Best Cheap 360 Cameras 2020

There were days you had to dig deeper into your wallet to find a good 360 camera, but as technology advances, the prices are also slashed. This is where we come in. We are not going to review the GoPro fusion camera, that camera is not cheap, and the software to use it is not cheap either. I agree that Insta360 is also a good 360 camera, but here we are all about budget-friendly cameras that are below $200. I know some 360 cameras that are below $200 but very poor when shooting, but we have done in-depth research on these 360 cameras and trust me, they are the best yet budget-friendly.

We also recommend that you read about Rico, Insta360, and Samsung cameras, they have good cameras. Whether you want a camera for the outdoors or one that you can clip on your cell phone, do not let your pockets hinder you from enjoying the best 360 cameras, come along as we share with you some of the best 360 cameras that are under $200.

Before we get down to the real business, you need to learn about the things you should consider before purchasing any camera. Below are some things that you are to consider before you decide to get yourself a 360 camera or any other camera from the market.

  • Stitching line – if you are going to have multiple cameras set up, this means that you will have to stitch everything from all areas. Some stitching software is very complicated to use, and so for this reason, you will have to consider the stitching software you will be using. Some photos tend to disappear around the stitching line, so it is right for you to have control over everything.
  • Frames per second (FPS) – If you are going to shoot videos more than regular photos, you will want to consider the FPS of your camera. This feature determines how smooth the images will be. If you’re going to shoot videos that are close to a film, you will want to consider using a 360 camera with 30 fps.
  • Resolution – this is another crucial aspect that you will need to consider before purchasing any 360 camera. Taking photos or shooting with a 360 camera is not like standard shooting, it needs a high-resolution camera. You will notice that after you upload the content, the resolution will significantly go down. A high resolution 360 camera is the best, especially one with a 4K resolution.
  • Lens – this is also very important for you to consider if you are looking to purchase a good 360 camera. The more the lenses, the better the images. You will also want to know about the ISO range and the shutter time, so you can understand what the camera holds in terms of filming.
  • Storage space– storage is very crucial, especially if you are looking to store many 360 photos and videos. It will be useful for you to have a camera that holds a 32GB SD card, but it will better if you have a 360 camera that holds up to 64GB and off course at an affordable rate.
  • Size of the camera – if you are looking to have a 360 camera with lots of features, you will need a bigger camera. If you are doing an outdoor shooting, then you should consider purchasing a portable camera, which is usually smaller in size.




Current Price


360fly 360HD

It has a water-resistant housing up to 33ft.


Samsung Gear

The LCD screen makes it possible for a smooth operation.



You can connect to your favorite camera accessories.


Rico Theta 360

You can share content on social media sites


Rico Theta M15 360

It has a zooming and panning feature that you will love.


Samsung Gear 360 M

It also has a slimmer body for a firer and finer grip


Insta360 android air 360

It is very compatible with a wide range of android devices

Best Budget 360 Cameras Worth Under $100

If you are on a tight budget but want to get a good quality 360 camera, here are great options selling at under $100.

1. 360fly 360HD video camera – best for the outdoors

Main design features

This camera comes with an adhesive mount that you can use independently. 360fly 360 HD video camera is tiny, barely the size of the regular tennis ball. It also has only one button that is used to turn on and off the camera, and it is also used as a shutter. It also comes with a companion app that comes with lots of other features such as shooting time-lapse and 16:9 format. This 360 camera is going to shoot bot above and horizontally just like most small camera s do. It, however, does not have a depth perception since it only has one lens.

With this camera, you will get different types of mounts so that you can mount it anywhere, including on your forehead so that you can shoot anything with your free hands. the camera also comes with a 32GB storage area so you can start storing and recording right away. It also gives you the option of transferring the videos to your smartphone and later editing them with the 360fly app available for IOS and android.

Convenient features

With the 360fly 360HD camera, you can easily shoot clear videos that viewable on your social media platforms. When you share them on social media platforms, you can choose to be either interactive or non-interactive. With an interactive video, you will allow your viewers to view everything from the 360 angle video you created. You can also choose to choose the angles that you would like people to view with. Also, you are given the privilege to watch your videos using VR devices since the camera is VR ready in itself.

  • It has a flexible mounting capable of working with different types of accessories
  • It has a 32GB storage area.
  • It has a water-resistant housing up to 33ft.
  • It can shoot virtual reality videos.
  • It comes with a companion app that works well with both IOS AND and android smartphones.
  • You cannot have converted videos since they lose resolution with this 360 camera.
Verdict: what is better than finding a 360 camera that lets you shoot outdoors without having to worry about the weather? This camera has a durable housing that is also water-resistant. It also carries with it 32GB of storage. You can also use it along with other accessories.

2. Samsung Gear 360-degree sports camera

Main design

This is one of the smallest 360 cameras you can find. You will not get high-quality videos, but you are sure to get 1080p HD videos. These videos are beautiful to watch on your smartphone and your screens, but it is not so commendable to watch them on VR.

