Are Aimpoints worth the money?

Established in 1975 and during 1997 the company celebrated the U.S. Army awarding them the world’s first military contract for red dot sights, their customers today include Armed forces from around the globe as well as the U.S Air Force, Army and SOCOM. Currently over 3 million people are international consumers, for national forces and hunters or competitive shooters.

It’s comforting to know that while you’re out enjoying the elements you’ll not be subjecting yourself or the environment to harmful chemicals or radioactive materials as the pieces do not contain anything of that nature in its construction.

Being parallax-free, the visible dot always remains parallel to the bore of your weapon, regardless of your eyesight angle in relation to the sight and you can forget about light displacement issues. If you are looking for a quality optic for serious scenarios then it’s advised to lean toward designs specially engineered to and quality tested for combat-proven interaction, like the Aimpoint T2. For that reason alone, going for the cheaper alternatives that are available will reduced optics, especially night vision and have less proficient battery output.

What’s better Eotech or Aimpoint?

A question that’s been argued since the early 2000’s and still prominently debated today!

Three things make up key aspects regarding the features of each brand; the battery life, technology used to create the red – dot spots and field of view functionality. And with any purchase you spend your hard earned dollars on, quality is paramount.

The first considerations when buying should be it’s compatibility with the guns mount and what your intended use is. Are you going to firing ranges and want to add some extra fun to your shooting practice or does your work require you to be combat ready? Will fast action or accuracy be more effective?

Aimpoint has Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology with significantly low power usage, maximizing energy output, even with constant use they can last up to 8 years. Eotech do not have such a lengthy span but they require lithium AA batteries which are much easier to procure!

Aimpoint use the traditional mirror – based system has advantages of being more reliable than some holographic tech, however in the case of Eotech they are renowned for their unwavering spot. Comment reviews support the fact that when it comes to choosing between the former’s simple red dot sight or the latter’s ring with precise aiming dot, it’s really ‘eyes of the beholder’ decision.

Where Eotech concentrates on a wider lens offering more peripheral vision for the shooter, Aimpoint retain barrel type sights, again the choice of which is better comes down to the shooters preference and for some good but cheap reflex sights check out our guide.

To summarize, Eotech produces greater speed and target acquisition as opposed to the Aimpoint’s greater durability and power efficiency. Both offer lifetime warranty services.

Is Eotech worth the money?

Bottom line, you get out what you pay for. They guarantee high standards and deliver only quality equipment for gun owners. Eotech presently are the only holographic optic available on the market that used standard std aa battery, which is a huge win on the maintenance front. Unlike some of the cheaper scopes out there the zero wont start to drift, keeping your aim centered on the target.

There are a large number of Eotech variants, so be sure the cost is for one that meets your need Most come with NV capability and easy access the controls on the side. As standard they come with an integrated magnification and therefore are quite expensive compared to the more basic units, but precision technology like this has kept many competitive shooters at the top of their game for decades. If you’re looking for something similar to the Eotech, the Vortex UH1 is also considered strong competition.

Why are Aimpoints so expensive?

The price range reflects the quality and effectiveness that can be counted on when you need it, they make a variety of sizes to match any style of gun, be it a rifle optic you need, one for a handgun or even a bow for archery! Not to mention they are suitable for all weather and lighting conditions, from dark sub – zero temperatures of Alaska to the bright brilliance of the savanna or shadowy dampness of the forest. Some, like the t 1, are even submersible although the majority are just waterproof.

Every individual sight is built by hand at facilities in Sweden, they are each assigned a unique identification number and undergo rigorous testing and numerous quality control checks before being allowed on the market. Aimpoint AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

So with 45 years of experience of making reticle devises for varied weapon mounts this company is a top competitor that is worth every cent on the price tag. it would be prudent for the buyer to look at discounts, such as those given to members of the military or police, as well as waiting to buy during a sales or while a good deal is on offer to save those extra bucks.

Is Aimpoint Pro worth the money?

Not to large and not to small the Aimpoint Pro is the Goldilocks option for size and weight. Being used for military strategic purposes, it’s practically indestructible and has amazing optics.

There are other brands in the industry, such as the CompM4, which has the same 2 moa dot but few rivals when comparing battery life span.

The simple red dots design is very eye-catching and takes hardly any training to use. You can quickly and easily attach the Pro, first-time shooters wouldn’t even need an explanation to figure it out. Easy as aim, shoot, hit the target.

When asking whether it’s ‘to much spending around $300 – 400’, on a prominent forum discussion page the main response was that it was an excellent product, ‘well worth the money’ and the general feeling that it was easy to make the transition if used to using a different scope prior to purchase.

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