Best Cheap Car Subwoofers 2020

Today we look at best budget car subwoofers in this review. A subwoofer is a woofer or a total loudspeaker, which is used for the amplification of low-pitched frequencies – bass and sub-bass. The frequency of a subwoofer typically lies between 20 Hz to 200 Hz, and below 100 Hz for those woofer used professionally. Subwoofers are made to supplement the low-frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bandwidth. Subwoofers are made up of one, or more than one woofers held in a loudspeaker disclosure, which can withstand air pressure without succumbing to deformation.




Current Price


Rockville RW10CA

Impedance: 2 ohm, Bass boost: 0-18dB @ 45 Hz, Adjustable input sensitivity


MTX TNE212D 12”

POWER – 400 watt RMS -1200 watt RMS (max.), 1M 1500 watt mono car amplifier


Rockville RVB 12.1A

20A Fuse, Peak power – 500 watts, Frequency response – 30 Hz to 150 Hz, Sensitivity – 93 dB


Kicker 44DCW-C122

Two 12 inches comp subs, Impedance – 2 ohm, Frequency – 27 Hz to 500 Hz


Sound Storm LOPRO8

Built-in amplifier, 600 watts max power, Bass boost, Subsonic Filter, Phase control


Pioneer TS-SWX2502

Shipping weight – 9 kgs, One year warranty


Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch

One year warranty, Frequency range is 35 Hz to 150 Hz, Class D amplifier


Dual Elect-ronics BP1204

Peak power – 1200 watts, Sensitivity is 87 dB, Dual 12 inches bandpass subs


Rockville RWS12CA Slim

Power – 12 watts peak power, 400 watts RMS, 12 inches super slim sub, Impedance – 4 ohms


JBL GT Basspro12

150 watt amplifier, Vented pole piece, Slipstream port, Automatic on/off functions

Car Subwoofers

Over time, car subwoofers have gained a reputation for “creating a bass so heavy” that it sets off sensitive car alarms and annoys the passengers in other cars. Even so, the subwoofer does much more than just “providing heavy bass”. It is actually an important part of any car stereo system, assisting in boosting the overall sound quality any type of music. Subwoofers work with the other speakers in car stereo systems to provide a complete range of sound frequencies – because without one you will hear melodies and guitar solos completely fine, but deep bass and drums will sound muddled.

How Does A Subwoofer Make A Sound

Like every speaker out there, subwoofer generates sound by moving through the air. Although, unlike other speakers, subwoofers are specifically engineered to generate the massive cone movement required for low bass frequencies. One of the reasons bass sounds do not sound appropriate on regular speakers is because the power necessary to produce deep bass is too taxing for a typical speaker driver – especially when you try to compensate by cranking up the bass level on your car stereo receiver.

Types Of Subwoofers

Subwoofers are important to the home theater experience. The deep bass shakes you up and makes you feel the music. Usually, car subwoofers come in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 15 inches that fit in different sized enclosures. Depending on the amount of bass and power you want to receive from the audio system of your car, there are a variety of subwoofers options to choose from. Though, what you need to know beforehand is all the types of the same present in the market. All the subwoofers can be broadly divided into five parts.

Bass Tubes

These are the types of subwoofer in which a subwoofer is enclosed in a tube. These subwoofers allow the user to add bass to their system while saving space in the vehicle. Bass tubes don’t deliver a very loud or high quality sound but they are quick and easy to upgrade to add bass to any car audio system.

Some well known bass tubes are made from Bazooka and Pyle. Bazooka offers subwoofers ranging from six inches to 12 inches in various stages of power. On the other hand, Pyle offers bass tubes ranging from eight inches to twelve inches that can handle up to 800 watts of power for a great, easy upgrade.

Self Amplified Bass Solutions

A self amplified bass solution is one of the types of subwoofer which is built in an enclosure that is powered by an in-line amplifier. This variety of subwoofer is good as a quick and easy upgrade, that allows the user to save the maximum amount of space in the vehicle. This won’t offer a very powerful sound like bass tubes, but it does allow for added bass production while saving space.

