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Do you have a stack of DIY projects that you’ve been meaning to get round to, but just haven’t had the time? Do you need better tools to help you complete these tasks? Are you in the market for a new budget band saw? If so, we’ve got you covered!

This article contains a handy buying guide which will show you our top 6 picks for the best budget bandsaw, by taking you through:

  • What Bandsaws Are
  • What You’ll Need to Consider
  • Our Favorite Picks
  • Top Three Favorites
  • FAQs

When searching for the best inexpensive bandsaw, it can seem really difficult to find a model that has fab cutting capacity to make precise cuts, and you might find yourself frustrated with elements such as the miter gauge or dust port. Thankfully, we’ve got a range of picks to ensure whichever saw comes to you quickly and with all the features you need for your work area. Whether you care more for blade length or blade speeds, a decent cutting range or an LED work light, we’ve got everything in this comprehensive buying guide.

Best Budget- Grizzly G0555 LX Deluxe Bandsaw.

Cheapest Available – ShopSeries 9″ Saw.

Premium – Shop Fox’s 14″ saw.

6 Best Budget Bandsaws of 2020

Here is our guide to the best 6 budget bandsaw models in 2020! All of these have been taken from, and are as recent as June 10 2020. They’ll hopefully help you on your woodworking journey, helping you find the budget bandsaw for you! Benchtop band saws are easy to find, and we’ve taken care to highlight some of the best features of these budget band saws for your convenience.

Amazon are a platform designed to earn advertising fees and commission, so if you like any of the products from this guide and end up making a purchase as a result, be sure to let us…and everyone else… know!

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1. Grizzly G0555-LX Industrial Deluxe Bandsaw

Grizzly G0555-LX Industrial Deluxe Bandsaw

Best Features: Durability with Cast Iron Frame and Sturdy T-Shape Rip Fence Design. Features such as Rack-and-Pinion Guidepost and Miter Gauge.

Our first pick comes from Grizzly Industrial, the ones that are renowned for their DIY equipment, and it’s the Grizzly G0555 LX Deluxe Bandsaw. There are loads of key details that show the best of everything this band saw has to offer, when it comes to quality and ability.

Key Elements

This is one of our favorites for the best budget bandsaw; with 14 inch blade, 110V voltage, and cutting speed of 1725 RPM, it’s clear that this machine’s cutting capacity is stellar. The tilt of the tilting table on this saw is a consideration that comes highly recommended in budget bandsaw reviews, as well as the blade length of this impressive table saw.

Reviewers also recommend buying the Grizzly riser blocks as an accompaniment to extend resaw capacity. Amid all of the best value budget band saws, the Grizzly G0555 is one of the best for cutting range, as a 14″ band saw with a sturdy cast iron frame and a ball bearing blade. What’s more, the rack and pinion guide post adjustment is perfect for upper blade guides.

Finally, the 4 inch dust port also comes highly recommended, whilst the extruded aluminum fence and miter gauge are also handy features amid these brilliant band saws.


Item Dimensions L x W x H:45 x 21.5 x 18 inches | Power Source: Electric | Voltage: 110 to 120 VAC 

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2. ShopSeries 9″ Band Saw with Light

ShopSeries 9" Band Saw with Light

Best Features: Innovative Precision and Capacity for Scroll Cutting, Cutting Curves, and All Construction Jobs. A Durable, Long-Term Investment of High Quality.

Our second saw comes from Rockwell, with the ShopSeries 9″ Saw that comes complete with a work light and a lot of handy elements, such as hand space.

Key Elements

There are plenty of key features to this best budget bandsaw that makes it one of the top models on offer, compared to the Rikon 10 305 or other makes. For starters, the 2.5-amp motor provides sufficient power for a variety of woodworking projects, whilst the die-cast aluminum table bevels from 0 to 45 degrees.

This band saw also comes with an effective 59.5 inch blade made from tungsten carbide, which has an impressive cutting depth and throat capacity. What’s more, the micro-adjustable rack and built-in work light, as well as the pinion blade guard adjustment, provides you with precision, accuracy, and control.

The 2 year warranty on offer also ensures that you can make a return or request a repair if your band saw is not to your satisfaction. Not quite a 5 year warranty, but still very good according to each and every satisfied review! Compare these reviews against other budget bandsaw reviews to see if this is your winner, or just a runner up.


Item Dimensions L x W x H:12 x 31 x 19 inches | Power Source:Corded Electric | Voltage: 120 Volts

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3. Rikon 10-3061 10 Inch Deluxe Bandsaw

Rikon 10-3061 10 Inch Deluxe Bandsaw

Best Features: Easy Cutting Control and Powerful Stability for Maximum Performance and a Great Experience. Limited Warranty: No Challenges, Easy Replacement.

