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Are you a keen DIYer? Do you have lots of projects upcoming? Do you need to upgrade your toolbox with a decent torque wrench? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll be showing you the ten best torque wrenches. Wrenches, torque or otherwise, are an incredibly important element of your toolbox, so it makes sense that you’ll want to find a high quality torque wrench that features proudly in your box of tools for a budget price.

This article will provide a means for you to explore the benefits of the best cheap torque wrench, and hopefully help you find one that’s much better for you.

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10 Best Budget Torque wrenches Under $100 in 2020

Without further ado, here is our list of top ten contenders for the best torque wrench under $100 this year. In this list of torque wrenches, you’re bound to find something for you.

Whether you want a wrench with steel construction, or you want a wrench that complies with industry standards, or maybe you want a lifetime warranty and stellar customer service. You’ll find all of this here! Read on…

1. TEKTON Torque Wrench

Best Features: Scale Range. Build Quality.

Our first product is from TEKTON, and it’s the 1/2 inch drive click torque wrench (25-250 ft lbs). This handy torque wrench gives you a range of good features and a high customer satisfaction rating, making it one of the more trusted torque wrenches around.

Key Elements

This torque wrench gives you so many positives that it’s hard just to pick a couple. The reversible ratchet head, for example, drives in both directions and easily measures torque in a clockwise fashion. What’s more, the high contrast dual-range scale is easy to read in low light. This allows for accurate, clear working at a bargain price.

The build quality is also a noted bonus, as the durable steel construction includes no plastic, meaning this is as durable as wrenches come. This tool also boasts a calibration of +/- 4% – a perfectly good range.


Style: 1/2 Inch Drive | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 250 Foot Pounds

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2. TEKTON Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-150 ft-lbs)

Best Features: Clicking Mechanism. Pre-Calibration.

No, that’s not a typo you’re seeing – it’s just another fab product from TEKTON. This 1/2 inch drive click torque wrench is near identical to pick 1, but instead this offers a 10-150 ft-lb torque instead of 25-250 ft lbs. As such, most of the positive aspects are directly similar to our previous pick! TEKTON products are efficient and consistent.

Key Elements

Like its sibling above, this TEKTON 1/2 inch drive click torque wrench has an impressive pre-calibration accuracy of +/- 4%, making it a reliable, trusted, good torque wrench that is ready to use.

These torque wrenches also come with a built-in system of emitting an audibly loud click which is heard and felt when the target torque value is reached – there is no chance of under or over tightening. These tools are worth the price!


Style: 1/2 Inch Drive | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 150 Foot Pounds

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3. TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Best Features: Ratchet Head. Storage Case.

Yet another pick from TEKTON, clearly proving they’re one of the best companies for tools around, this tool is the 1/4 inch drive click torque wrench. Its key components work brilliantly and effectively – this is one brilliant tool. With the click style mechanism and dual range scale, there’s nothing this wrench can’t do.

Key Elements

Like its predecessors 1 and 2, these 1/4 inch torque wrenches are heavy duty brilliance. The reversible ratchet head, which drives in both directions, measures torque efficiently and accurately. Moreover, the wrench comes with a storage case – this is highly worth it for the price because it means that this tool will not easily become damaged.


Style: 1/4 Inch Drive | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 200 Inch Pounds

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4. EPAuto 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque

Best Features: Ergonomics. Corrosion Retardant.

Our fourth pick comes from EPAuto, and is the 1/2 inch 25-250 ft-lbs torque wrench. This tool is one of the more durable options, and lasts for a long time given its handy mechanisms.

Key Elements

The ergonomic design of this torque wrench is one of its key benefits as a tool – the easy, non-slip grip of the knurled handle keeps your hand comfortable whilst you perform all of your tightening tasks around the home. We all know how annoying it can be when wrenches hurt your arm!

Moreover, the corrosion retardant satin finish means that these wrenches are not quick to corrode, and therefore last for a very long time. Their simple click mechanism works brilliantly, and this tool will soon become one of your favourite tools in the tool box.