One highly rated self amplified all-in-one bass solution is the Infinity BassLink series of subwoofer. Infinity invented this solution with ten inches self powered, 200 watt subwoofer to save space while adding good sounding bass. Although, it is now available in different sizes to fit into virtually any vehicle.

Standard Subwoofer Speakers

Standard subwoofers are those which are made individually without any enclosure, to match and complete the needs of any audio fanatic. Car subwoofers usually come in sizes ranging from 6 to 15 inches and all different shapes and powering handling capabilities. Some of the popular and best car subwoofers these days are made by JL Audio, MTX, Alpine and kicker, Alpine and kicker. Separate subwoofers such as these require you to make or purchase an enclosure, but definitely deliver higher quality sounds and output levels.

Passive Subwoofers

Also known as the subwoofer driver, these are the very basic form of subwoofers. Typically, they consist only of basic woofers constructed within an enclosure. These type of subwoofers come in wide range of sizes and abilities and must be powered externally by an external amplifiers for its effective functioning.

Powered Subwoofer

Powered subwoofers are the subs which have amplifiers built directly into the enclosure to save the user space and time. Although, it looks super convenient, there is one setback in this sub. The power of the bass produced is not as strong as a subwoofer powered by external amplifiers but powered subwoofers excel at reproducing midrange frequencies.

Why Do You Need Car Subwoofers?

For a lot of people, a subwoofer is a compulsion because of the impact it has on the audio quality of the audio system. A lot of people on the other hand, take subwoofers as a waste of money and time even before actually knowing about it and what they do.

Why do you need a subwoofer? A very simplified answer to this question is it should be used to enhance and improve your sound system. With the help of a subwoofer, you will be easily be able to add much more depth and bass to your music.

The next question would be is it necessary? Not specifically, no. If you are a music lover and really like to hear it above the simple tunes, when driving or relaxing between long rides, subwoofers are exactly what you need.

Things To Keep In Mind While Going To Buy The Subwoofer

When you think about subwoofers what is the first image that comes in your mind? Probably bone-shaking bass. Although it cannot be denied, it is not only what subwoofers are all about. Sounds of low frequency are an integral part of every melody, so the reality of any sound system depends on hitting the low and high frequency at the same range and way.

Whether you are thinking of adding subwoofers to already existing speakers in the car, or looking forward to building something up from ground, there are seven factors you need to consider and keep in mind while looking for the best car subwoofers:


Subwoofers are divided into sizes. The most common sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches. Each size has different characteristics, and understanding those characteristics will help you towards making a right decision. Majority of the time, the more the surface area of a subwoofer has, the more air it can displace. The more air the subwoofer can displace, the louder the sound should be.

“Sound obeys the laws of physics and the small subwoofers have to work very hard to make loud, low frequency waves.”

Twelve inches are the most popular and well known size among the subs. They deliver the most appealing balance between responsiveness and low bass extension of any size sub. The downside, is that they require a lot of power and space. Twelve inches are the ideal size for all type of music – country to rap, anything.

Fifteen inches are those subwoofers that create a level of boom to let the beast loose. Yet, they also have their disadvantages; they demand a lot of available space and lack responsiveness. They tend to lag a little behind in music and need a lot of power to make them start vibrating. These subs are best suited for rap, hip-hop, and R&B aficionados and also maybe for setting off your neighbor’s home and car alarms.

Eight or ten inches subwoofers are the ones that usually put out a lot of sound, but don’t deliver the same level of bass extensions and quality as the larger subs. The advantages of these subs to be taken into consideration are that they are easier to install, need less power to get up a boogie, and they are comparatively priced to sell. They are more suitable for rock, pop and country music because they produce more of a tightier, punchier and more musical bass.

Where Are You Planning To Keep It?

Before falling in love with a specific subwoofer, you might want to make sure that it fits your specifications and needs and also the available space In your car. This all depends on the size of the vehicle and the size of the enclosure box on which it is “housed”.


There are two types of enclosure units available in the market.

