

2. Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX is undoubtedly the cheapest digital camera for both indoors and outdoor filming.

Design features

Just like its counterpart Sony DSCW800, this budget camera is highly portable because of its compact size. Its screen is multipurpose; first, the 3-inch LCD screen can be used to playback videos and images and also be used for real-time images. The camera has fewer control buttons, which makes it simple to operate. You do not need prior experience to operate this Nikon Camera. The recording button can be found on the right side, thus making it easy for you to reach it with one hand when taking videos. The timer button featured by his camera is also quite useful for video or image taking.

One feature that you are most likely to love about this camera is its smart portrait that keeps you in focus at all times. Just like its competitor Sony DSCW800, the camera’s lens can zoom up to 130mm even though it boosts only 26mm on its widest range, which is smaller than that of Sony.

Convenient features

This Nikon camera features a 720p high definition video recording quality, which is excellent for anyone just getting started on video blogging. The camera’s face recognition software relays information to the lens on where to keep its focus points. Another amazing feature than most cameras of its price lack is the ability to trigger a photo when a subject is smiling. YouTubers who mostly work with kids will find this feature quite helpful.

Our say

We love how the camera is packed with features that are quite vital for filming moving subjects. Its automatic face recognition and 720p HD video quality features make this Nikon camera one of a kind.

  • Easy to access buttons
  • Features automatic face recognition software
  • Features a 3 inch digital display
  • Excellent in-built microphone
  • Comes with an in-built rechargeable battery
  • Does not include a USB cable

3. Canon PowerShot A2300 16.0MP Digital Camera

When it comes to an excellent camera, we can’t ignore the fact that for a longtime, Canon has delivered excellent cameras to the market, and the Canon PowerShot A2300 is not any different.

Design features

This Camera has a solid compact built that enables one to mount it on a tripod and also hand-hold it when making videos. Unlike most digital cameras in the market, the Canon A2300 camera boosts a help button, which particularly aids new users to understand how to get started with the camera fast. Using the 2.7 in TFT display on the back, one can be able to view subjects when the viewfinder is not available. Amazingly, the screen gives you a glimpse of how the images will look like when they are finally transferred to a computer. To help YouTubers track fast-moving objects, the camera features an IS technology, as well as the image stabilization function. There is always a significant reduction in image blur.

Convenient Features

The Canon camera comes with a 16MP sensor that makes recording 720pixel high definition videos effortless. The SD card is the main storage for images and videos and can also be used to transfer the videos to another device such as a computer. By using the Smart Auto Technology, the camera has the ability to asses the best automatic functions for the best image quality based on the number of subjects and the background. It also has 32 preset profiles and several subject detection profiles to select from. This, in return, enables the camera to quickly and accurately focus on locking out a given subject. Most YouTubers will find this handy when making videos in a crowded area.

Our say

The 16MP sensor and help function makes the Canon A2300 one of the best cheap and excellent cameras for new YouTubers.

  • Features an in-built TFT display
  • Has a dedicated help button
  • Features a smart auto fast technology
  • Does not include a wrist wrap

4. YI 4K Action and Sport camera

The YI 4K sports camera is made with sports YouTubers in mind.

Design features

Any sports YouTuber will love the compactness and ability of this camera to produce high-quality videos of gym sessions, swimming, running, and much more.

  • Its 4k video quality makes it an ideal gadget for taking sharp images that need publishing.

The YI camera boosts an intuitive touch screen that makes it possible for one to use the camera in different angles and scenarios. The screen is made of gorilla glass, so no need to worry about its durability.

Convenient features

You will like how versatile the camera is; it offers several recording options. You will get to record a low resolution of 720p and also 4k videos, depending on the type of images you need. The 12 MP sensor is perfect to deliver the needed image quality for any YouTube channel. The camera comes with a timer in case one needs to take fast sequential images. Additionally, it also comes with a slow-motion setting and a time-lapse function to make your video blogging a breeze. You will get about 120 minutes of recording just when the camera is recording at its highest quality. With the YI official app, you can now be able to transfer small video files to a smart device of your choice. All you need is WI-FI connectivity; it is also worth mentioning that the files are received fast.

