Toys are wonderful inventions created to make people, especially happy and engaging with his surroundings. A happy kid is a kid who lives smart and their parents, in turn, will find joy in the effort of raising a happy child. There are several kinds of toys that are made. Some of them that we mention in this article include water guns, board games that the entire family plays together, and small electronic kits for kids, etc. With the overflow of toys in the market for multiple age segments, mentioning only the best would be the ideal option, and that is what we have done. 

Toys are made for multiple uses. Some are made for active engagement, while some are meant as a side activity for the mind. Board games are meant to get everyone together, while games like chess are meant to tap the inner genius.

We have collected review of our curated list of toys from education experts and parents. Be it the tricycle or a science-whiz toy, one of every kind is listed here.