Best Cheap Cameras for Vlogging 2020

To have a successful blogging career, you need to have a good camera, but you do not need to break the bank to buy one. There are very many cheap cameras on the market. You only need to identify the right one for you. But how do you choose the right camera, and what features should be the highlight of your decision? The article will look into the best cheap cameras in 2020, which are priced at $100 and below, so as assist you in making an informed choice.




Current Price


Canon A2500

You can delete unwanted scenes after recording a video


Canon A2300

Comes with a lithium-ion battery that is easy to charge



Comes with an AC adapter for charging purposes



Uses AA batteries, so you need not charge the camera


Sony DSCW 88810

Captures a smile immediately it happens


Sony DSCW 800/B

It has a powerful image sensor with a 20.1-megapixel resolution.



If you are using windows 10, you are in luck; the camera is compatible with it.


YI Action Camera

It offers four photo modes and up to eleven video modes.


SUNLEA Video Camera

You get an external microphone free once you buy the camera.


Pybbo Vlogging Camera

High photo and video resolution

What is a Vlogging Camera and What Features Should You Be Looking For

Vlogging cameras are the cameras that can make videos that you can publish and distribute to different social media platforms. There are many brands out there, but you need to be keen when you are making your choice, here are some of the main features to consider when making your choice:

Quality of image and video

The jargon used to measure the quality of the camera is the resolution. Every camera has its unique resolution power. However, for most cameras, the resolution ranges from 360p to 1080p. However, most powerful cameras have a resolution as high as 4k. If you want to take quality videos and photos, you should only buy a camera that has a resolution of 1080p and above.

Audio Features

If you want to be known as one of the renowned vloggers, you should make sure that every video that you take has a clear sound. Cameras have inbuilt microphones, but you need to buy a camera that has a microphone on the front so that it does not pick up background noises.

How Heavy is the Camera?

If you choose to be a vlogger, you will need to carry your camera everywhere you go. If you buy a heavy camera, then it becomes very tedious to carry around. Also, when the camera is heavy, it becomes very hard for you to take good photos. Ensure that the camera is light and portable.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi Features

When you take photos, you need to edit them and ensure that they are perfect before you upload them to the social media platform that you intend to use. Editing a video can take a very long time, but if you have inbuilt Wi-Fi, you can easily transfer the image from your camera to your phone or PC.

Stabilization of the image

Vloggers take videos while they are carrying out other activities such as strolling, swimming, and even diving. This implies that the hands shake, and this can cause blurriness in the images and videos. It is always advisable to buy a camera with built-in optical image stabilization to ensure that you have a clear image.

Automatic Focus

When you are taking a video, it is important to focus on the subject. The camera you choose to buy should quickly identify and focus on the subject. For quick and accurate focus, you should buy a camera that has an autofocus function that is fast, precise, and accurate.

If you are keen to look for quality features, you are bound to buy a good camera. But what are the cheap camera options that you can choose from:

Best Budget Cameras for Vlogging

1. Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera

Design and Controls

The A2500 is a portable camera weighing 4.8 ounces; it has a slim and stylish look, and it is available in black or red. Its measurements are 3.9 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches. The entire structure of the camera makes it easy to carry and store. Unlike ordinary cameras, the lens of the camera does not protrude. It also has an AF illuminator that is fitted on the sides of the lens. The camera has features that make it easy for a beginner to control. It has a help button that guides you on how to take quality photos and videos. It also has scene modes that allow you to add some fun to your videos and photos. The modes eliminate any colors or gradation that you may not be comfortable with. Finally, the camera also has a live view where you can control the tone, color, and even brightness of the images and videos that you take.

Salient Features

  • Power is an issue with a lot of cameras; the A2500 has an Eco mode to control power use. The Eco mode puts the camera to power saving mode when the scene is too exciting.
  • The camera produces very clear images because it has a 16.0-megapixel resolution. The clarity of the images makes the camera suitable for large prints.
  • It has a DIGIC 4 image processor, which makes it a high-performance camera.
  • It allows 5X optical zoom, which allows you to take versatile and stunning photos and videos.


The camera is cheap and has features that allow the user to take good photos and videos.

