Best Budget Drill Presses 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Are you in the market for a new low cost drill press? With this guide we’ve got you covered. The drill press is a stationary power tool that allows you to drill precise holes in a range of materials, most commonly metal or wood. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, drill presses are a super versatile tool to have. They allow you to do accurate drilling and really show off your creativity. As well as drilling, a press drill will allow you to do other techniques such as reaming, counterboring, counterskinking and tapping.

With the huge variety of drill presses available today, if you’re not sure what to look for you may end up buying the wrong one which will inevitably result in it sitting in your workshop gathering dust. To save you time, money and guesswork, we’ve rounded up some of the best presses from a variety of companies.

In this handy guide we’ll also look at some of the things to consider before making your purchase. So, if you’re ready to choose your new asset, then check out our list of the best drill presses available.

Top 10 Best Budget Drill Press 2020

1. Wen 4214 Orange and Black Variable Speed Drill Press

WEN 4214 - 12 Inch

Best Features: Substantial spindle travel. Variable speed. Heavy duty motor. Comes with the tools to assemble it. Includes a 5/8″ keyed chuck. Mechanical variable speed.

This press packs a serious punch with an inexpensive price to go with it. The features that it boasts can often be found in larger, more industrial drill presses. It’s powerful enough to drill through metal, wood and various other materials thanks to it being a cast iron press. With its variable speed function, you can tailor the speed for each of your projects and there are no belts or pulley systems to change, just move the lever and change the speed as needed.


Speed: 580-3200 RPMS | Chuck Capacity: 1/2 Inch | Size: 12 inches

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2. WEN 4208 Drill

WEN 4208 - 8 Inches

Best Features: Has the power to drill through wood, metal and plastic. Ideal for beginners. Compact so it won’t take up much space. Has a 5 speed feature. Powerful motor.

Small but mighty, this drill press is perfect if you need something slightly more powerful than a hand drill. It’s portable and easy to transport because of its compact design. To make life even easier for you, the base features predrilled holes so you can easily mount it onto a bench or worktop.


Speed: 740 to 3140 RPM | Chuck Capacity: 1/2 Inch | Size: 8 inches

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3. Genesis GDP1005A Affordable Drill Press

Genesis GDP1005A - 10 Inches<

Best Features: Built in LED work light for better vision. Easy to set up and operate. 5/8″ chuck. Quiet and smooth to operate. Has 5 speeds. Easy to use height adjustment.

If you’re looking to do the odd project every now and again, this drill press could be the perfect choice. Powerful enough for larger projects, the table will tilt 45 degrees and rotate 360 degrees to make drilling easier. The easy to use pulley makes changing the speed super easy. It weighs 52 pounds and is 17in tall, making it space efficient.


Speed: 5 Speed | Chuck Capacity: 5/8″ | Size: 5/8 Inch

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4. Dremel Mini Lightweight Press

Dremel Drill 220-01

Best Features: Storage clips for power cords. Only weighs 4.85 pounds. Powerful but lightweight. Built in holder for accessories. Has depth markings for depth stop.

If you’re short on space and you’re looking for the best drill for the job, then this one could be a great buy. It can drill perpendicular and angled holes in 15 increments, up to 90 degrees horizontally. It also features a flex shaft tool which lets you adjust the height from 16-29 inches.


Speed: 5 Speed | Chuck Capacity: 5/8 | Size: 6 x 6 x 12 inches

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5. Shop Fox Affordable Oscillating Bench Top Drill Press

Shop Fox W1667 - 8 1/2 Inch

Best Features: 2-in-1 design – two machines but less space taken up. 1/2 horsepower motor. Removable safety key . Only weighs 54 pounds. Has a swing of 8 1/2in. Offers a range of drilling and sanding options.

This option is pretty much a 2-in-1, it can be a drill press or an oscillating sander and offers a range of drilling and sanding options. It also features a removable safety key to prevent any accidental start ups. It weighs 54 pounds so it’s lightweight and easily transported.


Speed: 250-3050 RPM | Chuck Capacity: 1/64″-5/8″ | Size: 24 x 15 x 63 inches

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6. SHOP FOX W1669 Benchtop pick


Best Features: Versatile and value for money. Powerful motor. Cast iron table. Safety paddle switch. Has 5 speeds. Comes with a 2 year guarantee.

If you’ve been looking at benchtop drill presses, this press from Shop Fox is super versatile and could be a real asset to your workshop. Because the head and the table both tilt, it allows you to drill at any angle you need to. As well as that it can also act as a horizontal boring machine and the generous swing will enable you to create holes in projects up to 34 inches in diameter.


Speed: 550 to  3,470 RPM | Chuck Capacity: 5/8″ | Size: 35.7 x 18 x 12.7 inches

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7. JET J-2530 Bench Model Drill Press

JET J-2530 - 15 Inche

Best Features: Cast iron head. Large quill for better accuracy. Table tilts 45 degrees. Comes with a two year warranty. Versatile and inexpensive. Solidly constructed to ensure stability.

Designed to be accurate, versatile and affordable, this drill press offers a wide range of spindle speeds and is meant to get the job done. It features an accurate depth stop so you can make the most precise hole depths possible.


Speed: 200 rpm | Size: 22.5 x 12 x 32 inches

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8. Klutch Cheap Benchtop Drill Press With Variable Speed

Klutch Benchtop - 12 Inch

Best Features: The 45 degree tilting table offers more drilling angles. Generous 7 7/8in x 7 7/8in worktable. Powerful and versatile. 4.6 amp rating. Quiet to run.