Our midway listing comes from Rikon with the 10″ bandsaw, including a fence and a two speed blade... one of the best – that’s very impressive! There’s a range of quality elements that makes this one of our favorite benchtop bandsaw listings. Looking at budget bandsaw reviews, the Rikon 10 3061 comes out on top, followed closely by its runner up, the Rikon 10 305 bandsaw.

Key Elements

This band saw has a range of positive elements that make it one of our favorites. For starters, there’s a quick release tension lever, a large blade tracking window and knob, and a dust port for vacuum hookup. The induction motor and table details allow the easiest of operations, which you could maximise by purchasing a riser block. This benchtop bandsaw is complete with a 0-45 degrees angle scale of tilting of the cast iron table.

This benchtop bandsaw, the brilliant Rikon 10 3061, is complete with an immense cutting capacity and a 5.5 amp motor – the only thing it’s missing is an LED light! With its space efficient cast iron table, you’ve still got plenty of storage space in your workspace for tools like a scroll saw, or to stack your rubber tires. Just check out the comment name of each of the budget bandsaw reviews, the headlines are impeccable. And with a quality price tag, this machine is something of a great value tool… you need it in your life, for it’s available at a brilliant price. Tell your friends! Nothing but good results to be seen here.


Item Dimensions L x W x H:12.75 x 35.5 x 18.25 inches | Power Source: Cord Electrical | Voltage: 110 Volts

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4. Shop Fox 14″ Band Saw with Cast Iron Wheels

Shop Fox 14" Band Saw with Cast Iron Wheels

Best Features: Best of its Type for Changing Blades. Solid Miter Fence.

Our fourth pick comes from Shop Fox, who offer one of their most popular models, the W1706 14″ bandsaw with a set of cast iron wheels and a deluxe aluminum fence. This is one of our priciest options, so the price definitely may feel a little heavier. However, it’s totally worth it for the brilliance it will bring to your DIY job or any kind of work, as a tool with high performance – more so than any Rikon.

Key Elements

This brilliant benchtop tool, complete with dust ports and all, is a must-buy machine for all woodworkers. A great choice for your money.

The cast iron blade wheels, frame, and table provide pieces with sturdy material that are the best of their type – so you can be assured that anything will work and you’ll have a high performance with top precision cuts. There’s something for everyone for this choice option, as you also have an excellent cutting capacity of 13.5 inches, a single phase 1725 RPM motor with 1 Horsepower, and what’s more – it’s so easy to set up! This band saw is highly recommended by all sorts of people, anyone can try to use this for anything in the shop. The brilliant miter fence is also something that many pick up on when talking about the things that influenced their choice for this must-have workshop product.

It’s also an efficient use of space, as the space-saving size and shape means that this handy little machine will stand in the corner of the shop waiting to be used.


Item Dimensions L x W x H:45.5 x 39.5 x 19 inches | Power Source: Cord Electric | Voltage:  110 Volt

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5. Grizzly Industrial 17 Inch Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial 17 Inch Bandsaw

Best Features: Versatility Means it is Perfect for All People – Anyone in Mind, from Professionals to Hobbyists.. Speedy Delivery and Great Customer Service.

This penultimate investment carries the Grizzly name- so you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the best options for any home-based operation, for users of any skill level – from beginners to hobbyists to professionals. The versatility of these products, the Grizzly Industrial 17″ band saw, gives you everything you need for your benchtop. It’s easy to make adjustments, and has an impressive set of details… as any review will name.

Key Elements

The 2 horsepower motor of this band saw makes it brilliant for any professional or hobbyist to try their hand at wood crafts. Its versatility is aided by a cast-iron precision-ground table, and allows for easy controls aided by safety. The number of positive elements is vast, as this machine incorporates a set of elements that has everything you need, of course.

It has an easy assembly and wonderful accuracy straight out of the box, and the specs/ specifications make it one of the better budget band saws we’ve seen – just because Grizzly manage to balance a perfect mix of flexibility and consistency that some companies fail to reach… this makes all the difference, especially if you want no bad case or issues in your workshops. Whether crafting furniture or making a commission, this machine is made by a top manufacturer that beats competitors with confidence every time, in fact, hundreds of times. That’s how much we love it!

One of the better options on the site, you’ll be hard pressed – even with advertising – to find a place where you can get a bench saw this heavy duty, but so usable. You need this bench saw – it has an easy setup and is a piece of gear that provides so much accuracy at the end of your hand! Follow the links to check out yours.


