Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers 2020

A Bluetooth speaker is no longer a luxury. These speakers come with great convenience that mainly focuses on improving your music listening experience. So, how much should you spend on a quality Bluetooth speaker? With the current improved technology, you can find quality wireless speakers at a pocket- friendly price. Before we review the best budget Bluetooth speakers, let us discuss some of the essential features to look for in these stereos.




Current Price


Cam bridge

Does not come in square corners shape


Anker Sound core

Comes in a uniform design with curved edges


DOSS Wireless

Excellent drivers for deep clear bass


VicTsing Speaker

Inbuilt microphone for picking incoming calls


JBL Flip 3

Supports three devices connection



Features 4.2 Bluetooth version for fast connection


Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2

The impressive battery life of 9 hours


Ultimate Ears

Includes straps for strapping to jeans, back bag, etc


Bose Soundlink

Rounded design that can be held in the hands


JBL Charge 3

Supports JBL- connect for several JBL connections


Ultimate Ears BOOM

Wirelessly connects to devices up to 100ft range


Bose SoundLink

Features Multipoint Bluetooth technology

Factors to consider when buying cheap Bluetooth speakers

Updated Bluetooth Version

Each brand in the market indicates the Bluetooth version of its speakers. Earlier versions of Bluetooth speakers feature versions 1 and 2 while the latest comes as version 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. The later versions allow seamless connections to a variety of smart devices. They also come with Enhanced Date Rate that enables better music streaming.


A small speaker lets you carry it around quickly, you can also store it in your bag, and it won’t take much of the space. You can easily take it wherever without having to worry about ways of carrying it around.

Battery life

You may not always find yourself near a power outlet. It is for this reason that you may want to buy a speaker with extended battery life. A speaker that you can take to your camping site and enjoy music all day long without worrying about the battery.


Speakerphone lets you answer your phone calls each time your hands are committed. This feature makes it possible for you to continue with other activities wherever you may be and still answer your calls.

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 


JBL Flip 5 is compact water-resistant model that is impressively louder than most of its competitors.

Design Features

This JBL Flip 5 is a powerful one of a kind Bluetooth speaker that boosts several possibilities. These stereo offer unique crispy highs and mids so that you enjoy the music you love. It features a clear sound from its precision stereo drivers to enable you to sing along to every song. The stereo features a downward-facing passive radiator to prevent any sound distortion even when you play your music at high volume.


Unlike many cheap Bluetooth speakers, this stereo connects to the Bluetooth in seconds. It also comes with several connection possibilities such as iPhone, iOS, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptop, and more smart devices. The speaker seamlessly lets you stream your favorite music and radio programs into your smart devices, and you can even use it with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot.

Convenient features

This compact speaker comes with 12-hour battery life; the speaker brings about more possibilities than you may think. Amazingly, you can carry this speaker anywhere, even to areas with harsh conditions. It features an IPX5 water resistance rating. This is an incredible speaker to own for small areas such as camps tents, bathroom, and kitchen.

Our say

This affordable JBL Flip 5 speaker performs exceptionally well; you can rely on it to produce clear sounds as you desire.

  • Supports music streaming, app, music, movie, apps and video
  • It features a powerful radiator and two neodymium drivers.
  • Compact in size for increased portability
  • Does not come in square corners shape
  • Issue with the delivery

2. Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is the best cheap option for people in love with deep bass. It boasts amazing clarity for any listening needs.

Design features

The Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth speaker comes with several robust features making it one of the most purchased Bluetooth speakers under $50. It features two high sensitivity drivers for enhanced sound delivery. You will enjoy listening to clear sound without any distortion even when playing in high volume. The speaker’s patented bass port is responsible for ensuring that no music is lost in the background.


This Anker portable speaker uses the Bluetooth 4.0 version making the best option for connecting to just any smart devices. With its 66ft Bluetooth connectivity range, you can be sure to effortlessly connect to devices such as laptops, smartphones, Alexa-enabled devices, and more.

Convenient features

Because of its advanced Bluetooth version 4.0, these speakers let you connect to just any smart device and boasts robust connectivity even in a large house. The speaker features a Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than ordinary Bluetooth speakers.

Our say

There is no doubt that this Anker Soundworks speaker is packed with advanced features for a less price. This compact stereo takes care of your music listening needs each day without any hitch.