  • User-friendly
  • Clear shots
  • You can delete unwanted scenes after recording a video
  • It has a smart Auto that has the capacity to recognize 32 shooting situations.
  • Likely to break in the short term
  • Does not produce quality images and videos in dark backgrounds

2. Canon PowerShot A2300 Digital Camera

Design and Controls

A2300 comes in blue, silver, red, and black colors. It has a simple and stylish design that does not draw attention. Its measurements are 3.7 x 0.8 x 2.1, and it weighs 4.5 ounces. Its weight makes it portable, and you can store it with ease. The camera has rechargeable batteries that are easy to charge. To make the camera user-friendly, it has a help button that guides novices on how they can use the camera to take quality photos and videos. It has a digital IS that prevents the blur by focusing on the subject.

Salient Features

It has a 16.0-megapixel sensor that ensures that all the images taken are clear and stunning. DIGIC 4 improves the performance and functioning of the camera, which allows you to take quality pictures and videos. You can shoot high-performance videos anytime and where

It has a movie button that allows you to record videos with ease. Apart from that, the 720p HD video is bright and exquisite, which allows you to capture every single special moment.


If you are in the market for a camera that is user-friendly, the A2300 is your best bet. It also offers high-quality videos and pictures.

  • Clear images
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery that is easy to charge
  • Outstanding processor
  • Does not have a memory card

3. Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera

Design and Controls

If you would want to enjoy the use of your camera in all weather conditions, you should buy the S33 because it is waterproof. It is also freeze proof and shockproof, which makes it the best camera to use when skiing, swimming or when you visit the beach. You can use the camera when you are far as 33 feet underwater. No matter where you are, you can enjoy taking photos.

The camera has very large buttons to make it easy to use. Among the commonly used buttons is the movie record button that makes it easy for its users to switch between 1080p HD videos and 13-megapixel photos.

Salient Features

  • It has full HD 1080p, which makes the camera versatile. As you take photos, you can choose to add effects to alter the scene and make it look like a toy model. More so, you can enjoy the videos you record together as a family after you use an HDMI cable to connect to the HDTV.
  • The camera has a NIKKOR glass lens. Finally, you can enjoy clear close-up photos because of the 3x optical zoom feature.


The camera will give you value for your money. It has different diverse features that make it ideal for a family and vlogging.

  • Has a flash feature
  • Portable and sleek
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Has a USB cable
  • Comes with an AC adapter for charging purposes
  • The cell is not durable
  • There are customers that have claimed that the camera can leak

4. Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera

Design and Controls

This is one of the slim and stylish cameras that are easy to use. It has a large LCD screen, which allows you too easy for you to focus on the photos that you are taking. It has a smart portrait system that allows you to take clear and beautiful selfies. If you are taking videos, you should press the button that is dedicated to capturing 720p HD videos with clear sound. As you take the videos, you can actually zoom in to capture the pictures clear. The camera has an electronic vibration feature to ensure that you have steady videos. The LCD screen has image effects that allow you to have fun and take images that will be the talk of the show. Finally, the camera runs on AA batteries do you do not need to waste your time charging the camera.

Salient Features

When you turn on the camera, you will find photo optimizing features such as skin softening, which allows you to take beautiful photos. It also has a Face-priority AF focus, which allows the camera to find and focus on the face of the subject. The 5x zoom lens makes the camera ideal for taking any photos, whether they are close up or not. If you have shaky hands, the electronic vibration in the camera ensures that the photos and videos are steady.


The camera is stylish and appealing. It has inbuilt microphones that capture sound perfectly and HD 720p lenses; collectively, the camera is structured to take clear videos with perfect sound. There is no better way to capture memories.

  • Beautiful design
  • Captures sound and image clearly
  • Uses AA batteries, so you need not charge the camera
  • It has a photostability feature that allows you to take perfect photos and videos even if you have shaky hands.
  • The battery does not last for a long time

5. Sony DSCW88810 Digital Camera

Design and Controls

This is one of the best cameras for vlogging. It is lightweight with a weight of 3.84 ounces and a measurement of 4.4 x 3.2 x 2.4 inches. It comes with a Lithium-ion battery. It has an image sensor that has a potent of 20.1bmegapixel. This image sensor allows you to take clear images with unique contrast and lucidity. It also has a 6x optical zoom feature that allows you to zoom the image as much as you want. It has the DSCW88810 technology that allows you to take smooth videos, sharp images, and minimum blur. If you are worried about charging the camera, well put your mind to rest, you only need a USB cable to charge the batteries. Unlike the rest, the camera records in 29 minutes fragments.