Enclosed Units

Which come with pre mounted woofer(s) that are matched to the box – Most of these units either feature a a normal square or rectangular design or they are vehicle specific enclosures which are intended to specifically fit in one vehicle. Vehicle specific subs can be pricey compared to the generically shaped enclosed units, but they offer more stealth.

Universal Boxes

Which come ‘unloaded’ or ‘naked’ (without drivers or powers) – With universal enclosure you are responsible for matching the pre fab box to a sub and a source of power that matches manufacturer specifications. This makes them less expensive than most enclosed systems. But their rate does not include the speakers or the installation cost. Custom built boxes are usually considered to be in the same category as universal boxes. However they are more like vehicle specific boxes, designed for specific cars. As such, custom is the most expensive way towards low bass.


If you are looking for a simple, space saving bass system that won’t break the bank, a pre-powered subwoofer system is the easiest route to ‘proper’ power. Pre-power takes the enclosed box concept one step further by installing an amplifier in a box that is matched to the pre-installed subwoofer. Some power subwoofers are wonderful solutions that reduce installation budget and complexity, although they offer the least amount of customizability and expandability. If you want a system that booms, you will need a lot of power. How much? – that is easier to tell because as the enclosure volumes, sub makers provide us with proper power ratings.

Sensitivity & Impedance

Sensitivity goes hand in hand with power and high output. A sub that has higher sensitivity range requires less power to produce the same amount of sound, as compared to a model with lower sensitivity range. You will specifically want to buy a subwoofer with high sensitivity if you want to power the sub with the stock head unit. Majority of subs are rated at 4 ohms impedance but 2 ohm, 8 ohm, and dual voice coil subwoofers have become commonplace. When you have chosen a sub, look for an amplifier that will match your sub in terms of power and impedance.

Frequency Range

Frequency range gives you an idea of how low a sub can play. Keep in mind, though, that the actual performance of subwoofer can depend a lot on the frequency range of the sub, like the box type it is mounted in.

Number Of Voice Coils

Dual voice coil subwoofers are a popular choice among car audio enthusiasts who crave more flexibility in wiring their sound systems. While a typical sub have a single voice coil, dual voice coil sub use two separate voice coils, each with their own connection, mounted on one cylinder – connected to a common cone.

The Price Tag

Last but not the least, one factor to be considered would be the price tag. Before looking for a subwoofer remember to make a budget, and keep in mind the fixed budget so that later, it does not cause any problem.

Top 10 Best Budget Car Subwoofers 2020

Here are some of the reviews of best budget Car Subwoofers 2020 that will fit in your budget and provide you with a high quality sound experience.

1. Rockville RW10CA

Rockville RW10CA 10-Inches 800-Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer


  • Impedance: 2 ohm
  • Dimensions: 12.4*13.4*2.7
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90db @ 1w/1m
  • Bass boost: 0-18dB @ 45 Hz
  • Auto turn on technology
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Thermal protection circuit
  • Short protection circuit

Power: The W10CA has approximately 800 watts of peak power and 200 watts RMS. This model is CEA-2006 compliant, which means the ratings are approved by a third party so you can be hundred percent sure that this item will produce said power. This subwoofer is one of the only slim under seat subs on the market that is CEA compliant.

Warranty: If you are not happy or satisfied with the product, Rockville assures to take back the product within thirty days, and also provide a full refund. They assure you of their products being satisfactory and up to the mark.

Space, Adjustment & Enclosure: This model is an all in one solution and gives you great sounding bass in your vehicle, without taking much of the space. This subwoofer enclosure is 2.7 inches thick only to be easily being able to fit under the seat. The amplifier is built in, hence making the installation easy and clean.

Design: This device was made while keeping the installation process in mind. There are added high level inputs, so you don’t need a remote wire from your receiver to trigger the unit on or off. The inputs and outputs are installed on the side to make installation a breeze. The controls are so that you can tweak the sound to your liking. It has a level control for volume and a subsonic filter to filter out the really low frequencies that the human ear cannot hear.

