Birthday Freebies

It’s your birthday, you deserve to get whatever you want on your special day. You should be showered in gifts, good food and drink, and be surrounded by family and friends. The problem is, birthdays can get expensive, and what’s more, why should you have to fork out for things on your own birthday?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you went to pick up your morning coffee and were greeted with birthday freebies by the server? Or if you headed down to your local restaurant and were able to get a free burger just because it was your birthday? This can happen, and we’re going to show you how.

Hundreds of venues across the country offer various freebies if you can prove that it’s your birthday – a free treat, a coupon to use at a later date, maybe even a free meal. Most establishments will require you to sign up to an app or a mailing list where you’ll have to provide photo ID. From this, you’ll not only get a free amazing birthday offer but great deals and freebies all year round.

We’ve put together a list of all the best deals around, so keep reading to find out how to score birthday freebies!

What is a Birthday Freebie?

To put it simply, birthday freebies are when you get a free gift from companies who want to celebrate your big day with you! You may be totally unaware of it, but hundreds of establishments offer free food, drink, and other goodies if you can prove your date of birth beforehand.

Top tips for claiming birthday freebies & discounts

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not always as easy as waltzing up to your favorite restaurant and asking for free food! Quite often you’ll be required to have signed up to receive your freebie in advance, so we recommend checking the websites of all the places you go to to see if they offer this service. If you sign up for rewards programs too close to your birthday then this may not be valid either, so make sure to become a member of any program that they offer a while before your birthday.

Another top tip is to check out the details of the offered freebie, as some give you a window of time in which you can get a free gift. For example, certain restaurants will give you a month to enjoy what they have to offer! You can make your birthday last much longer if you take your time with the freebies instead of feeling like you have to claim them all on one day.

The Ultimate Birthday Freebie Guide:

Breakfast Freebies

Can you think of anything better than a delicious cooked breakfast on your birthday? We can: a delicious cooked free breakfast! And we know just the places you can get it.

If you head down to your local IHOP, you can receive delicious free buttermilk pancakes with a variety of toppings free of charge. Not only that, but this freebie is available not just on your birthday, but also seven days before and after. All you have to do to get this is sign up to IHOP’s rewards scheme, and why wouldn’t you? They offer free pancakes on your signup anniversary as well, not to mention a whole load of other perks!

You can also celebrate at Denny’s, where they offer you a free Grand Slam, redeemable at any point in your birthday month. To receive this amazing freebie you just have to sign up for Denny’s rewards scheme, which also gives you 20% off your next visit as a thank you for joining.

Waffle House is another of the best birthday freebies, as you can get a free breakfast if they know it’s your birthday. You can snatch up a free classic waffle up to 7 days before the big day, and 21 days after! Signing up to their email list is the way to do this, and gives you access to loads of other coupons and exclusive promotions.

Lunch Freebies

If you’re more of a lunch than a breakfast person, then don’t worry – there’s still plenty of offers to choose from, no matter what you’re hungry for!

Moe’s Southwest Grill lets its customers get a free birthday burrito if they have signed up to the rewards scheme, available to claim up ta week after the special day. You should receive an email a few days beforehand with the gift in it, so all you need to do is head along to your local Moe’s and show a member of staff the email. This offer comes with more than just a free burrito; you get free gifts on your birthday plus tonnes of other discounts and even complimentary queso if you sign up to their email list.

Another option is to get a free medium sub from Jersey Mike’s if you’re a rewards member. This is, of course, only valid if you have signed up for their scheme, so get on it if you haven’t already! What’s more, this offer is valid for an entire year, meaning this might be the perfect coupon to stash away for a day when you really don’t feel like cooking!

If you fancy a lighter lunch, then there are countless vendors where you can get a free appetizer, such as at Texas Roadhouse and The Spaghetti Warehouse. The majority of these deals can be used days before your birthday and for days afterwards, so get ready to enjoy eating out and celebrating in style!