Item Dimensions L x W x H: 21 x 31 x 81 inches | Power Source: Cord Electric | Voltage:  110 Volts

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6. Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 17 Inch Band Saw

Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 17 Inch Band Saw

Best Features: Convenient to Set Up – A Convenient Product Made for Your Workshop. Impressive Parts that Make This One of the More Durable Tools.

Our final participant in the list is another Grizzly machine, and what a brilliant way to end the list with another pick from this awesome, professional company. This handy machine, complete with a tension lever and all sorts of brilliant surface elements, such as easy tilt mechanisms, is the Grizzly Industrial 17 Inch Band Saw, and it’s perfect for any user – whether a hobbyist, a beginner, or a professional. What a brilliant addition to your worktable, with a large sort of choices for your working.

Key Elements

It’s firstly important to mention the amazing user support you get with this machine. From Michigan to Milwaukee, you get a 1 year warranty on all parts and there’s always a team at the other end of the computer to assist you with your rights. While not a 5 year warranty like some places, this is still a brilliant deal. Grizzly clearly keep their customer support body in line… just pop them an email if you need attention or help.

What’s more, the quick release enables you to easily change blade, while the heavy computer-balanced wheels and stout steel frame give you the absolute most support, no matter what shapes you’re carving or how much you need to tilt the unit. Even the rip fence and miter gauge are brilliant pieces of machinery that beat out even the best band saws.

It’s convenient to assemble from base to body, and does the job brilliantly. Just check all the review posts! So much brilliance in one band saw.


Item Dimensions L x W x H: 21 x 30.25 x 81.5 inches | Power Source: Cord Electric | Voltage: 110v/220v

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Best Budget Products

Best Value Bandsaw

Of all the band saws on this list, our best value band saw has to be the Grizzly G0555 LX Deluxe Bandsaw. This model is complete with a brilliant array of features and pieces, with an impressive set of speeds, to make your work as hassle-free as possible. Something for sure, it emerges on top and makes cuts above the rest. Perfect for all projects.

Cheapest Bandsaw Available

Next, our cheapest band saw available is the super machine, ShopSeries 9 Inch Band Saw. Complete with an LED light, this band saw has the edge and that’s a fact. While this article has shown you a range of band saws in different sizes, which all have a unique edge, this one is brilliant for all the jobs you need to do.

ShopSeries RK7453 9" Band Saw with Light
  • Powerful, lightweight 2.5-amp band saw ideal for a variety of woodworking projects
  • Die-cast aluminum table bevels from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Features a 59-1/2" tungsten carbide blade with a cutting depth of 3-1/8" and a throat depth of 9"
  • Micro-adjustable rack, built-in flexible work light, and pinion blade guard adjustment improve precision and accuracy
  • 2 year limited warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship

Premium Bandsaw

Our premium band saw is Shop Fox’s 14 inch band saw. Its incredible features, such as blade speed, make it entirely worth the pricier cost it offers. Weigh your wants against your budget when looking at this premium pick… you won’t get a lot better.


Buyer’s guide to Choosing a Good Cheap Bandsaw

There are a number of handy considerations detailed in this buying guide when you’re looking for the different types of easy to use discount band saw. The following list of tips makes it easy for you to continue your search for the perfect saw, equipped with all the knowledge you need to find a heavy duty budget bandsaw for all of your woodworking projects.

Cutting power

Cutting power, or cutting capacity, will generally be controlled by the power of the motor in amps – bandsaw models will offer a different cutting power or cutting capacity based on how the saw is powered, so to have the best band saw cutting power you’ll want to look for a model that gives you a high horsepower. This will help you to complete woodworking projects with ease and efficacy, whether it’s a heavy duty project or a lighter project on the work surface.

Whatever the project, it might be an idea to read some budget bandsaw reviews to get an idea of what other users think about their budget band saws.

Ease of use

Another aspect to consider is how easy to use your band saw will be. When it comes to making precise cuts, you’ll want a saw that gives you quick release blade action which allows you to make precision cuts at the working table, whilst controlling the speed control or feed rate. The build quality of the saw you opt for will affect its ease of use, especially in changing parts or making tracking adjustments. You might also want to consider a model with an LED light to spend your money on, as it may help with visibility in hard-to-see areas.

In monitoring control gauges and blade changes with ease, ensure you’ve found a decent budget band saw for all your home jobs, and if you’re unsure which benchtop model is best, it may be worth looking at blade guides and ball bearing guides to make your pick of saws that offer a variety of speeds, making precise cuts with a decent guide post.


This factor is especially important for any heavy duty task you’ll want to complete at the work table. The best band saw for your needs, and price range, needs to be durable. The best insurance on durability here is looking for benchtop band saws that don’t consist entirely of plastic – look for aluminum wheels and an aluminum table. What’s more, a blade guard that’s easy to pop on and protect your blade is an essential part of build quality. That way, you’ll have saws that make precise cuts, use after use – at a brilliant speed.

