Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones 2020

To be able to tune the world out while listening to the heavenly sounds of your favorite song comes at the price of some top-level innovation. DSP (Digital Signal Processing), as it’s called, is the technology that makes this a reality. Headphones that come with this technology have a microphone that cancels ambient sounds from your surroundings. It helps you focus only on what you want to focus on – whether you’re on the move, at home, or at the workplace. If you don’t want active noise cancellation headphones, you can go with the passive ones. They don’t come with microphones but have leather-like pads to cover the ears – cutting out unwanted sounds.




Current Price



Inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls



product gives you great sounds as a result of 40mm drivers


Audio Technica

whopping 40 hours of battery life


Mono price PID 10010

3 button controls extend the range of functionality with this device


Avantree Over-Ear ANC

strong connectivity features as a result of Bluetooth and NFC technology.


Bose Quiet Comfort

with soft paddings and leather coverings.


Senn heiser HD 4.50

comes with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies


V-MODA Crossfade

Freehand calls as a result of inbuilt microphones.


Plantronics BlackBeat

get a whole day of uninterrupted performance



uses quality leather and soft padding for better user experience

What to Consider When Getting Sound Insulating Headphones

Power Source

This is the most important feature if a headphone. Without a power source, it won’t work. Check to see how long the headphone can go before requiring a recharge. Depending on how heavy or light a user you are, different running times would appeal to you. If a headphone has 15 hours of battery life and you typically need headphones for 5 hours a day, then you’ll be okay with battery range. You’ll only recharge twice or so every week. Now compare that to someone who uses headphones for 12 hours a day. That’s 6 to 8 recharges every week. A heavy user would tend to go for much longer battery life – say 24 hours.

Wired or Cordless

With cordless headphones come extended range. Tangled wires, cut wires, and poor performance from wear and tear are some problems you don’t have to worry about anymore.


Specs and features do play a role in determining the user experience associated with these headphones. But nothing beats in-person use. Many headphones have specs and marketing material promising features like noise cancellation, but when you use it, the story is different. To circumvent marketing speak, check out what other users of the product are saying.


Some headphones are built to wrap around your ear while others just fit your ear. They can both be noise cancellation headphones, and choice really comes down to preference.

Adaptive Noise Cancelling

Depending on your environment, you might want to completely tune out surrounding sounds or let some in. Tuning out sound at home don’t have as much consequence as doing on the street. You’ll want to hear car honking and so forth.

Top Five Noise Cancelling Headphones worth Under $100

1. BOHM B66 Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear

BHM B66 Wireless Bluetooth

These headphones are of a high grade and good design. They fit comfortably across both ears and have great user experience even after long hours of use.


These headphones eliminate surrounding sounds that can take away from the pleasure of listening to good music. It pairs seamlessly with a good number of electronic devices because of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It’s battery range excess 15 hours and can get up to 18 hours if you use it for conversations. The high pitches are crisp, and the bass has a fine throb to it.

Grade and Design

This device is built to last. It comes with an aluminum casing and a mix of the alloy zinc, comfortable skin-soothing ear cups, and a headband with an elastic feel. Long uncomfortable hours on the phone are gone now since this headphone is all you need to communicate with someone on the phone. This is a great device for sound engineers, music producers, and turntable specialists.

Product Summary

Don’t let the price tag of the BHM B66 headphones fool you. There is real value in this device. It comes with great sound and insulates the user from surrounding sounds. It also pairs perfectly with Android, Windows, and IOS devices.

What We like Them
  • Top grade stereo drivers
  • A wide array of frequencies
  • Battery life of over 15 hours even with Active Noise Cancellation
  • A tough aluminum casing with aesthetic appeal
  • Inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls
  • For users on the move, surrounding noise can still be heard while using this headphone. Although this can be good for those who want to hear cars honk, it may not necessarily make for a good listening session.

2. CB3 HUSH Wireless Headphones

This is an amazing device with great bass and build. It works best for light users who may need headphones at work or when they’re on a commute.


The CB3 HUSH does have great sound, active noise cancellation, and a balanced build, but what sets it apart from other headphones is it’s smooth yet throbbing bass. To tune out the world, just switch the ANC button on and get off to an amazing listening session. It is said to knock as much as 30db off surrounding sounds.