Our verdict

  • Features a touch screen
  • Supports Wi-Fi technology
  • It comes with a gorilla screen hence resists scratches.
  • Facilitates 4k video shooting.
  • Easy to use
  • The camera app needs much improvement

5. Kodak PIXPRO FZ53-RD Digital Camera

The Kodak FZ53-RD camera is one of the simplest yet versatile YouTube camera for its price.

Design Features

Designed specifically for YouTube video recording, this Kodak gadget is a practical choice for anyone looking for a pocket-friendly camera in 2020. There is a unique video recording button on top of the camera that makes it possible for one to put it into the back pocket when need be. This function makes it a good choice for travel video bloggers. Amazingly, the lens zooms in when in use and collapse back when not in use. Just to be clear, the lens’ versatility does not affect the functionality of the camera in any way. Looking for high-quality landscape and portraiture images? This is the best camera for the job, thanks to its 28mm lens.

Convenient features

To enhance portability, the camera is designed to use a single battery, unlike most of its competitors. This is one feature that makes it more popular among travel bloggers. Additionally, its 2.7 LCD screen makes it possible for users to view the images in real-time. The camera’s inbuilt flash allows one to take low light pictures, thus rendering the external flashes useless.

Our verdict

This Kodak compact camera is ideal for anyone who loves traveling with their camera as much as possible. It has several features that make it travel- friendly more than any camera on our list.

  • Features a 16 MP sensor
  • Boosts an LCD display
  • Compact, slim body for increased portability
  • Features configurable auto-detection
  • Does not focus fast when it comes to close objects

6. Nikon Coolpix A10

Nikon A10 is a camera of a kind. Its features are inclined towards saving a coin.

Design features

As you can already see, we have a couple of Nikon cameras on our list. However, the Nikon Coolpix A10 is unique. Even though it is one of the best cheap cameras, it comes with an incredible money-saving profile. The camera features rechargeable batteries, as long as one remembers to carry their charger along, the camera works seamlessly. To help users stay focused on their content production, the camera boosts several automated features. This is a great feature that other cameras in the same price range lack. The Nikon Coolpix A10 has some of its buttons on the top and the rest at the back. On the edge of the backside, you will find a video recording button that makes it easily accessible when the camera is being hand-held.

Convenient features

The 16.IMP sensor makes it possible for the camera to record 720p HD videos. The camera is capable of taking images with a resolution of 4.608 x 3.456p thus a great option for those looking forward to video blogging. This pocket- friendly camera features 15 scenes for one to choose from. All these scenes come with different lighting and background. Some of the possible scenes include; snow, sunset, beaches, and night. To make it simple for those starting, the camera comes already set in one mode to enable one to focus on other aspects of their video making.

  • By pressing the shutter halfway, the camera quickly puts the subject in focus. The half-press feature is handy for fast focus just that one has to learn the right techniques of doing it.

Our say

To enhance the daily recording, the camera boosts rechargeable batteries. This is a perfect camera for those wishing to save a coin in the long run.

  • Features a 16.1 MP sensor
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Features half-press focus for fast focus.
  • Does not include SD memory

7. Comi Tech Vlogging camera

One of the most selling points of this budget Youtube camera is its flip screen. Most cameras within the same price range do not offer this feature, which has proven to be vital to YouTubers.

Design features

Most YouTubers no longer carry selfie sticks or tripod stands around. A camera such as Comi Tech can be hand-held effortlessly or still be placed on a tripod stand to enable one to see themselves on the flip screen as recording takes place.

· The back of the camera has zoom in zoom out buttons. There is also a picture or video mode selector just next to the playback button.

The camera lacks a viewfinder, meaning that all the videos and videos are viewed on the screen.

Convenient features

This camera records high definition videos at 1080 and 720p at a frame rate of 30fps. The camera boasts several customizable settings such as auto white balance, incandescent light white balance. Cloudy conditions, white balance and daylight white balance. For the right white color for each scenario, these settings are of utmost importance. The camera seamlessly shoots photos in low light conditions thanks to its in-built flash. The flash makes it convenient for both indoor and outdoor close subjects filming. Supporting up to 32 GB memory cards, this camera is ideal for any travel blogger who needs enough space to store their videos and images.

