Best Cheap Earbuds 2020

Cheap earbuds are flooding the market today. However, most of them have poor sound quality. So instead of buying just any pair of cheap earbuds, take time to review, and find the earbuds that have been tested, and found to have high-quality sound. The article has compiled the best cheap earbuds which have been tested and found to have specs that make them great earbuds. Poor quality earbuds will give you a poor experience, and it may also affect your hearing. Subsequently, you should make sure that you draw the line and find quality earbuds that are priced reasonably.




Current Price


Pana sonic ErgoFit

Offers three pairs of ear pads of different sizes


Mpow Flame

Its battery has a powerful life of seven to eight hours


Sym phonized NRG 3.0

Versatile, Free from parallax error, Shock and waterproof


Betron tron YSM1000

Comes with a Gold-plated jack which offers a seamless connection


AUKEY Latitude

It has a smooth, and quality sound because of the aptx Bluetooth



Charges through a magnetic inductive system


Sony MDRX 50AP

Silicone tips that help with noise isolation


AKG N20 Premium

Offers several accessories such as a travel pouch



It accommodates natural sound reverberation


ennheiser CX 3.00

You also get tips that are of different sizes.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Ear Phones

Quality of Sound

This is the primary feature when you are looking for earbuds. You should look to find earbuds that have balanced and clean audio. Every earbud marketer will claim that their product has a nice sound, but this is not always the case. Be aware of the earphones that have echoes, the bass in the earbuds produce deep tones for every music type that you are playing.

Wired Of Wireless Earbuds

Manufacturers are now making wireless earbuds, but most of them are very expensive because there are very few manufacturers that produce this type. However, wireless earbuds are the best because you do not have to deal with the long cables, which are normally connected to wire earbuds. Wireless earbuds use radio frequency, Bluetooth, and infrared technology. Blue tooth technology is compatible with most devices. With the use of Bluetooth 4.0, the earbud does not get a problem with connectivity.

Sound Stage

People have different preferences when it comes to soundstage. If you enjoy hearing the sounds of instruments played in the music, you should find earbuds that allow you to enjoy the sound stage. You should try out the earbuds so that you can make sure that they have the sound stage preference that you prefer.

Noise Isolation, and Cancellation

When you have earbuds, you should enjoy the piece you’re listening to without having to deal with the background noise. Noise isolation features seals the ear canal so that you can only hear your music. Secondly, there is a noise cancellation feature that phases out the background noises. The two features allow you to enjoy your music without distraction, but the noise cancellation feature effective than the isolation feature, and as a result, the earbuds with the cancellation feature, and more expensive than the earbuds with the isolation feature.

Size, and fitting of the Earbud

The size of the earbud is also an issue that you need to consider. You need to use an earbud that is comfortable. It should be a perfect fit where possible to ensure that they do not fall off every now and then. You can choose a soft or hard sleeve, or a hook earbud dependent on what fits best. Having understood what you should be looking for, here are some of the best cheap earbuds that you can choose from:

Best Budget Earbuds

1. Anker Soundcore Life P2

Design Features

If you were to use the Anker Soundcore Life P2 without looking at them, you could easily think that they are the expensive brands. One of the outstanding features of the earbuds is sound quality. Anker has made sure that these earbuds have well-balanced audio. The earbuds are able to achieve both low and deep frequencies. Because of the wide variety of frequency response, they are a perfect fit when you want to listen to live music. Another special feature that the earbuds have is the fact that you can listen to music, and still receive a call.

Convenient Features

It comes with a remote that is compatible with a majority of smartphones, including iPhones, androids with the exemption of Nokia gadgets.


The Anker Soundcore Life P2 is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys high-quality sound. It is a cheap option that has specs that give the highly-priced earbuds a run for their money. You are also able to pick calls that make these earbuds very convenient.

