Are Waterproof Cameras Worth It?

With any purchase and maybe more so with tech like a waterproof digital camera, the first consideration is your budget. The bad news is that a decent waterproof camera will probably be over $300, however the good news is the information in this article will lead to a choice where you’ll feel every cent has been worth it.

Other key things to consider are how and where you intend to use the camera. What do you expect from your cameras features? Most waterproof options come with 5x optical zoom but otherwise come in a wide range, so you need to be sure that the model you choose facilitates the videos and picture quality, lcd screen options and underwater functions that you require.

Are you going snorkeling or a cave – dive? If so it’s advisable to procure camera which goes down to at least 50 feet, a waterproof camera that does not go to this depth would not be sufficient. If you plan on taking a journey further below, such as for going Scuba diving, you’ll want the best underwater camera that can resist the water pressure of up to 100 feet depths.

If you’re just having fun at the beach, in the pool or you might be into adventure sports, like surfing, hiking or even a skiing trip, then you want to look at compact digital camera options. Customer reviews say to look for models which include image stabilization, are shock proof, freeze proof, something like a gopro which can be mounted on virtually anything for optimum footage .

What is a good waterproof camera?

There nothing worse than feeling like you’ve wasted your money. Knowing you’ve got a deal deal but compromised on quality would certainly feel like a waste, luckily with the Campark ACT74 camera, you won’t have to make that choice.

Currently available on for 33% cheaper than the standard retail price, the Campark ACT74 is a 16MP devise providing perfect clarity for those all important snaps. It also features ultra HD 4K video recording allowing any budding film maker to capture reality with crystal-clear imagery.

Just under the 100ft depth, it is waterproof up to 98ft or 30m. Another note worthy mention is this model of action camera has built in WiFi, complete with remote control, as well as being compatible with Android and IOS systems. The dual rechargeable batteries last up to 180 minutes, even while using the most powerful features of the settings it boasts a long battery life..

What is the best cheap waterproof camera?

A brand renown for durability and a design that any water sport enthusiast would be proud to own, the Olympus Tough TG-6 is the overall winner of value for money when selecting a waterproof digital camera. With amazing versatility, it’s easy to control range of features and the covering has a textured handgrip to provide a secure hold on the camera .

Outstanding 4K video at 30fps and offers the advantage of being able to shoot in Full HD or 120fps, if you want super-slow-motion capability, sporting a generous 25-100mm internal optical zoom lens that lets you get closer without having to extend. They have even improved from the TG -5  improved LCD resolution and.

The TG-6 is waterproof to 50 feet (15 meters), which granted, isn’t as deep as Nikon Coolpix W300, but would be more than adequate for snorkeling and shallow scuba diving. Should you want to go deeper, Olympus does make a waterproof case to protect against further pressure resistance. The camera is shock-proof and has been tested from a height of up to seven feet, freeze- proof it can still operate in 14 degrees Fahrenheit!

This gadget is a Marine lover’s dream for underwater research, this version has included a Field Sensor System and a new Underwater Microscope mode for getting in close without disrupting the aquatic life. The FS system is able to track your movement, temperature and, with built in GPS, your location. The information can then be viewed later as stats, or ingeniously, embed directly onto the footage display.

Can you use underwater cameras out of water?

Essentially yes, you can. Still, there is a reason why they are called underwater cameras!

They have been specifically designed for use under the water, dependant on the exterior design this usually means a bulky protective casing which keeps the equipment watertight and will also protect it from sand and dust particles, if you drop at the beach. Internally the lens tech and focus quality will be geared towards low light environments and therefore you may not be able to adjust the settings accordingly to suit what you shoot.

Does Canon make a waterproof camera?

There are three models that are classified as ‘rugged’ but only one waterproof down to 25m, the Canon Powershot D30. With it’s Underwater mode and Custom White Balance function you’ll be able to grab those mind blowing aquatic shots quickly using the Smart Auto setting. The D30 even comes with GPS so someone can track your journey from their phone while you explore.

Innovative manufactures have developed an system which uses a combination of high- sensitivity sensor with a DIGIC processor. Not only does this make for a particularly powerful lens, (28mm, 5x optical zoom including Intelligent IS), but the low light, which is typical of underwater environments, is no issue for the built in 12.1 Megapixel HS technology, creating flawless pictures every time.

This clever gadget has been given the advantages of being durable enough to take on the challenge of any extreme sports, engineered to be shockproof, freezeproof AND durable against the toughest of all, the kids! With that in mind, these easy to use, family friendly designs are great for hikes, snow sports and cave diving. However, if you are planning on descending further into the deep, this brand also offer a selection of waterproof cases for compatible cameras, which increases the water resistance to depths of 40m.

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