The camera is also WIFI ready, which means that you can easily connect it to your smartphone, and you can use the OTCAM app for android and IOS to use as a viewfinder. It also lets you see images in the eye of the camera so that you will know which areas you will prioritize more than the others. There is an SD slot that you can put your SD card and store your recordings. Also, this camera has an HDMI port where you can connect to an HDTV and watch your videos on a much bigger screen for a much better experience.

Convenient features

One of the good things about this camera is that it has exciting shooting modes. The shooting modes include time loop videos that come in bursts of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. Also, a motion detection feature is included in this 360 camera, thus giving you the ability to use the image burst images and the auto snap feature. You can also adjust the resolution of this 360 camera from the highest, which is 12MP to 8MP, 5MP, or even 3MP. The fact that it has a small LCD screen makes it possible for one to operate the camera independently from your phone, this comes in handy when it is raining, and you do not want your phone to be exposed to water.

  • It has an HDMI port
  • The LCD screen makes it possible for a smooth operation.
  • You can insert an SD that is up to 32GB
  • You can easily adjust the resolution
  • Has different shooting modes
  • It cannot work well when you use it while it charges.

This camera is perfect, especially for people who would want to view their shooting on bigger screens. The HDMI port in this camera makes this even possible since you will connect an HDMI cable to an HDTV screen and watch everything from a large screen. As mentioned earlier, small 360 cameras may not have so many features, so there is nothing that could be done to improve the features of the camera.

3. YI 360 VR Camera

Main design

The third one on our list is the YI 360 VR Camera that will produce high shots and not starve your pockets. To shoot a video, this camera uses a single to shoot 2K videos. This camera will not get you the full 360 landscapes, but you can have a 360 X 220 view. The camera does not have different types of resolutions, but it focuses on giving you quality recordings.

The camera also can shoot 1440P and 1024P, which are all at 30 fps. YI 360 VR Camera also gives you a variety of shooting modes, which include from VR to panorama, hemisphere, cylinder, and fish eye. It also has a threaded connector where you can insert a simple selfie stick if you would want a different shooting mode. This camera can also be connected to a drone so that it can be used to take something like space-like images or videos.

  • Quality 2K videos
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Sharing of photos or videos on social media platforms is easier
  • Multiple 360 shooting modes
  • You can connect to your favorite camera accessories.
  • Issue with the delivery

Verdict: this camera has lots of excellent features for a 360 camera that is under $100. One thing that we did not like about the camera is that it has a heavy to such that it can sit flat on a table.

Best Budget 360 Cameras Worth Under $200

4. Rico Theta 360

Main design

The streamlined shape of this camera is due to the folded twin-lens optics. If you love outdoor excursions, then this is the camera for you since it built in a portable design. It shoots HD images 1920X1080p all at 14MP. It can be classified with the entry-level cameras that offer high-resolution shootings. The Rico Theta SC is very compatible with the android and IOS. The theta +and the Theta+ v apps allows you to edit photos or videos from your IOS or Android devices. With these apps, you can share your videos or pictures instantly on your social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The apps are very simple, and you will not have trouble trying to use them. They have features of editing like cropping, editing of time-lapse videos, and adding your favorite background music. It also gets better since it is also very compatible with the street view app, which allows you to record and share your 360 recordings as a street view on Google maps.

Convenient features

Rico Theta 360 camera is effortless to operate, so you will not be confused about where to touch or where not to touch. It also has a single shutter button with an ISO of up to 100 to 1600, and you can use it for both still videos and still images. This camera has different shooting features like noise reduction, interval shooting, HDR rendering, multibracket functions for the still photos, and DR compensation. It also has several white balance modes so that you can adjust your photos and videos to the warmness or the coldness to how you would like them to look. The white balance is set to act automatically and depict shootings as they would look in reality.

  • Smooth operations
  • You can share content on social media sites
  • It comes in four colors
  • The Theta +and the Theta+ v apps are all compatible with both IOS and android devices
  • Can be used on either android or IOS devices
  • Has speedy responses
  • It is Virtual Reality ready.
  • It only records 5-minute videos at a time.
Verdict: according to the features that this camera has, it is evident that it will be a worthy purchase. The fact that the apps are always updated from time keeps you updated, just like those who own high-end priced cameras.

5. Rico Theta M15 360 degree panorama camera

Main design

This camera is pretty exciting but cheap camera. It has two lenses that are 180 degrees; they will allow you to capture a fully encompassed image. The camera, however, will not obtain the area below it, but you can easily edit this using the Rico Theta companion app that is also very easy to use.

It also supports WIFI, which helps when you want to control the camera from a different device like your mobile device. With this camera, you can zoom and pan around an area that will leave feeling like you are in action, which is an excellent way of recording some precious moments in life. With the app, you can do so much, resizing photos, pinching, rotating, and changing the shape and the composition of your images. Also, you can share your professional photos on social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and other places.

Convenient features

The Rico Theta M15 camera has a spherical nature of taking photos, and this is very important to this camera. You can do so much with this camera, but the most exciting feature is the panorama effect. With this effect, you can take up to 1200 photos while you store them in the 4GB storage that is onboard in the camera. Be sure that your voice will be captured clearly since there are two microphones on top of this camera that will capture everything that you want it to capture. This camera is super easy to use, and you will quickly master how to use the buttons, which are shutter, power, and wireless buttons. The camera will also sync all your photos to your smartphone or your PC for better viewing.