  • Has a slim body that easily fits into any space even under your car seat
  • Features an excellent bass that is an excellent add on to your system
  • It is cheap, thus the best option for beginner music lovers
  • Easy to install
  • Does not feature deep bass as other models

2. MTX TNE212D 12”

MTX TNE212D 12” 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofer


This package consists of MTX loaded car subwoofer with a mono amplifier and complete amplifier installation kit and it also called as one of the best budget car subwoofers.


  • Box Dimensions: 14”H* 29-11/16” W *13-1/2” D1*11-1/8”D2
  • Speaker Dimensions: 32*16*16 inches
  • POWER – 400 watt RMS -1200 watt RMS (max.)
  • Planet Audio AC1500. 1M 1500 watt mono car amplifier.
  • Soundstorm AKS8 complete 8 gauge amplifier installation kit

The MTX subwoofer is one of the latest products in the market, and here is some elaborate description of the product to help make you understand about a little more.

Power: The MTX TNE212D model’s each subwoofer can handle 200 watts RMS power each, resulting in a power level of 400 watts RMS, or 800 watts peak for the entire enclosure.

Spider Plateau Venting: The subwoofers have spider plateau venting incorporated in them, which is a mechanical cooling process which allows the subwoofer to continually refresh the air around the voice coil serving – to disperse the heat generated during external play.

Enclosure: The unit is a 12 inches sealed enclosure that has single terminal cup, showing a final 20 to load any connected amplifier. The enclosure itself is made of extra strength 5/8” MDF, which is the preferred material for a subwoofers enclosure. The MTX 5/8” board is better than other user’s ½” board as it is stringer and can ensure that the enclosure can contain the massive low frequency sound waves generated by the subwoofers without a problem.

Design: The MTX TNE212D combines great subwoofer design with perfect enclosure design to deliver bass that far exceeds expectations.

  • Features a durable construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Features spider plateau venting cooling system
  • Features an excellent enclosure design for enhanced bass delivery
  • May overheat when used for long

3. Rockville SS8P


  • Dimensions: 17” * 14.75” * 15.25”
  • 20A Fuse
  • 100 mV to 5V input voltage
  • Peak power – 500 watts
  • RKS Power – 300 watts
  • Frequency response – 30 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 93 dB
  • Built-in low pass crossover
  • High levels speaker inputs
  • Class AB amplifier

Rockville SS8P is one of the most affordable car subwoofers today. It’s not only that because it is also very reliable especially when it comes to sub drops. Installation is very easy, since it’s straightforward and his not complicated at all. 

The body of Rockville SS8P is made out of aluminum cast and is designed to ensure that it has an optical sonic production. It also has 2.8” thickness, which means that I can fit to the corner of your car. The circuit of this subwoofer is covered from any short or thermal damages so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Some of the features of Rockville SS8P are the smart turn on circuit, low crossover filter, and the phase control. Lastly, it comes with a mounting hardware which means that you can install it easily and fast.

Power: The Rockville model is powered by a powerful built in class AB 300 watt RMS amplifier – the RVB 12. This model features an electronic low pass crossover that is fully adjustable. so that you can customise it for your car’s listening environment.

Bass Boost & Installation: This subwoofer model of Rockville, also features an adjustable bass boost EQ with both RCA line in and speaker high level input for added installation versatility for any vehicle. The high level input will help you to install this sub system, even if you do not have a pre-approval output available.

Enclosure & Space: The enclosure for a 12 inches subwoofer that takes up less than 2 cuft and with a 15 degree sloped back with RVB12. A 1A will fit snugly against the rear seat in your trunk and take almost no room at all. The aeroport is side mounted on the enclosure, so the low frequencies get a chance to upload into your car trunk and the bass waves get a chance to fully develop before entering the passenger compartment.

Output: Turbo tuned with an aerosstyle port, you will be astounded at the bass output this little bass enclosure produces. If you are looking for loud and tight bass in an all in one package that can be installed in a relatively tight place, then get this Rockville subwoofer model today.