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Fits well
  • Compatible with a majority of phones
  • Comes in black color
  • Issue with the delivery

2. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Design Features

They are wireless, meaning you do not have to worry about tangled cables. The fact that they are wireless makes them a perfect fit for the people who enjoy listening to music as they engage in other activities such as working out. They also use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which allows for superior connection, and sound quality. The Bluetooth covers a wide range, so you can have your phone at a reasonable distance, and still enjoy your music. Finally, it has a CRS chop, which ensures that the sound is well balanced.

Convenient Features

The earbuds are comfortable and durable. They are particularly durable because they have a Nano waterproof coating that prevents damage even when the earbuds come into contact with water, sweat, or any other fluid. The brand attempts to achieve a universal fit; therefore, you will be supplied with three sets of earbuds that are of different sizes so that you can choose a perfect fit. Also, the buds are structured in a way that your ear canal will be sealed perfectly so that it can achieve noise isolation. Finally, the earbuds have hooks that will prevent the earbuds from falling off. You are also able to adjust the cord to ensure that you are always listening to your music without the worry that the earbuds will fall off.


The earbuds allow you to enjoy superior features such as waterproof coating, and yet you do not have to spend so much. It allows you to work out in the outdoor, and indoor without worrying that moisture will damage the earbuds.

  • Nano coating that makes it water-resistant
  • Wireless
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology
  • Noise isolation features
  • Comfortable fit
  • Its battery has a powerful life of seven to eight hours
  • It has features that protect I fro power surge
  • Bluetooth pairing may take a long time and a few trials


3. SoundPEATS TrueCapsule

Design Features

If you want to enjoy music in crowded places, you should buy the SoundPEATS TrueCapsule because it isolates background noise by using noise isolation ear tips. The sound quality is very good and balanced. This is because the manufacturer uses powerful technologies to ensure that the bud produces supreme bass, and precise highs so that you can enjoy a well-balanced sound. However, the buds do not produce excellent sound when the music is produced heavily. It comes with a remote controller and an in-line mic. The remote controller has three buttons that allow you to select through music, answer calls, and to pause music.

Convenient Features

It has noise isolation features that allow you to enjoy your music without being distracted by the background noises.


If you want a durable earbud that offers high-quality sound, you should choose the SoundPEATS TrueCapsule. It is wired, but its cable is tangle-free, which allows you to enjoy convenience. Above all, you can also pick calls using these earphones.

  • Has a balanced sound
  • Comes in sleek black color
  • Fits the ears perfectly
  • It has a rechargeable case
  • Issue with the shipping

4. MIFO O5

Design Features

MIFO O5 earbuds provide a balanced sound. They have a 9.2mm neodymium driver. Since it allows a wide frequency spectrum, you can enjoy music in different genres and still enjoy the different sound aspects accompanied by different music genres. The earbuds also have noise isolation technology, which allows you to listen to music without the destruction of background noise. Finally, the earbuds have memory foam tips that ensure that you are comfortable while wearing the earbuds.

Convenient Features

They have a nice case where you can store the earbuds for safekeeping. It comes with a durable material to ensure that the earbuds are durable. It accommodates a large frequency spectrum which allows enjoying any type of music.


If you are looking for a cheap brand that has good sound quality, you should get the MIFO O5 .

  • Made out of durable materials
  • Comes with noise isolation features
  • Has a storage case
  • Comes with rechargeable case
  • No other colors

5. AUKEY Latitude Wireless Sports Earbuds

If you want to buy a wireless earbud, you are better off choosing a brand that is well known. AUKEY is a renowned brand that been in the market for long enough. They have developed one of the best earbuds that are powered by the aptX Bluetooth technology. In case you own an aptx compatible device, you will have a chance to enjoy CD-quality sound via Bluetooth. The aptx technology seeks to improve the sound over Bluetooth since sound over Bluetooth is compressed, and it does not sound as good as it would sound over a wired connection. The manufacturer has also used the EP-B40 magnetic system, which allows you to keep the earbuds on your ears without falling even when you are performing vigorous activities.