  • It has sharing options for social sites
  • It has a zooming and panning feature that you will love.
  • Rico Theta camera gives you the option of editing the photos you have taken to your liking.
  • It also has features for shutter speed priority, ISO priority, and auto shooting.
  • The camera can shoot videos for three minutes.
  • Video quality will go down in places with no ample lighting.
Verdict: this camera is good with the 360 photos and videos on a single shot. The WIFI allows for faster sharing of your photos or videos on your social sites.

6. Samsung Gear 360 M – R210 (a 2017 edition)

Main design features

The price of this camera is a fraction of the high-end cameras that you can find. However, with the price, you get to shoot 4K videos and also full 360-degree photos. It is also very compatible with Samsung smartphones and also iPhone 6S, 6S+, 7S, 7S, but some features are still limited when using the iPhone.

It has a design that looks like a small bulb put on a tripod. You can secure a rubber at the bottom to allow the camera to stabilize, especially when you decide to put it on a flat top. It charges using a USB-C port, and the best thing about it is that you can still use the camera while it costs. Another impressive feature is that it can allow up to 90 minutes of a video recording, which makes it the best considering its price. It also has WIFI connectivity that enables you to transfer photos and videos quickly. The downside of this is that it is prolonged unless you are using Samsung S8 or S8+.

Convenience features

the sphere shape of this camera is complemented by the two lenses that allow you to take 4K videos. This camera also supports live streaming at the quality of 1920 X 960. The fact that you will be performing live in stitches and also when you upload your videos online directly, this is just a small price to pay. You will also find out that editing and converting videos will be easier with the updated Samsung Gear 360 app. This app is, however, only compatible with Samsung and iPhone gadgets. It is also very remarkable to see that the app can convert files and do automatic stitching without changing the resolution of the photos of videos.

  • Supports up to 256 GBs of an SD card
  • You can Livestream 360 content with ease
  • It also has a slimmer body for a firer and finer grip
  • You can also use it on a tripod
  • Provides high quality of videos and photos
  • High-resolution videos can be captured at only 24fps
Verdict: This is a high-quality camera yet at a price below $200. If you are looking for a camera that you can Livestream with then, this is the perfect model for you.

7. Insta360 android air 360

Main design features

This camera is also in a spherical design with dual fisheye lenses of up to 210 degrees. This camera is very lightweight, so if you are going to mount it on your phone, you do not have to worry about it. This camera can produce excellent quality photos that can be viewed as lifelike footage. It is also able to record high-end quality videos at 2560 X 1280 p of resolution all at 30fps.

If you love to do an outdoor shooting with family, then you do not have to worry about taking still photos. This camera will capture every image at 3K, which means that you will have clear images even as years go by. It also supports Livestream by sending videos to your smartphone and stitching automatically for you to share explicit videos to the world with no difficulty.

Convenient features

If you record meetings, then this camera is the cheapest and best for you. You will only need to connect this camera to your laptop using a USB cable, and every moment of the meeting will be flawlessly captured. If you are a fan of VR viewing, then this camera will offer you the comfort of viewing your content on VR devices with the help of it’s VR mode.

  • The camera uses the technology of advanced stabilization.
  • It is very compatible with a wide range of android devices
  • The VR mode provides VR content.
  • Has live video streaming by using automatic video stitching and broadcasting
  • It can easily connect to a PC or laptop and use it as a 360 webcam.
  • The videos taken using this camera will take up a lot of space on your phone.
Verdict: this is the best camera for any android phone since it is very much portable and also gives you the option of live streaming. It also offers high-quality recordings.

What you need to consider when shopping for the best budget 360 cameras

Different types of cameras

Monoscopic: they are the most common types of cameras used today, and they are used to produce video hosting content with flat renderings. They do not perceive depth, so you have to keep moving.

Stereoscopic: they usually have two lenses for each of their eyes and can create 3D experiences.

Below are some of the things that you have to take into consideration before you buy any 360 camera.

  1. It should have a supportive firmware so that you produce the best quality of content with the help of quality firmware.
  2. You should take note of converting features since most 360 videos will need proper editing
  3. You will also need to learn about the recording features of the camera.
  4. Durability is also a significant aspect, and you should take note of how long your camera can last.


From the foregoing, you do not have to spend a fortune just to have a quality 360 camera. All of the cameras we have discussed above are very good but at a lower and affordable price. However, when you have decided to purchase a good 360 camera, make sure that you learn more and more about cameras.

Finding a good 360 camera among hundreds of brands in the market can be a try and error, and we do not want you to be frustrated, and that is why we have made such a list for you learn and choose for yourself according to your budget. Don’t let prices hinder you; you can also afford a high-end camera at a price below $100 or below $200. Hopefully, with the two lists of best budget 360 cameras we have provided, as well as the tips on getting the best option, you will be able to get yourself a camera that meets your needs.

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