The design of your saw is one of the key things that’s going to affect the performance, stability, and precision of your piece – so, overall, it’s going to affect your experience. As woodworkers know, in construction of your piece you’ll need to operate with a good level of stability and control so as to ensure maximum precision.

Worth looking out for also is the warranty offered on your benchtop band saw. Many best budget bandsaw models will come with a 5 year warranty at least, so this will be a positive sign for those of you that might want to make a return or repair further down the line if your saw doesn’t do the job or doesn’t have the best speed. The best budget bandsaw models will always come from companies that have your interests in mind – remember this! You want high capability, the best simplicity, and the greatest longevity – no competition, you need the whole package.


What are the Different Types of Bandsaw Blades?

There are three main types of bandsaw blades, and each provide an adequate level of safety and controls for beginners – so this means the power is in your hands even if you’re a complete beginner. The first kind is a regular blade, whereas the second kind is a hook blade. The third type is a skip blade. Each is a brilliant use of your money, depending on your desires.

Regular blades have straight-faced teeth which are evenly spaced and supported by deep gullets. Most have straight or 0 degree rake. They are used for general purpose cutting.

Hook blades have larger teeth which are widely spaced and supported by a deep gullet. They often feature an undercut face with 10 degree rake angles. The reason for using these blades would be to make faster or coarser cuts. Their other primary purpose is to make longer cuts, as the gullet and rake will move material out of the way much easier in comparison.

Skip blades have a shallow gullet with widely spaced blade teeth. They have a 90 degree tooth and 0 degree rake. The sharp angle at the tooth gullet will allow for clean, smooth chips – which suits them to use on softwoods, plastics, on non-ferrous metals.

Considering these types, and the size blades you might want to go for, will help you make your ultimate choice.

How Does Blade Tension Affect My Bandsaw?

The blade’s tension describes how tight the bandsaw blade is. Blades have to be stretched quite tightly so they can work the best they can on your work table, giving precise cuts, so blades are tensioned by the amount of force per cross-sectional area of the blade. This is expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI). Some band saws will use a gauge to set the blade tension – this gauge generally assumes a set blade size and sets a force.

A lot of models will have a blade tension release mechanism for different settings, otherwise known as a blade tensioner. These are usually assisted by a tension knob.

Why Won’t My Band Saw Cut Straight?

Some of you might be having the issue of your bandsaw not cutting straight. This is to do with the operation of the rip fence – a lot of models come with an aluminum rip fence. A band saw can be a good budget item, but only if you know how to use it. Rip fences can be used to guide your work piece; feed the piece into the blade slowly, and apply light pressure to prevent the blade from going crooked.

A tilting table might be able to help with this. If the band saw still isn’t making straight cuts, check that your blade is the right size and refer to blade tracking guides if you need to – there’s always that option.

Be sure to check out our other articles in addition and recommend us to someone if you enjoyed finding your next investment from this guide and its tips!

What is a Bandsaw, Exactly?

In the easiest terms, a bandsaw is a power saw that contains a long, sharp blade consisting of a continued band of metal teeth stretched between two or more wheels, in order to cut material.

If you’re a keen woodworker, welder, or metalworker, you won’t need to hear this – chances are you’ll know what this handy device is! Bandsaws have the advantage of being a table saw that makes uniform cuts, so they’re perfect for your home workshop. With aspects such as blade speed and cutting depth varying between brands, which can vary the price, you’re able to make a variety of cuts with machinery made of cast iron material.

Band saws are generally used to make freehand curves, intricate curves, parallel or three-dimensional curves, or rip cuts and crosscuts. Lots of these functions are made possible due to the beveling blade, which is key to most woodworking bandsaw models. Whatever your woodwork projects, we’ll find the perfect band saw for you and your DIY crafts.

Typical Cost of Bandsaws

The typical cost of bandsaws can vary depending on the features you opt for, such as a two-speed band saw with cast iron manufacture. For example, if you opt for a model made of cast iron wheels, this might be a costing factor. What’s more, if you’re looking the best table top bandsaw deals you’re going to be wondering “how much is a band saw?”, so in order to answer that question you’ll need to keep your eye out for a few factors.

Luckily, all of the band saw models in this buying guide are pretty cheap, with the average best budget band saw being between $300 and $1400. This is a wide price range, we recognise, which is just a testament to how the features of your benchtop band saw, such as the bearing blade or tracking window, can affect price.

Unfortunately, if you’re after the best bandsaw under $200, this list may not be for you.

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