Dinner Freebies

You may be in disbelief at this point already, but we have more deals for you. Did you know that there are countless restaurants you can go to and request a free dinner because it’s your birthday? No? Well, you do now.

First up is Red Robin, where you can be given a free fire-grilled burger as a birthday gift on any day of the month that you were born in! This is an amazing offer that you can use for a day when you wanna eat out but are trying to save money, or just for a day when you really fancy one of their delicious burgers. As with most of these offers, you will need to sign up for their royalty rewards scheme. Once you’ve done this, you’re also able to access a bunch of exclusive promotions and surprise benefits!

This isn’t where the free food stops, however. You can also head to Ruby Tuesday and indulge in either a free burger or Garden Bar entree (up to the value of $11) once you’re on their email list. This is another option that can be redeemed before, during, or after your birthday, so you have a choice of when to use it.

Famous Dave’s also gives out a gift on your special day, although it’s worth noting that this offer can differ from location to location, so it’s best to double-check a few days before your birthday. Once you’ve called them up and got the go-ahead, go to Famous Dave’s and enjoy a free mouth-watering entree on them.

More Freebies on your Birthday

The freebies don’t stop there! Not only have we rounded up the best in breakfast, lunch, and dinner deals, but we’ve also compiled a list of all the other gifts you can receive on your special day.

Free birthday meals

Many more restaurants offer complimentary meals other than the ones we’ve already shared with you. Most of your family favorites will have special birthday freebies set aside to make your big day even better.

Establishments like Joe’ s Crab Shack, Black Angus Steakhouse, Habit Burger Grill and P. F. Chang are all set up for you to get a free birthday gift. Not all of these places will give you a full three-course meal, however. The Black Angus Steakhouse generously offers a free steak dinner to anyone celebrating, whilst at Joe’s you can get a free appetizer and at Chang’s you get a free gift or treat which varies from location to location.

For lunch and breakfast options, Firehouse Subs gift you a free medium sub on your birthday under a rewards scheme similar to others, meaning that you have a range of choices depending on what you’re in the mood for. Einstein Bros. Bagels, on the other hand, offer a coupon for a free egg sandwich if you make another purchase as a birthday present, which makes the perfect option for a celebratory brunch!

Free non-alcoholic birthday drinks

It’s not just alcohol that you can use to celebrate your birthday with: a thirst-quenching iced coffee or soda will do it too!

If you take a trip to A&W, you can receive a free root beer float if you’re signed up for their mailing list. Alternatively, you can choose to get your daily Starbucks or Dunkin’ coffee on the house. Starbucks gives away a free treat or drink if you’re signed up to Starbucks Rewards, and Dunkin’ offer similar deals.

If you’re trying to lay off the caffeine, then stop off at Steak’ n Shake for a free milkshake, valid for up to 45 days after your birthday. It’s always a good idea to check out your favorite coffee spots because the likelihood is that they’ll be more than happy to give you a little birthday gift.

Free birthday cake & desserts

It’s basically a requirement to have copious amounts of birthday cake and dessert on your birthday. There’s not much better than dessert, except maybe free dessert. There’s plenty of deals to go around where you can receive a free cake, ice-cream, and much more.

If you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme (and who isn’t), then you can head to any of their stores and get a free Original Glazed donut, as long as you’re signed up to either their app or birthday rewards scheme. They’ll gift you a coupon and send it to your inbox just before your birthday which can be used up to two weeks afterwards.

Loads of other popular stores will give you free dessert on your birthday, including Baskin Robbins, where you can get a free scoop of ice-cream, and Friendly’s, at which you can receive a free medium sundae with all your favorite toppings. The only thing to note is that the free dessert from Friendly’s is only available on your actual birthday rather than the whole birthday month, so make this one a priority!

Free makeup & beauty birthday freebies

You might think that birthday freebies won’t stretch as far as free makeup, but you’d be wrong. It’s more than possible to get a pampering session on the house! After all, it is your birthday, if you don’t deserve to feel beautiful on this day then when do you?