This is a perfect product for light users as its battery life caps at about 10 hours. When you’re done with it for the day, remember to charge it for the next. You can connect it to a wide variety of devices running different operating systems. It has a unique connective feature that allows you to connect to 2 devices at a time. It comes with a robust range of frequencies due to the 40mm drivers in the device. You’ll love to watch movies with this headphone because of the bass effect.

Grade and Design

Swiveling headphones, soft padding, flexible headbands, and a skin-soothing leather-like cover show that a lot of thought was put into creating this product. All these features aid the user in enjoying the device during prolonged use.

Product Summary

This isn’t a product of many features, but when it comes to the fundamentals, it’s got it right. A decent sound quality and noise cancellation help create a good user experience. You just have to handle with care so you can use it for as long as possible.

What We like Them
  • It comes with Active Noise Cancellation
  • Inbuilt microphones for freehand calls
  • Connects with many devices as a result of the Bluetooth wireless technology that comes with AptX
  • An auxiliary cable and carrying case makes it very portable
  • Maxes out at 10 hours of battery life
  • This product gives you great sounds as a result of 40mm drivers
  • If you turn the active noise canceling button off, the quality of sound may be reduced.

3. Audio Technica AUD ATH-ANC7B

Besides having one of the best noise-canceling features for a product in this price range, these headphones will also give you the outstanding sound quality


This product has been selling for about a decade now, and people still patronize it. It shows how good a quality this product is. With the proliferation of more modern products in the market, one can get these well-functioning headphones for a bargain price. The AUD ATH-ANC7B is a steal for anyone who buys it now.

Although many headphones are either active or passive in their methods of eliminating surrounding sounds, this product uses both. Whether you’re on a bus or at the office, you can tune out the world and focus on the sounds coming out of the headphones. It is said to cut down outside sounds by as much as 15db. Its sounds are soft and balanced, which helps give you a warm and encompassing feeling when you put it on. Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers are responsible for such good listening experiences.

Grade and Design

The Audio Technica comes with soft paddings and high-grade leather covering. It’s made of a highly durable plastic that is light to carry. All of these help users enjoy the prolonged use of headphones without sacrificing productivity or listening experience. The headphones can be folded and put in a bag, and this makes it ideal for users on the move. Another great and often overlooked feature is the small space it takes when it is folded and packed.

Product Summary

So you want above-average headphones that won’t dig holes in your pocket? I suggest you go for the Audio Technica AUD ATH-ANC7B. Whether you use them as a casual or professional, they will serve you faithfully.

What We like Them
  • It comes with a whopping 40 hours of battery life
  • It uses Quietpoint Active Noise Reduction to help users tune out surrounding chatter when using the headphones
  • It can be folded into a smaller space for convenient packing
  • There are no external modules needed for it to function well
  • It is built for comfort during prolonged use.
  • They may seem heavy for certain users.

4. Monoprice PID 10010 Hi-Fi ANC Headphones

The selling point of the headphones is its price. But contrary to expectations, the sound quality and great thumping bass make it a steal.


There are countless positive accounts and reviews of the product. This shows that despite its low price, the quality wasn’t sacrificed here. It has active noise cancellation that can cut down surrounding chatter by 22db. And for passive noise, it goes down by as much as 35db. It’s a great product for podcast listeners who love to get educated and entertained while going about their chores. The sounds from these headphones highlight every pitch possible, so this makes it a great listening device for all types of music. This is something you’ll notice when you use this product – the sounds are balanced.

Grade and Design

When it comes to design, the Monoprice PID1010 stays simple. It comes with a plastic casing that has a glossy surface that can be a fingerprint magnet. So if having smudges and cloudy smears on your headphones worries you, you might have to skip this one. But the aesthetic setback has nothing on the toughness of this product. The plastic casing is a very durable material. The headband is flexible, and everything is held together by a metal frame. Although this can be used at home and at the workplace, the fit may not be good enough for strenuous physical activity that is common in the gym or in the outdoors. They’ll most likely fall off quite often, and the wire could be susceptible to wear and tear.

Product Summary

This product comes at a low price but not with poor features. This won’t be as good as BSE, but it does the job well.

What We like Them
  • It can cancel surrounding sounds as a result of 40mm neodymium drivers and active noise reduction technology
  • Active Noise Reduction feature can be turn off and on at will
  • 3 button controls extend the range of functionality with this device
  • It comes with a battery life of 50 hours
  • It has a D ring enabled carry case for portability.
  • When it comes to high-intensity activities, the product may not be at peak performance as it begins to fit loosely around your head.