  • Sound is pretty great
  • Sturdy and built great
  • Provides the bass that you need
  • Can be installed easily
  • Comes with a mounting hardware
  • Did came with a sheet to protect the subwoofer while in transit

4. Kicker 44DCWC122

Kicker 44DCWC122 12-Inches 1200-Watt Car Subwoofers Sub Enclosures


  • Ported enclosure with two 12 inches comp subs
  • Medium density fiberboard construction covered with carpet
  • Total impedance – 2 ohm
  • POwer handling – 600 watts RMS
  • Frequency – 27 Hz to 500 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 99.9 dB
  • One year warranty

This is one of the latest subwoofer models in the market and here are some elaborate descriptions about the product to help you make it understand better.

Power: This model features power of 1200 watts and a RMS power of 600 watts.

Installation: Slot vents assist in the creation of ultimate volume. Ready made Kicker bass that gets installed in minutes.

  • Compact in size to fit in small spaces
  • Features slot vents for enhanced volume
  • Boasts easy installation
  • Elegant bold design to complement the interiors of any car
  • Lacks deep bass

5. JBL GT-BassPro12


  • Size – 8 inches with a built-in amplifier
  • Power – 600 watts max, 300 watts RMS
  • High and low level inputs
  • Bass boost, Subsonic Filter, Phase control
  • Thermal, overload and short protection circuits

JBL GT-BassPro12 is a 12 inch subwoofer with an aluminum die-cast basket to ensure that it will provide solid sounds. It also eliminates any port noise to make sure that it will provide a bass that’s distortion free especially during high output levels. 

The amplifier matches with the woofer, slipstream port, to make sure that it will give you the best value and performance. One of the best things about JBL GT-BassPro12 is that it has an automatic turn-on and as well as turns off and on the subwoofer once the unit sends a signal.

Another good thing about JBL GT-BassPro12 is that it has a polypropylene cone and as well as a rubber surround for more reliability and resonance damping. The technology that comes with JBL GT-BassPro12 translates into natural sounding bass, and as well as powerful, and tight audio.

Amplifier & Various Level Inputs: Systems with built-in amplifiers do not need external amps. They already have a louder voice. High level input accepts speaker output signals and low level inputs accept preamp output signals to allow the addition of amplifiers and processors to standard factory or aftermarket source units.

Variable Low Pass Filter & Subsonic Filter: Changeable low pass filters give you control over the frequencies that pass through to the subwoofer. Subsonic filters require low frequencies below the specified setting. for better subwoofer protection and performance.

Subs Level Control & Bass Boost: A wired remote lets you easily control the subwoofer level for customized output and superior sound. Variable bass boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost range – just the way you like it.

Short Protection & Phase Control: Automatic shut-off protects the amplifier if it gets too hot, or if speakers fail – causing a short circuit. Phase control here, lets you switch the speaker phase with the amp if your speakers or subwoofers are hooked ‘out of phase’.

Low Profile & Variable Input Control: Low profile subwoofers are a great choice for space-constrained areas, without the compromising on power and performance. The variable input control allows the amplifier input to match the output signal from the head of the unit – to achieve optimum performance when adjusted properly.

  • Has a remote level control
  • Automatic off and on function
  • Vented polepiece
  • 120-watt amplifier
  • 12 inches polypropylene cone
  • Issues with the delivery

6. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10-Inches

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10-Inches Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer Preloaded Enclosure



  • Sub dimensions – 55.9 * 40.6 * 22.9 cms
  • Shipping weight – 9 kgs
  • One year warranty
  • No wireless remote

This is one of the latest Pioneer subwoofer model in the market and here are some elaborate descriptions of the product to help you make it understand better. This shallow mount car subwoofer comes preloaded in the TS-SWX2502, and makes use of an oversized cone structure to provide greater cone and gasket surface, without changing its external dimension. This cone surface allows the sub to produce louder, deeper bass by moving more air. It is made of highly rigid, of MICA injection molded-resin; which creates a rigid and durable cone, giving it the ability to produce correct bass.

The subwoofer also includes a dual spider, to provide more cone motion control for optimized stiffness – stabilizing the excursion of cone. It also provides support the sub’s linear movement for accurate bass response.

The music power of the sub is nominal – almost ranging to 1200 watts; the frequency response is in the range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz. The sensitivity is 89 dB and impedance is single 4 ohms. Regardless of the type of music, Pioneer’s latest model delivers high quality music and does not disappoint.