Style: 1/2 Drive | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 1/2” torque

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5. LEXIVON Drive Click Torque Wrench

Best Features: Calibration. Durable.

Our midway pick comes from LEXIVON, and is another standard 1/2 inch drive click model for the torque 25-250 ft-lbs. One of the more reputable torque wrenches, these wrenches come with a calibration certificate so you can be assured you’re getting a quality tool.

Key Elements

These tools are brilliant for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that each tool comes complete with a calibration certificate which is individualised by serial number – this ensures that the +/- 4% calibration accuracy stated on every tool has been tested and tried. These wrenches are therefore safe and easy to use, and will fast become one of your favorite tools.

More than this, the all-steel construction makes these torque wrenches durable and lasting, meaning you can easily use them to tighten all nuts and bolts for as long as you’d like.


Style: Click | Material: Metal | Head style: Reversible ratchet | Torque: 1/2 torque

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6. eTORK Click Style Digital Torque Wrench

Best Features: Rapid Conversion – Efficient. Warranty.

This next cheap tool comes from eTORK, and is the click style digital wrench, with a drive of 1/2″, and a torque of 25-250 ft-lbs. These torque wrenches come with a brilliant warranty policy to cover you, and proof of meeting American National Standard ASME requirements. Amazon’s choice, and perhaps our choice too – this fab, cheap wrench is perfect for all your needs.

Key Features

This wrench has so many positive features, including firstly the lifetime personal use guarantee, meaning you’re covered by your warranty all rights reserved. Moreover, the rapid conversion rate offered, converting between ft-lbs, Nm, in-lbs, and kg-cm, means that this wrench is highly adaptable for whatever work you’re doing in whichever measurements you choose.

The easy click wrench mechanism helps you recognise when you’ve reached the target torque, so you won’t under/over-fit the screws.


Style: Click | Material: Alloy Steel and Plastic | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 250 Foot Pounds

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7. EPAuto Drive Click Wrench

Best Features: Accessories Included. Durable Material.

Our next pick of bargain wrenches is the EPAuto 1/2″ drive click torque tool, at 10-150 ft-lbs. Its durable design and easily read components means that these wrenches will fast become some of the best tools you’ve used.

Key Elements

These tools are highly durable, and this makes them very impressive. The ratchet head is made from hardened Chrome Vanadium steel alloy, which gives a corrosion-retardant satin finish. Perfect for any heavy duty task, these tools are brilliant to use and have a brilliant torque range and torque accuracy.

One of our favourite positives is that they come with an array of accessories, including an extension bar and drive reducer. These tools are therefore really adaptable. Their ergonomically friendly non-slip grip handles also makes these tools a clear winner.

These tools give you a perfect precision tool with ease and minimal difficulty – just look at the customers and their reviews on Amazon if you need to have someone in the comments catch your eye.


Style: Click | Material: Metal | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 1/2in

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8. eTORK Click Style Wrench

Best Features: Improved Accuracy. Easy Adjustments.

The eighth product we have for you is the eTORK click style wrench, with a 1/2″ drive and a 50-250 ft-lbs torque. This high strength wrench is perfect for any DIY or utility job, on any site, anywhere. Consumers have minimal complaint for this purchase – they come complete with ample recommendations. And when you’re trying to find a reputable seller, reading all sites’ reviews, this makes all the difference.

Key Elements

These wrenches are a perfect example of sellers that care about their market, and their product’s ability to perform well on the market. The reason for this is clear – the accuracy and ease, as well as comfort, with which you can use this tool is evident. The torque adjustment is an easy process that anyone can manage, and the torque settings lock with perfect accuracy and security- one of the clearer advantages.

The torque also has an easy to read display of dual scales so that all information contained on the menu can beam with clarity. Moreover, the lifespan of this 45-teeth ratchet head wrench is impressive – every nut and bolt in your garage can be secured. Just name it, this wrench does it.