5. Avantree Over-Ear ANC Headphones

These are very light headphones that are a comfortable fit for prolonged use.


This can be the headphones you put in to cancel out surrounding conversations, engines, and general office noise to do some solid work. They have active noise-canceling technology and are built to give you comfort even after long hours of listening. It may not boost your productivity, but it doesn’t reduce your productivity, either. Don’t expect complete insulation from the world around you like the noise at 18db can still be heard.

When it comes to connectivity and compatibility, it does a good job. The NFC technology helps it connect with close by devices while Bluetooth technology helps with extended ranges of connection. As for power, this device can serve you for up to 18 hours when connected via Bluetooth. When you use it with active noise canceling technology, you get 10 hours of listening time. When it comes to sound, the highs are a bit tempered, while the mids and bass are pronounced. This gives the sound coming from these headphones a calm and smooth feel.

Grade and Design

The flexibility of these headphones makes it easy to carry around. It has a strong frame with a nice metal polish to it. So not only is the device aesthetically pleasing but also very durable. The soft padding of the ear cups gives you this soothing feeling when you put on these headphones. This ensures your productivity or the quality of your user experience doesn’t drop after long hours of using the product.

Product Summary

With good sound quality and strong connectivity, you don’t have to worry about carrying your phone when you’re on a call. Surrounding sounds are subdued, and with a good inbuilt microphone, you get to focus on other important tasks while answering calls.

What We like Them
  • It made to a high standard
  • It has a very pronounced bass
  • It can go 2 days nonstop without a recharge, even with active noise-canceling technology
  • It comes in a light but durable alloy casing
  • It has strong connectivity features as a result of Bluetooth and NFC technology.
  • It’s active noise cancellation feature isn’t absolute.

Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones worth Under $200

6. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Headphones

These are very popular headphones for iOS devices. Its design has been upgraded to fit the contemporary style today.


This is one of the best headphones with active noise cancellation technology. In fact, noise-canceling technology was introduced by this company, and their headphones remain one of the best headphones for noise cancellation. Maybe the only reason certain users would look past this product is its cords that could be limited during use. But apart from that, the headphone has a battery life of about 35 hours, even with active noise cancellation technology. And if you want to extend battery life, then turn off active noise cancellation to get more hours from its AAA battery.

The active noise canceling technology won’t be sorely missed as the ear cups wrap around rye ear in such a way it passively eliminates surrounding sounds. Whether the active noise canceling technology is on or off, the sounds from the headphones aren’t affected.

Grade and Design

This device is built for comfort during periods of prolonged use. It comes with skin-soothing leather and a tightly fitting overall design. It’s enclosed in a tight casing, which makes it hard to damage from falls. It has a durable and thick cord that is more resilient to wear and tear that comes from tangling.

Product Summary

These are top-performing products and can be a perfect fit for users on the move and for those who are stationary. Whether you are on a commute, traveling, at home, or at your workspace, the Bose QC25 is the right device for you.

What We like Them
  • They have a more compact design which makes them fit better
  • They come with soft paddings and leather coverings. This makes the headphones comfortable even after hours of use
  • It can go on nonstop for 35 hours with active noise cancellation technology
  • You can consume content on airplanes with top-grade headphones because this comes with an airline adapter
  • An inbuilt microphone for freehand calls.


  • Although you get your money’s worth when you get the Bose QC25, if you happen to want your headphones in certain colors, you’ll have to pay for it.

7. Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE Wireless Headphones

These headphones are just as good as any high-grade listening device out there. It comes with long battery life and active noise cancellation. And its costs are a little below its counterparts.


Active noise cancellation technology is taken to a new level with this device. It is said to eliminate as much as 90% of surrounding sounds. This helps with productivity, and that’s why it’s a favorite for business professionals. General office noise is reduced, giving users the much-needed focus to get projects completed. When it comes to connectivity, this device is a high performer. They are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and still maintain great sound quality through Bluetooth connections. But that’s not all; you still get the NFC technology in case of pairing with devices that enable that. It is a perfect match for a wide range of music lovers. Whether it be hip-hop, RnB, Blues, RocknRoll, and funky music. The bass is well presented alongside the midranges.