Salient Features

It has a 720p MP4 movie mode that allows the camera to take 1280 x 720 high definition motion pictures at 30 fp. If you are creating movies, the camera has an optical zoom feature that allows you to create high-quality movies. You can easily transfer videos and photos from the computer to a pc system. Once they are transferred and you have an internet connection, you can upload the media to the website that you use. The DSCW88810, with the help of sweep panorama mode, will aid you in capturing superb shots. These shots can be wide, and they can also be up to 360 degrees.


If you are looking for a camera that will take your vlogging to another level, you should be shopping for the Sony DSCW88810.

  • It is affordable
  • Has sweep panorama mode
  • Captures a smile immediately it happens
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The camera does not have inbuilt Wi-Fi features

6. Sony DSCW800/B Digital Camera

Design and Controls

Sony is a brand that is known to be reliable. It has an elegant design, and its measurements and weight (4.4 x 3.2 x 2.4 inches and 3.84 ounces) make it portable, a perfect fit for a traveling vlogger. If you are wondering how you power it, the camera comes with a lithium metal battery, which takes approximately one hour to charge fully. However, you should always make sure that the battery has power because it is inbuilt, and when the charge depletes, you cannot use it until you recharge it. For charging, the camera comes with USD cords, lanyard, foldable leaflets, and a USB cube charger that is plugged on the wall. If you are a newbie in photography, you can use the easy mode, which makes the menu easy to understand.

Salient Features

It has a built-in guide that allows you to understand the gadget’s functions. It also features a sweep panorama mode that allows you to take shots at a high rate, and then it pieces those images together. It has a smile shutter technology that allows you to capture a smile the moment it happens.


Sony has developed a product that is not only affordable but offers world-class quality. If you want to enjoy clear videos and photos, make sure you get the Sony DSCW800.

  • It has an inbuilt instruction guide.
  • It has a powerful image sensor with a 20.1-megapixel resolution.
  • It is portable and has and is stylish.
  • You have to spend additional funds on buying the HDMI and USB cables because they are sold separately.
  • It has a tiny screen when compared to the rest.

7. KODAK PIXPRO Friendly Zoom Digital Camera

Design and Controls

It is pocket-sized because of its measurements (0.9 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches and 3.68 ounces.) It has a 5x zoom feature, which is very generous when you compare to the rest of the cameras within the same price range. It is user-friendly; you do not need to be a professional photographer to use this camera. It is clear and has a super focus that delivers outstanding images. If you want to switch from images to HD videos, you just need to touch one button. Finally, it has a handy 28mm wide lens that allows the camera to improve its performance and take clear photos.

Salient Features

It has an auto-detection setting that makes the capturing of photos and videos very easy. When you turn on the detection settings, the camera will detect a smile, face, and even blinking. Once it has detected these aspects, it will ensure that it takes the shot at the time when the image is perfectly set. It has a 207 inch LCD screen, which allows you to check out the image you intend to shoot and ensure it’s perfect before you take the shot.


The camera uses technology to aid the user of the camera to take perfect shots. If you are looking for perfection, this is the camera that you need to buy.

  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It is slim and portable
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • If you are using windows 10, you are in luck; the camera is compatible with it.
  • Does not have a memory card
  • There have been complaints of substandard images and videos

8. YI Action Camera

Design and Controls

If you are in the market for a well-designed and inexpensive camera that will help you take amazing photos, then the YI camera should be what you are buying. It has a panoramic feature which allows you to take beautiful photos. The specs s of the camera ensures that you capture your memories in a clear and absolute image. The camera works with an Amarella A7LS processor, which is known to be one of the best image processors in the market today. You also get an opportunity to shoot videos at 1080p. If you are looking for a camera that allows you to take photos at any angle, the YI has an adjustable A7LS, which allows you to takes videos at the angle you prefer.