Our say

We believe this camera has more than enough features for its price. Its flip screen, Wi-Fi enabled data transfer, and an inbuilt stabilizer makes it a perfect choice for vlogging anytime anywhere.

  • Features flip screen
  • Supports HD video recording
  • Supports WIFI enabled data transfer.
  • Does not include memory card

8. Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43RD

Kodak PIXIPRO is another excellent vlogging camera on our list. Just like all other Kodak cameras listed here, this vlogging camera offers excellent performance at an affordable price.

Design features

The only difference between this camera and the Kodak FZ53 is the zoom capacity. Its capacity is 4X, while that of Kodak FZ53 is 5X zoom. The camera is small in size for easy transportation. This gadget has a separate rocker for video recording. All other function buttons are simple and highly intuitive. It is not every day that you come across a 2.7 screen and USB compatibility feature in a single cheap camera. This camera simply surpasses what most expect from an affordable camera.

Convenient features

The camera is excellent at shooting HD videos at 720p. It also comes with a 4x zoom on the camera to help bring the subject closer. The camera might not perform excellently when filling animals, and subjects are at a distance. With the 16MP, the camera produces sharp images. One does not need to be hands-on all the time because it boasts an automated function to do most of the work. This is an amazing add on since it allows content creators to put more focus on their creation.

Our say

The camera is a great choice for taking sharp images. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, and in any case, the zoom range might not be as important, the camera has several unique features for easy vlogging.

  • Small in size
  • Connects via USB
  • Produces a 720 HD video
  • Features a 16 MP sensor
  • Not so powerful zoom range

9. Kicteck Vlogging Camera

Looking for a camera that is quick to record an HD video? Kicteck vlogging camera comes with a 24MP sensor, also a swivel screen to make vlogging amazing.

Design features

Unlike other YouTube cameras on this list, the Kicteck camera cannot support self-recording. This is because of its old design, which needs the camera to be put on the tripod for easy recording. The camera has an intuitive menu, which makes it easy to operate. You will love the zoom button, which is only available on these types of cameras. The button is much smoother compared to that on the compact cameras. All the images and videos are stored on the memory card and can support up to 32 GB of memory card. This allows one to leave the camera behind when all the filming is done and proceed to connecting the card to a computer to transfer images.

Convenient features

This camera comes with a strap. This reduces its chances of dropping significantly. The 1080p video recording capacity is excellent for new YouTubers.

¬∑ The camera’s 24MP CMOS sensor is way much better than what most competitors bring to the table.

Amazingly, this camera features a pause function. There is no other camera in the same budget that features the same function. Users get to pause the recording and get the uninterrupted file when resuming filming. As you can already see, the camera is made with convenience in mind.

Our say

If megapixel is anything to go by, this camera is suitable for all the vlogging needs.

  • Features a swivel screen
  • Features a 24MP CMOS sensor
  • Boosts an ergonomic design
  • Comes with a pause function
  • Not a compact choice

10. AbergBest HD Digital Camera

This is the best affordable camera for those with small hands. Even though, its compactness does not negatively affect its ability to deliver like any other camera on this list.

Design features

The camera comes with rechargeable batteries of 500 mAh, which are enough for taking short videos. The viewfinder on this camera is replaced by a large TFT display on the back while the side of the camera has a memory slot.

Convenient features

The camera records 720p HD videos without any hitch, its anti-shake, face detecting, self- timer .smile capture, and continuous shooting features ensure that one gets the quality videos and images they deserve. The timer setting is crucial when YouTubers need to film themselves. All in all, this camera is easy to use and highly suitable for new YouTubers who are looking for a straightforward yet quality camera.

Our say

The camera design is perfect for those looking for a small rechargeable battery camera.

  • Most compact design in our list
  • Inbuilt TFT display
  • Features several features to boost the quality of videos and images
  • Poor low light performance

Final Thoughts

We are positive that this list will give you an idea of the type of camera that is ideal for your business. Regardless of the camera you choose, we have no doubt that you will love the quality of images and videos. Hopefully, from our list of the best budget cameras for YouTube, you are going to find the best option for your needs. Consider carefully the factors we listed at the beginning of the article and choose your camera by them. And while there are many cheap YouTube cameras on the shelves, the ones listed above are definitely among the best. We hope you have an amazing YouTubing experience.


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