Convenient Features

When using these earbuds, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime of the earbuds are well charged. They also have a water-resistant feature, which means that you can use them while you are in humid environs, and also when you are carrying out vigorous activities that may cause you to sweat.


The earbuds have been developed with various technologies including, Aptx Bluetooth, to ensure that the voice is clear. It is wireless and has magnetic features that ensure that they do not fall off. If you are looking for earbuds that you will use while carrying out vigorous activities, this should be your choice.

  • It has three size tips to allow you to use the earbud that is a perfect fit for you
  • It has noise cancellation features
  • It has a smooth, and quality sound because of the aptx Bluetooth
  • It is wireless, meaning you can engage in vigorous activities without being worried about damaging the earbuds
  • It is waterproof
  • Does not support voice control

Best Budget Earbuds worth Under $50

6. FOCUS POWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

Design features

The earbuds allow you to listen to a podcast and pick calls. It also has a long battery life, you can actually enjoy four and a half hours using the earbud before its power gets depleted. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled gadgets, and the best part is that it can connect to two gadgets concurrently so that you can switch songs on these gadgets anytime that you want. Unlike the rest of the earbuds, this supports EDR( Enhanced data rate ). You will also notice that it connects fast; you can actually connect to gadgets that are 33ft away.

Convenient Features

Unlike most of the earbuds, you do not use cables to charge the earbud. It charges using inductive charging by its USB charger. It comes in three different sizes, which allow you to find the size that is suitable for you.


FOCUSPOWER is sophisticated and small, which makes it very convenient to carry around. It has a clear sound, which makes it the right choice for anyone who wants to enjoy quality sound.

  • You enjoy 4.5 hours of battery life
  • Charges through a magnetic inductive system
  • You can pair with more than one device
  • Uses EDR Bluetooth that has a fast connection
  • It can take time to get used to listening through one ear

7. Sony MDRX50AP Extra Bass Earbuds

Design Features

It has explosive bass that allows you to enjoy the different genres of music. The earbuds have 12mm dome, which allows it to have deep and powerful bass. It also has high-energy magnet neodymium drivers, which is suitable for the heavy produced modern music. It has sound isolation techniques that ensure that you can hear the bass well without distractions from the background. It has an inbuilt mic that allows you to return calls without having to touch your phone. Finally, it has a multifunction control button that allows you to control music.

Convenient features

When you buy the earbuds, you are given four sets of silicone ear tips that allow you to choose the tip that is a perfect fit for your ear. If you want to enjoy music without any disruption, the earbud has a noise isolation feature. Finally, it has a tangle free cable.


They have been developed with a high bass performance. You can enjoy all genres of music, and you can even pick a call without touching the phone. If you are in a busy environment and you need to be entertained, this would be the perfect fit.

  • It uses a cable that is tangle-free
  • Silicone tips that help with noise isolation
  • It has a strong base feature
  • They are not suitable when you are participating in vigorous activities

8. AKG N20 Premium Reference Class In-Ear Earbuds

Design Features

It has world-class sound quality. When you physically look at it, you will notice that it has an aluminum housing that has a fabric cable, and silicone tips. The housing of the earbud is grippy, which allows you to place the earbud even when you have wet hands. If you are looking for beautiful earbuds, these have a modern and chic look because the manufacturers have combined white and gold colors. Finally, it covers a lot of frequencies, and its structure allows it to maximize the bass element.

Convenient features

The best part about owning these earbuds is the accessory package. You not only get earbuds, but you also get a free adapter, and cleaning tool, and a carrying pouch, which ensures that you have a place where you can store the earbuds safely.


They allow for distinct sounds, but it precisely has a warm bass and detailed mids. If you enjoy classics, Rnb, and the likes, you are in for a treat.