The +/- 3% accuracy is way better than any competitor’s average four %, so the conclusion is that you’re bound to have a better experience with a wrench that has a variety of different applications in any environment – it’s a clear investment and a worthy addition to your toolbox.

Check the website before you make your decision if you still need a better volume of fact.


Style: Click | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 250 Foot Pounds

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9. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Wrench

Best Features: Warranty. Sturdy Portable Case.

Our penultimate torque model is the Amazon Basics 1/2” drive click wrench – it’s perfect for all those heavier duty jobs. With a sturdy material and brilliant dual range scale, this product comes with a 1- year warranty should you run into any issues.

Key Elements

We love this wrench for its many benefits, such as the corrosion and rust-free Chrome Vanadium steel alloy material, which easily wipes down. Easy durability! What’s more, the high contrast range scale is pre-calibrated to +/- 4%, a brilliant accuracy level.

The sturdy plastic case means that you can transport this tool anywhere, anytime, for any job – and its effective storage enhances its evident durability.

The best plus, however, for those that want a product with reliability is the AmazonBasics 1-year warranty, so you’re totally covered should anything go wrong… which it shouldn’t, because this wrench is awesome!


Style: Click | Material: Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 1/2“ drive

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10. Autocraft Torque Wrench

Best Features: Durable Components. Plastic Case.

Our final pick is the Autocraft AC66 torque tool, and goodness is it a bargain. This comes with all the components of a good cheap torque wrench, and is suitable for some of the heaviest duty, demanding automotive jobs.

Key Elements

An obvious pro of this awesome tool is that it has a coarse-geared 24-tooth ratchet head and 1/2″ drive, for heavier duty fastening applications. Its durability is even more evident in the spring-loaded locking mechanism, which improves accuracy and durability by preventing over and under tightening. The chrome-plated stainless steel material is a testament to the wonderful build quality of this device, too.

And to top it off, this wrench comes with a hard plastic case to protect it in storage within any adverse environments or settings, again enhancing its foolhardy durability by keeping it safe and secure.


Material: Stainless Steel | Head style: Fixed Square | Torque: 1/2 Inch Drive

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Best Budget Torque wrench

Our best budget torque tool has to be product 8, the eTORK click wrench. As we said earlier, these wrenches show that eTORK care about the consumer. You can use this product with such accuracy and ease, and adjusting the torque is so easy.

The lock mechanism ensures maximum security and safety upon use, and the dual scales are easy to read, meaning you can read all information clearly and accurately.

With a high customer satisfaction rating and just shy of $70, this wrench is a perfect example of how you don’t have to break the bank for a quality product.

Rarely have users run into problems with these models, and as precision instruments they’re way better than anything you’ll find at Home Depot within this price range. The comfy grip handle helps you to manage torque in the right direction on the right settings, so follow our links, see what people are saying and get your hands on this awesome option – it’ll be a worthy improvement to your tool box and it’s got affordability to boot – no splashing a buck here!

Cheapest Torque Wrench Available

Thanks to us, we’ve thought of everything for you – including how to get the best deal on the cheapest product. The cheapest product is pick 7, the EPAuto 1/2″ drive wrench. With an accessory kit as well as just the tool, this comes for the bargain price of under $50. Their high durability and hardened alloy ratchet head is even more worth the cost. The torque accuracy boasted by this model makes it one of our favorites, and the ergonomically friendly handle shows that this tool was designed with the customer in mind.

In the end, you can search for numbers of wrenches at length on Amazon, and you’ll find a model somewhere, no issue, but you could just take this wrench right here, which has plenty of uses and saves you a nickel in expense. Perfect for truck tires, or any vehicle for that matter, any handyman or craftsman would make a serious error to ignore this piece and not factor it into their toolkit. They’re definitely some of the best in line in this category.

What is the Best Torque Wrench for the Money?