  • Features a digital signal processor
  • Boosts a 24- hour lithium battery life
  • Comes in a uniform design with curved edges
  • Features advanced 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Minimal setup time
  • Offer average water resistance rating

3. DOSS Wireless Bluetooth V 4.0 Portable Speaker

The Touch wireless Bluetooth speaker features advanced features necessary for your day to day listening. This is an excellent speaker who comes at an affordable price.

Design features

This Bluetooth speaker features a sensitive touch button that enables you to take control of your music listening needs quickly. Unlike most of its competitors that require smart device controlling, the speaker obeys a single fingertip command. This speaker is small in size but boasts an impressive sound output. It produced deep bass with clear highs and mids. There is no doubt that this is the best choice for any music fanatic who is looking for a powerful, sleek designed Bluetooth speaker.


Just like other speakers from the same brand, this Anker Soundworks speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 version. This advanced Bluetooth version makes it possible for you to connect to several smart devices. Additionally, the speaker comes with an audio cable to let you connect to your woofer, television, and more.

Convenient features

You will love the listening convenience that comes with this speaker. It allows you to skip, pause, and play your music want. The touch panel lets you pick your incoming calls. The stereo has two high-performance speakers that deliver 360 degrees sound with minimal distortion even at high volumes.

Our say

The Doss touch is an advanced technology that will let you enjoy your music anywhere. This one of a kind speaker gives you for then you bargain for.

  • Features a touch-sensitive panel
  • Boost Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • Excellent drivers for deep clear bass
  • Quite heavy than most of its competitors

4. VicTsing Speaker Wireless Waterproof Speaker

This VicTsing speaker lets you use it anywhere, and it comes with a hanging design, thus making it possible for you to use both outdoors and indoors.

Design features

This speaker, unlike most in the market, can be carried and hanged in the shower or garden; it only lets you use it where you want. It features a powerful sound that cannot be overtaken by that of the running shower or chipping bird in the garden. This 5W speaker provides clear sound so that you can listen to your favorite playlists endlessly. It also features a water resistance rating of IPX4; the speaker is dust, water, and shockproof. What this means is that you can comfortably use it outdoors without worrying about mechanical failure due to falls or dew. Hook this speaker on your bag or jeans thanks to its metal stainless hook


This Bluetooth easily connects to any smart Bluetooth device in the vicinity thanks to its Bluetooth 3.0 version. It seamlessly connects to your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, laptop, MP3 player, and more. The stereo lets you pick your incoming calls thanks to its in-built mic.

Our say

The VicTsing Shower Bluetooth speaker is a perfect choice for busy fanatic listeners since it can be used almost anywhere. Its shockproof design takes its durability to the next level.

  • Features Bluetooth 3.0 version that easily connects to any smart device
  • Inbuilt microphone for picking incoming calls
  • Compact portable design
  • High water-resistant rating of IPX4
  • Saves its battery but shutting down automatically after 15 minutes of not being in use.
  • Not to be immersed in water

Best budget Bluetooth speakers worth under $100

5. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speakers

This JBL Bluetooth speaker offers portability and good sound quality for music lovers on the move.

Design features

For its affordable price, this Bluetooth portable speaker features more advanced functions that can only be found in costly Bluetooth speakers. The JBL stereo has a durable, rugged rubber housing design. You will love its construction that features a high-quality material. These two design features let you use your speaker in any condition without having to worry about damage. The Bluetooth speaker easily streams wirelessly. It supports the connection of up to three smartphones or tablets. Amazingly the speaker can take the turn to play from the three devices to give you enough room sound.


The JBL Flip 3 stereo uses v 4.1 Bluetooth Technology, thus giving you high compatibility with just any smart device. The speaker features Bluetooth connectivity of about 33 ft, which is enough for your everyday listening needs.

Convenient features

You will love the fact that the speaker is available in 7 different colors to choose from. You can quickly get a color to match with your other music set up to make it easier for your room theme. This Bluetooth speaker features an echo- canceling speakerphone to provide you with clear sound when receiving your incoming calls. The speaker is curved hence enabling you to lay it horizontally or vertically, just as you desire.

Our say

For a speaker of its size and price, this speaker performs exceptionally well. It is perfect for small rooms. You can easily connect to the JBL app and amplify the speakers to your preference

  • Features a durable rubber housing
  • Supports three devices connection
  • Easily attaches to other JBL speakers
  • Few cases of light not being in line with the battery charge

6. AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers 30W Wireless Stereos

This AOMAIS GO Bluetooth features enough clear sound that fills any room. It features a 30W speaker sound, which enhances better sound quality, especially the bass that is needed to keep your music live. The Bluetooth speaker boasts a rugged unique design. It has an IPX7 water resistance rating; the speaker can be submerged in water up to 33ft, thus making it an excellent option for outdoor lovers.