Perhaps the most impressive freebies that we can recommend you to get from this guide are that from Sephora. If you become a member of their Beauty Insider club, then you can receive a free bundle of makeup from brands like Briogeo and Sol de Janeiro. Brands such as these often charge a lot of money for their products, so snap up this gift before it’s too late!

Sephora isn’t the only store doing deals, however. With Ulta Beauty you can get a free treat at any point during the month of your birthday. The contents of the gift change quarterly, so you know you’re in for a surprise!

Everything your kids can get for free on their birthday

It’s not just adults who can reap the rewards of all our offers – kids are able to enjoy tonnes of free birthday stuff as well! Birthday freebies for kids can be a great way to make your child feel special and appreciated by treating them to a gift that they might not usually receive.

For example, if you join the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club then they’ll give your little one a complimentary cupcake on their birthday! Loads of other places have a birthday offer in place that might not necessarily be exclusively for children, but there’s no reason why they can’t take part!

Kid-friendly establishments like Dippin’ Dots and Pinkberry will give away a free dessert if you can show that it’s your child’s birthday by pre-signing up to email lists. Respectively, these vendors will gift your kid a free Dippin’ Dots and a free yogurt. We promise that if you ask your child “would you like an ice-cream, donut, or yogurt on your birthday?”, that they will certainly not say no!

Another great option is signing up for the Journeys Kidz Birthday Club because they offer a 15% off gift card on their birthday, plus they send your child a birthday card on the big day. For those shopping on a budget, this is great as it means you may be more able to surprise your child with a gift like brand new sneakers thanks to the discount.


What stores give you free gifts for your birthday?

The list of stores that give out birthday freebies is endless! You have to search a little to find our which specific stores in your area are offering free gifts, but our guide should have made that process easier.

It’s most common for beauty and drugstores to give out birthday freebies, with big names like Ulta Beauty, Chico’s, Sephora, bareMinerals, and DSW all participating in birthday schemes to some extent. Clothes stores such as American Eagle Outfitters and home goods establishments like Anthropologie are more examples of premium places in which you can get a free gift on your birthday.

In terms of free food and drink, there are simply too many stores to name! We’ve included some of the best deals around in this guide, but if you want to know about a place close to you, then we recommend checking their website for any links to birthday discounts.

Where can you get free stuff on your birthday?

You can get free stuff on your birthday at a variety of places: restaurants, clothes and beauty stores, coffee joints, and even just by looking through your inbox.

As previously mentioned, loads of drugstores and clothing brands have birthday offers in which you can get a free treat or get a coupon to use at a later date. You can also visit many food and drink establishments to receive a free meal (if not this, then you can at least get a free appetizer!), or if you’d rather, a free dessert or coffee of your choice! Participating vendors include Au Bon Pain who have various special offers, Sonny’s BBQ, Auntie Anne, and many more.

Checking the website of your favorite stores and restaurants is one of the best ways to check where you can get birthday freebies. Many sites will have posts about special offers, links to participating stores and to a sign-up list. Once signed up to a company’s mailing list or rewards scheme, you’ll have access to coupon codes, exclusive discounts, and priority to any free gift that they’re giving out. In no time your inbox will be filling up with the best and latest freebie deals!

What is free on your birthday?

Much more than you would think can be free on your birthday, and we recommend snatching up as many birthday freebies as you can get your hands on. Just think of it as extra presents! What’s more, many things don’t have to be free just on the special day, but for the whole of your birthday month.

If you read over our guide, we’ve put together the best birthday freebies to claim on your birthday, plus extras like a coupon for a free gift later down the line! A lot of establishments will allow you to claim your birthday freebies weeks before and after your actual date of birth.

We’ve shown you that meals, coffees, desserts, makeup, clothes, and so much more can all be found free of charge on your birthday!

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