  • Has a unique and beautiful aluminum casing
  • Noise isolation features
  • Fabric cord that does not tangle
  • Offers several accessories such as a travel pouch
  • They are not effective as isolating noise incompleteness, so if you are in an environment that is very noisy, this may not be the right choice

9. SOUNDMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating Earphones

Design features

It is accompanied by features that ensure that the sound is of high quality. It has 10mm neodymium drivers that are in a metal housing. The drivers and the casing does not have any additional weight, and you may actually not notice when you are using the earphones. It also has a semi-open back, which allows for extra space that allows for normal sound reverberation. The result of this is quality bass. Even if it has a semi-open back, the earbuds do not pass sound to its environments. There may be some noises heard, but there will not be clear music from the earbuds.

Convenient features

It comes with three sized silicone rubber tips, which are meant to help the user to find a size that is suitable for them. It also high-quality sound, and you do not have to share your music with anyone, it does not allow sound to its environs, and it also does not allow sound from the background to affect the sound that is produced. Although it is cheap, it has a strong sound cancellation that is only found in brands that are very expensive.


The earbuds are one of a kind because they have premium components that are found inexpensive brands. It has a well-balanced sound. Because of their metal housing, they are likely to serve you for a long period of time.

  • It comes with accessories such as a pouch
  • Has noise-canceling features that are very strong
  • It is durable because of the metallic cover
  • It accommodates natural sound reverberation
  • Its structure allows for a strong, and deep base
  • Its cable is tangle-free

10. Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Canal Headphone

Design Features

It offers high sound quality and ensures you enjoy it by making sure you hear the music through the 18-ohm impedance transducers. They have a perfect transmission of sound, which ensures that when the wound waves are delivered to you, you enjoy a rich bass with accurate highs. It also offers four types of ear tips that allow you to choose the size that is appropriate for you. Additionally, they have a contoured finger housing, which is easy and comfortable to wear. Since the tips are a perfect fit, they cancel out any type of noise. It has quality sound, and its structure makes it the right earbud to buy.

Convenient Features

If you enjoy music, you will have a good time listening to music using these earbuds because they produce high-quality sound. The have tangle-free cables that you can easily thread through your clothing, and even use them in a noisy environment.


If you are looking for an earbud that has a rich bass and excellent quality sound, then you should choose the Sennheiser CX 3.00. It also has a tangle free cable, which allows you to use it without damaging the earbuds. It also isolates noise so you can use it in a busy place without the sound being distorted.

  • It is durable because it has durable housing.
  • The company offers you a two-year warranty.
  • You also get tips that are of different sizes.
  • It is slim and stylish.
  • You cannot answer phones using the earbuds because they do not have a mic

Those are the best quality, but cheap earbuds., but what more features should you look for in earbuds?

Features to Look For In Best Budget Earbuds

Your specific needs

The first thing that you need to do is determine the reason why you need the earbuds. This will allow you to determine the features that are the most important to you.

Open versus closed earbuds

Open earbuds allow the background noise to slip into the earbuds. It is important to use the open earbuds if you want to remain cautious of your environment. The closed earbuds isolate and cancel any form of background noise.

Do you need it to have a microphone?

An earbud that has a microphone allows you to pick calls. If you would want to continue using your phone, then it is recommendable to find earbuds with a microphone., but if you do not want disturbance, get the earbuds that do not have a microphone.

Water Proofing

People use earbuds in different environs. If you intend to use it in an environment where there is humidity, you should get one that is waterproof. Also, if you want to engage in a strenuous activity where you may sweat, get an earbud with waterproof features.

The durability of the earbud

The life span of the earbuds vary. The structure of the earbud can easily tell you if it is going to be durable. Get earbuds that will serve you for a long time.


You want earbuds that are comfortable. The features of the earbuds and its structure are a key determinant of whether it is going to be comfortable or not. Always look to find earbuds that will be comfortable to use even when you are engaged in strenuous activity.


You need to store the earbud in a safe place. There are earbuds that have a carrying case, which ensures that they are safe. If you are carrying the earbuds a lot, ensure that they have a carrying case. Earbuds can easily get damaged if mishandled, so ensure you buy a carriage bag or buy earphones that come with this bag.

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