The speaker uses a v4.1 Bluetooth version, thus giving you the highest compatibility that you can get from Bluetooth of its size and price. It can be easily paired with Amazon Echo Dot and have easy control of all your smart devices. No more use of wires for connection to your desired devices

Convenient features

This stereo features the TWS function that enables you to optimize your listening experience by making it possible for you to pair two speakers for a 60W sound output. Amazingly, the speaker comes with an 8800mAh battery to give you more than 30 hours of continuous listening.

Our say

This Bluetooth speaker does the imaginable. It takes your listening experience to a whole new level.

  • Can be immersed in water up to 33ft deep
  • Includes a 3.5mm external microphone
  • Features a TWS function for pairing two-speaker
  • Features 4.2 Bluetooth version for fast connection
  • Consists of a drawstring bag
  • Features an emergency power supply to charge other devices
  • The speakers take long to load ( up to 3 hours)

7. Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 Volcano Wireless

The Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 is your perfect pick when on the go. It pairs up to 8 devices to give you a listening buzz that you deserve.

Design features

This Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 Speaker is designed with a listening fanatic traveler in mind. Its flexibility lets you enjoy your music from any location. The speaker has a water resistance rating of IPX7, which makes it pretty excellent for use when at the swimming pool or beach. The speaker can be submerged into water up to 1meter deep, and it will just work as usual afterward.


With this speaker, you get deep sound thanks to its two tweeters and a high-quality stereo sound driver. It has an amazing wireless capability of 8 devices and two source devices, and this stereo offers you nothing less than long hours of listening and easy connectivity to any of your smart methods. The speaker features a frequency range from 108Hz-20 kHz. Additionally, you can connect two of these speakers to one source and enjoy the optimal sound output.

Convenient features

The speaker connects up to a range of 100ft, which is a fantastic distance and much more than most cheap Bluetooth speakers offer. You can connect your audio source far away in some room in the house and still get an excellent quality of sound. The speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that uses a USB when fully charged; the speaker offers about 9 hours of uninterrupted listening. Its long-lasting battery is reason enough to carry this stereo to all places you want to visit.

  • Features IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Supported by the UE Roll 2 app
  • Offers up to 100ft connectivity range
  • The impressive battery life of 9 hours
  • Offers 360 degrees stereo sound
  • Produces average bass.

8. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Waterproof

This speaker has a rugged unique design and deep bass to fit every listening needs

Design features

This speaker is an improved version of the Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2. What this means is that it comes with a better sound quality to meet your music listening fantasies. Even though, the Ultimate Ear WONDERBOOM is heavier, than the Roll 2 because of its heavy drivers.


The speaker comes with its controls on the top to make it easier for you to play, skip, pause music, and connect to other devices. It produces high-quality sound at high volumes, thus spicing your listening. You can use your smartphone to control the speaker’s action up to about 100ft. The speaker features 360-degrees sound projection due to its high-quality active drivers and the two dedicated radiators. It is not easy to come across, such as a budget-friendly speaker with a high volume.

Convenient features

The Ultimate Ear WONDERBOOM is the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for inhouse parties. It can produce high volume without any distortion. The speaker can be submerged in water up to 1.7m and will remain highly functional. This is, without a doubt, a highly durable speaker to own without breaking a bank.

Our say

This is with no doubt, the perfect speaker for entertaining visitors in small apartments. It produces exceptional sound to sing and dance to.

  • Features 10 hours of continuous play.
  • Supports connection of two such speakers from one source
  • Features IPX7 waterproofing
  • Connects up to a range of 100ft
  • Includes straps for strapping to jeans, back bag, etc
  • Bulky around the body when strapped.
  • Best cheap Bluetooth Speakers under $200

9. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink is an affordable yet quality speaker from Bose. It offers full-range sound to fit you listening demands

Design features

This speaker from the famous Bose brand does not disappoint. It provides a rich sound that surpasses what you would expect from a small size speaker such as this. The speaker is round in design, a feature that makes it easier to fit into your bag. Its small size makes it fit for busy lifestyles. The speaker features a durable construction that also features water resistance. You can carry this speaker to the swimming pools without having to worry about its performance in case it comes into contact with water.