Reinforced MIA injection molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone structure. This model is easy to install with the carpeted, non slip and scratch resistant enclosure surface. With a creative enclosure design, this model’s enclosure can be installed quickly and easily of the optimal utilization of space. Compact space saving dimensions make it easy to fit the subwoofer in a variety of vehicles – standard cab, extended cab or crew cab – anything works.

  • Features a dual spider for increased cone control
  • Comes with non- slip, scratch resistant surface
  • It comes with a creative enclosure design that is easy to install.
  • Deliver high-quality sound and does not distort even at top volume
  • Features clean base
  • Good value for the money
  • Offers a one year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Features a large surface area to allow more air
  • Lacks wireless remote
  • The base is not deep enough

7. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inches Subwoofer Enclosure



  • Dimensions: 11 inches * 19.8 inches *15 inches
  • One year warranty
  • Frequency range is 35 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Remote bass level control included
  • Class D amplifier

This is one of the latest Rockford subwoofer models in the market and here are the specs about the product.

Closed loop designing ensures optimum performance between woofer, amplifier and enclosure. There is a built in zero degree or 180 degrees phase switch. Separate low level and speaker level inputs. It has a detachable power or ground connector with intelligent auto turn on or off function.

Providing thermal and over-voltage protection, it also has high efficiency and a low current design. Adjustable with a 12 dB – octave low pass crossover it has a proprietary high power woofer. Constructed with five or 8 inches MDF and built in adjustable bass boost EQ, it’s large AWG input terminals provide standard warranty of one year. Covered with industrial heat activated vinyl.

If you are in need to quickly add bass to a system or alleviate the hassle of separate amplifiers and subwoofers, then this model is the right sub for you! This model features a punch 12 inches subwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure, and is powered by a mighty 300 watts amplifier. The system is all inclusive so you only need to run power, ground and a signal from the source to get this product moving. It also features a durable exterior that resists scape and bumps while in the cargo area of the truck.

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Complements a well- balanced audio system
  • Perfect for spacious cars
  • Comes with a detachable power or ground connector with intelligent auto turn on or off function
  • Comes with an integrated Class D amp
  • Boasts a solid, durable exterior that is resistant to scratch
  • Comes with an overvoltage protection
  • Comes with a remote bass control
  • It is bulky
  • Can distort at high volume

8. Dual Electronics BP1204

Dual Electronics BP1204 12-Inches Illuminite High Performance Studio Enclosed Car Subwoofers with 1,100 Watts Of Peak Power



  • A 12 VDC Connection is required for illumination
  • Peak power – 1200 watts
  • Sensitivity is 87 dB
  • 2.5 inches voice coils
  • 2 – 12 inches low Q optimized drivers
  • Dual 12 inches bandpass subs
  • Enlarged plexi viewing window
  • Mirrored chambers
  • Dual chamber design
  • Built in crossover for ease of installation

This is one of the latest Dual Electronics subwoofer model in the market and here are some elaborate description of the product to help you make it understand better.

Perofrmance, Output Capability & MDF Construction: The enclosure is designed for the subwoofers, and has made sure that they are capable of handling upto 1,100 watts of peak power, 600 watts RMS at a 4 ohm impedance. To increase efficiency and output capabilities, a specialized tune port is present, equipped with with computer aided design that includes 2.5 inches voice coils and brushed aluminium cones for instant low sounding bass. This design includes top notch in-line carpet that eliminates the majority of enclosure movement for streamlined sound quality via both 12 inches subwoofers for sound superiority on the road.

Aluminum Woofer Cones: Your dual electronics 12 inches sub loaded bandpass enclosure delivers bass through its brushed aluminum injection molded woofer cones – for studio accurate bass response. Not to mention a mesmerizing look inside the computer tuned enclosure, that will be the showstopper, wherever you go.

Built-in Crossover For Ease Of Installation: While building the 12 inches dual bandpass enclosure, it was made sure that the built-in crossover would allow to easily connect the sub to the cars or to enable to have the freedom of using various setups.