The best wrench for the money is the EPAuto 1/2″ Drive Wrench. Its stunning price and high customer satisfaction rating makes it an obvious choice for some of the best wrenches on the list. They come with a corrosion retardant satin finish, which means that these wrenches are not quick to corrode! Perfect for those that want a long lasting tool.

What is the Best 1/4 inch Torque Wrench?

The best 1/4″ pick is pick 3, the TEKTON 1/4″ drive click model. They’re brilliantly suited to heavier duty tasks and come at a really affordable price, meaning that you get high-end accuracy and efficiency for a bargain cost! The complementary storage case is perfect for ensuring these wrenches’ durability.

TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (20-200 in.-lb.) | 24320
  • Includes 1-pc. 1/4 in. drive torque wrench; Storage case; Product manual with torque conversion chart
  • Wrench emits a click that can be heard and felt when the preset value is reached
  • High-contrast dual-range scale is easy to read, even in low light
  • Reversible ratchet head drives in both directions and measures torque in clockwise direction
  • Durable all-steel construction has no plastic parts to break or wear out

Are Harbor Freight Torque Wrenches Accurate?

Were you after a Harbor Freight wrench, and you’re disappointed to not see them in this list? Well, no worries – we’ll still go to the effort to answer this question for you, giving you a handy tip.

While there’s plenty of similar stuff in the wrench categories, it can be hard going through the navigation of finding a version that works for you, with every correct feature. But Harbor Freight do boast a 4% +/- calibration accuracy, so it’s safe to say that accuracy isn’t amongst their downsides.


What is a Torque wrench Exactly?

First of all, we’re sure you’ll want to know exactly what a torque wrench is and how its benefits and features can make it a fast favorite amongst your tools.

A torque wrench, in its simplest terms, is a tool designed to tighten nuts and bolts to a pre-determined torque value. This allows fasteners and screws to be tightened to the correct tension, which in turn helps to avoid damage from over-tightening in tight spaces. This is significant for insurance of safety standards, and the best assembly and performance of equipment.

In order to grasp how a torquing wrench works, you’ll need to know what torque is – but don’t worry, it’s not complex. Torque is just the measure of how much force must be applied to an object to cause its rotation. Torque is measured commonly in ft-lbs (feet-pounds).

Typical Cost of a Torque Wrench

The next thing you’ll probably want to think about when buying the best inexpensive torque wrench, is how much torque wrenches actually cost. A wrench, torque or otherwise, is relatively inexpensive – but you need to make sure you buy the right one for you.

Plus, torque wrenches can generally differ in price due to their torque measurement in ft-lbs, or how they perform in tight spaces. Some are more heavy duty than others, whilst some come with special features such as a dual range scale.

Depending on these features, torque wrenches can range from about $30 to $100, with all of the options in our top ten list being under $100. So, with this list you’re sure to find the best affordable torque wrench for you! And if not, don’t worry, just check out our related posts.

Considerations for Choosing Torque Wrenches

Before you start buying, you’ll want to shop around to find the best torque wrenches for the money. You’ll need to keep in mind some key features, like the ones below:


This is important to consider to ensure that the torque wrenches you’re looking at are cheap but reputable. A well-known brand may offer a wrench that performs much better than a brand with a 3 star Amazon rating… you want a good price, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice high quality.


There are, on average, three different types of torque wrench to choose from – all may be the best torque wrench for you based on the features they offer. For example, a digital wrench is probably preferred for general automotive work, whereas an interchangeable head torque wrench is ideal for more versatile jobs.

Accuracy and Calibration

Every torque wrench has a different accuracy; make sure you go for a wrench with an accuracy of +/- 5%. Make sure you also check the calibration of the wrench for the date and accuracy, per the settings of the manufacturer. A well-calibrated torque wrench will have clear scale visibility.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Storage: does the wrench come with a storage case, or would you invest in one?
  • Material: is your wrench made from strong, metallic material that is likely to be more durable?
  • Extra features: is your wrench a click style, does it have a ratchet head, what is the ft-lbs measurement like?

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