With motion compensation, image stabilization, noise reduction collectively ensure that you have high-resolution videos with clear audio. It also comes with a YI waterproof case, blue tooth remote, and selfie stick, which allow you to take photos in any environment that you want. As a vlogger, you will need to take photos in different environs, and buying this camera will make your work easy. Finally, it has many photo modes, which make it fun to shoot videos and photos with the camera.

Salient Features

It has a 16MP sensor that allows you to capture sharp and clear photos even when you have poor lighting. The lens is large, and it has an F2.8aperture and enjoyable to use. Because of the inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, you can easily frame shots by previewing the live footage on your smartphone. You are able to see what the camera is shooting even when you are 300ft away from the camera.


If you enjoy taking selfies, the camera should be your choice because it allows you to take photos at any angle.

  • It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Has 90 minutes of battery life and you can recharge it when the battery has no power
  • It offers four photo modes and up to eleven video modes.
  • It is slow to start.
  • There have been complaining that the App interface doesn’t work optimally.

9. SUNLEA Video Camera Vlogging Camera

Design and Controls

When you buy the camera, you get HDMI and USB cables, a microphone, manual, and lens cover. It has a measurement of 5.07 x 2.32 x 2.24 and a weight of 13.6 ounces. The measurement and weight of the camera make it a perfect camera for a vlogger who needs to carry the camera all the time. The company has great confidence in the camera, which is the motivating factor behind the one year warranty that they offer to their clients, and you also get stellar customer care service.

If you are a vlogger, you are able to use the camera as a webcam for sites such as Skype and YouTube. With all these features, one would expect that is would be pricey but this is not so, its price is less than $100. You can also use it in your office or home because when you connect it to your computer, you can enjoy a video call with a workmate or family members. Finally, you can use the HDMI CABLE to connect to the HDTV.

Salient Features

It has a full HD 1080p at 30fps video clarity and a 24.0MO picture resolution, which allows you to record perfect pieces. It also has a 3.0inch screen that flips and has a 270- degrees capacity to rotate. It has camcorders that are multi-functional because they support, face capture, 16X zoom, anti-shake, beauty function, among many more. When you buy the camera, you also get an external microphone.


If you are looking for an inexpensive everyday use camera, you should buy the SUNLEAS video camera.

  • Has a one year warranty
  • Excellent performance
  • You get an external microphone free once you buy the camera.
  • It has a multi-functional camcorder.
  • The battery is not durable
  • The touch screen features fail very fast

10. Pybbo Vlogging Camera with Full HD 1080p

Design and Controls

The camera has a sleek design, and it’s light and portable. It has a face detection feature that allows you to focus on the subject so that you can take a shot of the best portrait you can.

It has an anti-shake feature that allows you to take photos or a video without causing it to blur. If you are interested, you can get one in just one color, black.

Salient Features

It supports high-resolution images and videos (24.0mp image and Full HD 1080P motion picture.) You can connect the camera to a smartphone, Ios, or even a tablet as long as they are compatible.The camera is sold with two batteries (1500MAH) that are rechargeable, so you will never have to worry about insufficient power. You also do not have to worry about storage because it has a32GB SD card.


This camera is one of the best in the market. It also comes with two detachable lenses, cleaning cloth, user manual, and even a strap.

  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • It can easily support a 128GB SD card
  • High photo and video resolution
  • Doesn’t support RAW format

Key factors to look for in best budget cameras for vlogging


The camera you choose should be fitted with features that are needed for vlogging. For instance, it should have an inbuilt camera; it should be portable and should withstand extreme weather conditions.


There are very many brands that are developing cheap cameras. But not every manufacturer will provide high-quality products. Research and find out the manufacturer that is known to develop products that have superior quality.

Affordability of the camera

After you have vetted the camera based on features and brand, you should think about the affordability of the camera. Find a camera that you can afford to buy without breaking the bank, but never overlook quality because a product is cheap. In the long run, sometimes cheap is expensive.

Expectations and personal needs

Choose a camera that will meet your needs. If you intend to take videos in the rain, it should be waterproof. Review what you need from a camera and get one that meets these needs.

Vlogging is not only fun, but it can be lucrative if done properly. With the review, you should now have an easy time to choose your camera. And hopefully, your vlogging venture will take off.

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