  • Has a good build and attractive design
  • Subwoofer and light show rolled into one
  • Boasts aluminium brushed injection woofer cones for utmost base response
  • Comes with a built-in cross over for quick installation
  • Features high-quality inline carpet to prevent the unit movement when in use
  • Priced on the upper side than its competitors of the same specifications

9. Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watts

Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watts 12-Inches Powered Car Sub-woofer Enclosure


  • Power – 12 watts peak power, 400 watts RMS
  • 12 inches super slim sub
  • High density laminated foam surround
  • 2 inches high temperature aluminum voice coil
  • Impedance – 4 ohms
  • Frequency range – 38 Hz to 500 Hz
  • Dimensions – 24 inches * 15 inches * 6.65 inches
  • 150 mV to 5 V input level
  • Low level RCA inputs
  • 24 dB low pass crossover frequency 50 Hz to 250 Hz

This is one of the best Rockville subwoofer model in the market ,and here are some elaborate descriptions of the product to help you make it understand better-
Rockville has successfully developed a smart, integrated solution for adding bass to any vehicle’s audio system. The slim powered sub combine subs with matching enclosures & amplifiers for top notch bass performance.

Utilizing a slim but heavy duty subwoofer, durable enclosure and mono black amplifier designed to work as complete system resulting in extreme bass response. Presenting a quick connect molex high level input with smart turn on circuitry, the unit easily integrates into any OEM system with least wiring.Power, signal and remote signalling are achieved via molded angle terminals for easy access.

The Rockville unit comes standard with a remote bass control, adjustable low pass crossover, varying +12 dB bass boost, and 150 mV to 50 V gain control. It also features high and low level inputs, for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit.
By taking all the groundbreaking technology from Rockville, the E Shallow Mount T3 Subwoofers producing real, head pounding bass. Combined with a tough Rockville carpeted MDF box enclosure and the Rockville class leading mono black amplifier, these minuscule enclosures are perfect for placement anywhere in any vehicle.

  • Easy installation
  • Comes with all components including subwoofer and amp
  • Excellent solid build with internal bracing
  • Features a remote bass control
  • Comes with high low level and high inputs for easier integration
  • Can be placed anywhere in the vehicle because of its sleek, compact design
  • No cons

10. JBL GT Basspro12

JBL GT Basspro12 12-Inches Car Audio Powered Sub-woofer System



  • Built in 150 watt amplifier
  • Remote level control
  • Vented pole piece
  • slipstream port
  • Oversized, dual stack magnets
  • Speaker level and line level inputs
  • Automatic on/off functions
  • Oversized speaker protection bars

The JBL GT-Basspro12 powered subwoofer pumps out car rocking bass sound with a design so enrapturing, you won’t want to hide it into your trunk. The slipstream (patent) port design delivers deep bottom bass, while minimizing turbulence. Turbulence or port voice is not only annoying, but also a signal indicating that the port is no longer working and you are getting. The slipstream design is carefully optimized for the woofer, amp and enclosure; and with the included remote control for drive time adjustments, the only time you will need to stop would be for gas.

The JBL GT-basspro12 powered sub is the easy way to add high output, and low distorting bass to a car’s audio system. It also features an improvised motor structure venting for thermal protection, a progress to ensure superior mechanical reliability and an amplifier that delivers maximum power and flexibility.

No more worrying for the perfect amplifier – the solution is provided to you by JBL by built in amplifier designed to compliment the subwoofer for maximum performance. This model of JBL speaker automatically turns on when it senses the signal on the speaker level input. On the other hand, it will also turn itself off when once the signal stops on the speaker level input.

  • Very easy to install because the amplifier and the subwoofers are in the same box
  • Comes with protection bars for keeping the subwoofer in good condition
  • Produces powerful sound
  • Features a rugged design
  • Comes with an intuitive remote
  • Features an auto on and off button for better operation
  • Built-in cooling solution
  • It vbrates at high volume

Making a Decision

Before buying anything or setting your mind on any product, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the same and understand your requirements too. We hope that this article helped you with the same and assisted you to reach a decision. Good luck!


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