Grade and Design

It has a compact design that helps when you are on the move. When collapsed, it takes little space in your bag. It is a headphone encased in an all-plastic casing. The control buttons are all placed around the ears. It makes for convenient control and better user experience overall. Making calls and changing volume isn’t a hectic task with this device. Soft paddings and leather-like finishes give the user of this device a comfortable listening session no matter how long it lasts.

Product Summary

Sennheiser HD 4.50 is one amazing listening device, especially when it comes to sound and noise cancellation. They don’t get to fancy with the design, but then again, that isn’t the focus with this product.

What We like Them
  • Up to 20 hours of non-stop performance
  • It comes with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies
  • Nice skin-soothing paddings and leather-like covering
  • It has a compact design and can be folded to make for portability.
  • Due to its plastic casing, it may not be as durable as its counterparts.

8. V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphones

These are the headphones for audio geeks. It focuses on balanced sounds that allow the good presentation of every pitch.


It can be connected to 2 devices for as long as 33 ft range. It can cut off surrounding noise with sound isolation technology. They help with freehand calls as a result of built-in microphones. All pitches are well represented here. The highs are pronounced, the mids are crisp, and the bass is thumping. These headphones are mostly admired by sound geeks loved by casuals.

Grade and Design

This headphone comes with small ear cups and soft padding. They have some weight to them but can be used for a long time because of its convenient design. While they may not be the best headphones for outdoor activities like hiking, running, and jogging, their sound quality is good for its price tag.

Product Summary

The focus of this product is just sound. The highs, miss, and bass are all balanced and pronounced. It reduces outside noise but doesn’t completely remove you from it.

What We like Them
  • It comes with a 50mm dual-diaphragm driver
  • Highly durable metal casing
  • Freehand calls as a result of inbuilt microphones.
  • Strong bass with crisp mids
  • Has a passive alternative to noise cancellation
  • Battery life of about 12 hours.
  • They’re not very portable because they lack a foldable design.

9. Plantronics BlackBeat PRO 2

Plantronics BlackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Headphones

It has one of the longest range of Bluetooth connections at 330 ft.


The Plantronics BlackBeat Pro 2 is a can be seen as a better version of the Bose headphones. It can reduce surrounding sounds by as much as 60% in indoor buildings like one’s home or workplace. They don’t cut off outside noise, and depending on the user; it can be a good or bad thing.

Grade and Design

It comes with padding and leather-like material. This helps contain the sounds coming from the headphones. It helps with privacy when consuming content. There are quite a few buttons that come with these headphones. You have the volume, noise canceling switch, and a playback button.

Product Summary

The Plantronics BlackBeat PRO 2 comes with a standout design and great sound. It’s a major reason why it’s regarded as one of the best headphones in the market.

What We like Them
  • You get a whole day of uninterrupted performance
  • A Bluetooth range of up to 300ft.
  • You can pair with more than one device at a time
  • There are inbuilt sensors that help preserve power by pausing the audio when it senses you have dropped it
  • It can be folded into a smaller size for convenience when packing.
  • You can’t always depend on its noise-canceling technology.

10. AKG N60 Noise Cancelling Headphones

This product stands out as a result of its sound quality and compact design.


The AKG N60 headphones are portable because of its light build. It’s also flexible and can be packed for travel or commute. You get 30 hours of nonstop listening time and can last up to 5 days without a recharge if you are a light user. Whether you want to consume entertaining or educational content, these headphones can help you with that. Its sounds are clear and crisp with thumping bass. The headphones use a 3.5 mm jack and 51-inch cord to pair up with devices. You can use alternative power sources like the power bank. This can be handy if you go camping or are traveling from one country to another.

Grade and Design

The headphones are built with durable materials like aluminum. They also have comfortable leather, some plastic, and a flexible headband.

Product Summary

Are you for high-quality headphones that are yet light to carry? Then you should go for AKG. It’s a favorite listening device for those who travel a lot and who work for long periods at a time.

What We like Them
  • Strong and tough aluminum casing with a touch of plastic
  • It uses quality leather and soft padding for better user experience
  • It comes with a 3.5mm cord for connectivity
  • It can go on for 30 hours if active noise-canceling technology is turned off
  • You can recharge using a USB cord.
  • As you increase the volume, the sound loses its crispiness.

Final Thoughts

There are many budget noise-canceling headphones out there. However, based on our research and user experiences, we feel that the ones listed in this article stand out. Hopefully, you should be able to select one that meets your needs and have the best entertainment experience.


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