This affordable drill press from Klutch is packed with features to give you accurate and precise results in any project you’re working on. Features a handy chuck holder area so it will always be easy to find. It also has a 1/8in vertical stroke and the 12in swing means it’s super versatile. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but powerful tabletop drill press, then this one could be the perfect investment.


Speed: 36 rpm | Chuck Capacity: 5/8in

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9. WEN DPA2412T 24 in x 12 in Cheap Drill Press Table

 WEN DPA2412T - 24 inch

Best Features: Comes with a WEN two year warranty. Includes an adjustable fence, a sliding fence stop block and built-in rulers. Can be fitted to most other drill presses between 5 – 16 in in depth. Will fit all other WEN drills. Increased work space. Inexpensive.

If you’re looking to expand your workspace then consider this table from WEN. This spacious 23-7/8 11-7/8in table gives you an extra 275 square inches of space to work on all of your projects. The built-in rulers offer accuracy and the removable insert lets you drill fully through your work piece without causing damage to the table. Even though this table was designed with WEN products in mind, its universal fit will allow you to use it on most other drill presses available today – just tighten the mounting clamps and you’re good to go!



Size: 23.88 x 11.88 x 4 inches

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Best Budget drill press

The best one goes to the WEN 4214 drill press. This compact but powerful machine is full of features that make it a brilliant option if you’re on a budget. This model would also be ideal if you’re a beginner just starting out with your first drill.

Best Value drill press Available

If you’re looking for a great value option then you may want to consider the Jet J-2530 Benchtop drill press. We think this model offers great value and with all of its great features, it’s a worthy investment. The accuracy and versatility of this model means you’ll have one that can get the job done.

JET J-2530 15" Bench Model Drill Press, 115V 1Ph (354401)
  • VERSATILITY: 16-speed motor turns spindle 200 to 3,630 RPM.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Large ground steel column.
  • ACCURACY: 1-7/8" diameter quill travels 3-1/8" for deep hole applications.
  • SAFETY: Telescoping spindle guard.
  • PRECISION: The enclosed spindle assembly is supported by four permanently-lubricated ball bearings.

What is the best drill press for the money?

The Klutch Benchtop offers amazing value for money. Thanks to its many features we think it’s the best affordable pick in this guide. Key features include its tilting table, chuck storage and spacious worktable. Affordable, powerful and efficient! A great drill press that ticks lots of boxes.

Klutch Benchtop Drill Press - Variable Speed with Digital Display, 12in. 3/4 HP, 120V
  • 5/8in. chuck capacity with 1in. maximum drilling capacity
  • 3 1/8in. vertical stroke
  • 12in. swing adds versatility
  • 45 degree table tilt offers a multitude of drilling angles
  • Depth lock with a ball knob handle for precise adjustments that stay true, hole after hole

Considerations When Choosing a Cheap Drill Press


No matter how careful you are with your new press, it’s a very wise move to buy one with a company warranty. Especially if you’re brand new to these power tools as it’s very easy for beginners to make a mistake. Even if you’re experienced and knowledgeable about them, let’s face it, no one’s perfect and accidents can happen at any time.

Size and Weight

These are very important factors to consider when buying a drill press. If you need one that’s easily portable then a benchtop drill would be more suitable as these ones tend to be more compact and weigh less. However, the lighter the machine the more it’ll reduce its stability and the chance of it vibrating and shaking when in use is higher. If you’re happy and able to keep the drill press in one place then opting for a floor press will ensure it’s stable and more efficient and ultimately safer.

Ease of Use

When it comes to drill presses, the simpler the better. Especially if you’re new to them. If you are a beginner, then it’s no good buying a fancy, uber expensive ones with all of the bells and whistles, as it’ll just end up confusing you and it increases the chance of it not being used, therefore wasting money. Drill presses are too expensive to be just sitting there collecting dust. Even if you’ve used one before, buying a simpler machine with easy to follow instructions will save you many headaches trying to understand them.


This is another extremely important factor to consider. Think about what you actually want to do with your machine. If you’re the everyday homeowner who enjoys a spot of DIY, then it’s no good buying a big expensive drill press that you won’t get your money’s worth out of. You’ll only need to spend maybe a few hundred dollars on a basic machine so you can enjoy your hobby. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a professional looking for a substantial machine that can cope with a large amount of projects, you will have to invest in a more expensive press that will keep up with you.


What makes a good drill press?

Power is one thing that makes a good. It needs to be powerful enough to drill holes not possible by hand. A strong and solidly built machine will also make life easier for you, not to mention last longer. Another thing is the materials it’s made from, a cast iron head will offer superior protection of the motor – the most important part of the press.

Are Wen drill presses any good?

If you’re a beginner looking to buy your first drill press then Wen could be a very good brand to go with. They offer budget machines that still boast excellent quality. Offering all kinds of presses including variable speeds and with nearly 70 years experience, Wen is one of the top brands you’ll come across when searching for an option. If you’re a homeowner looking to dabble in a bit of DIY, then Wen is highly recommended.

What is the best drill press for woodworking?

When it comes to woodworking, you need one with a large enough table. This makes it easier to work on a variety of wood sizes. Another thing to look for is a drill press with a large enough swing as this determines the size of wood you can work with. A table that tilts to 45 degrees both ways is also important for wood work, as it offers more drilling angles.

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