You will enjoy using this speaker. It features voice-controlled instruction so that you can free your hands for other tasks. You can skip, play, or increase music volume by using the controls on top of the stereo. This cheap Bluetooth speaker quickly remembers up to eight previously paired devices for easy and automatic pairing. You can stream from two devices at ago. You can also alternate between the two devices.


The speaker comes with an excellent speakerphone mic that facilitates clear sound when you are on the phone. The stereo has no distortion even when playing at high volume, making it a great option for house parties or large rooms listening. This Bose speaker has a digital signal processing to help control the deep sound so that it doesn’t crack. You will fall in love with the speaker’s deep bass and the clear highs and mids.

Our say

This compact speaker offers secure connectivity and supports software updating. It perfectly fits into any lifestyle.

  • Features an in-built speakerphone
  • Rounded design that can be held in the hands
  • Automatically connects to 8 devices that it was previously connected to
  • Supports charges from USB power sources
  • Over connectivity range of 30fts

10. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The JBL Charge 3, just like all other speakers from the same brand, is designed for versatility and performance.

Design features

The JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth speaker is a unique stereo that lets you use it to charge your other smart USB devices. It features 20 hours of battery use to support your long hours of listening.


The speaker supports speakerphone capabilities meaning that you can take your phone calls with just a touch of a button, and the sound will be amazingly clear. The speakerphone technology excellently gets rid of echo and background noise so that the person you talk to over the phone hears you. You can connect several of these speakers to enhance louder music and rich bass.

Convenient features

The speaker, just like many on this list, boasts IPX7 waterproof rating; it can withstand any immersion in water very well. You will love the rugged rubber housing that can withstand any harsh climatic conditions. For this reason, it is one of the most recommended cheap Bluetooth speaker for outdoor activities.

Our say

The JBL Charge 3 has a long-lasting battery that can also double as your power bank for your other smart devices. Its ability to connect to other speakers for enhanced music makes it an excellent option for die-hard music lovers.

  • Features 20 hours of continuous playing
  • Supports JBL- connect for several JBL connections
  • Durable design for extreme weather
  • Quite bulky than other affordable models on this list

11. OontZ Angle 3

This is the speaker for you if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers quality sound in every direction

Design features

You can already see that the speaker is made with adventurous music lovers in mind. The speaker can be dipped in water up to 1 meter for almost an hour and still play loud.


This speaker can wirelessly connect with Echo Dot, and Alexa for voice prompts. It also lets you play music from Pandora, Amazon Music, Pandora, and many other sources that are not supported by most cheap Bluetooth speakers. The speaker can connect to other speakers for that optimal listening experience.

Convenient features

The Oontz Angle 3 comes with great control buttons; all you have to do is tap on the speaker to play and pause your music accordingly. The battery life is 15 hours and supports connectivity up to 100ft. This speaker has an app to help you manage any updates and realizes several other features that are vital for your listening.

  • Wirelessly connects to devices up to 100ft range
  • Features a free android iOs app
  • Produces Deep bass and crispy mids
  • Supports gesture control
  • Issue with the delivery

12. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is an improved version of the first SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. One thing that you will get to notice is that this speaker is an affordable option but still priced on the higher side than its earlier version.

Design features

The speaker has a water-resistant rating of IPX4, which is less than that of most of the cheap speakers on this list. Even though, the score is good enough to withstand some water splashes, mud, or dew. It has an inbuilt microphone that delivers clear sound. The speaker can also connect to digital assistants such as Echo Dot and Siri to give you the ultimate listening experience you deserve.

Convenience features

The speaker lets you connect two smart devices at ago. Additionally, it connects automatically with any eight tools that the speaker might have been linked to.

Our say

This Base Soundlink II Bluetooth speaker is a mixture of performance and versatility. It boasts some features that are not easily found in other cheap speakers. You will love its rich bass, well-balanced highs, and mids and above everything else its ability to produce clear sound at a high volume

  • Features Multipoint Bluetooth technology
  • Small in size
  • Features 8 hours of battery life
  • Lacks a wall plug


A portable Bluetooth speaker makes it possible for you to listen to your favourite music wherever you may be. The speakers reviewed above come with good sound quality at an affordable price so that you get the music listening experience you always dread without digging deeper into your pockets than you should.

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