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Booking specific times online to see your favorite movies or latest blockbusters online can be one of the most convenient ways to avoid queues and long lines. However, depending on the website you use, you may have to pay a surplus charge on top of the price of your ticket. Worry not, however, as we have done our research and found the best way that film lovers and blockbuster fans can avoid the dreaded AMC convenience fee when booking through their site.

From using Facebook to book your ticket to signing up for different membership deals, we have come up with some of the most tried and tested ways you can avoid paying and added sum when checking out online. Whether you are looking for a way to save some cash or you just want to stick it to the man, below you will find the best ways you can avoid convenience charges today!

We have also answered some of the most common questions we have come across when doing our research, so be sure to check out the FAQ below to see if there is an answer to your question. Grab your popcorn, sip your soda, and read on as we have some of the best tips for you.

What is an AMC Convenience fee?

When you order tickets online through the AMC you may have to pay an additional fee on top of your ticket known as a convenience fee, or sometimes a booking fee. This fee is a part of many online transactions when it comes to booking tickets for specific events such as concerts or theatres. The AMC convenience fee is an additional $1.46 that you have to pay for your ticket, but this changes from time to time.

Do I have to pay an AMC Convenience fee?

If you choose to purchase your tickets through the online box office then you will be required to pay the additional convenience fee. Don’t worry too much however as the additional fee isn’t too much, usually around $1 – $1.50 and there are ways you can remove the need to pay this fee. In this article, we will cover a few ways around needing to pay the additional convenience amount so read on if you are sick of paying more for your ticket!

Why do theatres have Convenience fees?

There are a few different reasons a theatre may charge convenience fees when customers choose to purchase their movie tickets online or through an app. But the main reason you will find convenience fees when purchasing online is that the theatre company will need to pay to keep their site running. This surplus charge is a way of earning money that will cover the cost of running the online tickets booth.

When purchasing tickets physically, any profits that the cinema makes will not be used for the running of their online site. This means a lot of theatres such as AMC and Fandango will add an added charge to their online tickets to pay for the domain and any site hosting.

Ways Around the AMC Convenience fee:

There are some legitimate ways that you can order movie tickets online through the AMC online movie site without the need to pay any added fees. This is great for those of you who are wanting to book their seats remotely without needing to stand in line for a long time. Below you will find just three of these ways to help ensure you get the discounts you are looking for without paying an extra fee!

The Facebook movie page method

When purchasing tickets online, being expected to pay an additional $1 – 2 on top of your initial ticket transaction fee is frustrating. Purchasing tickets online is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to snag your movie ticket with the additional benefit of being able to book your seats a while in advance. So how exactly can you avoid needing to pay an additional transaction fee on top of the initial price?

A tried and tested way to completely negate this convenience fee is to buy your tickets through Facebook’s front Movie page. To firstly do this you need to sign up to Facebook, if you haven’t already, and finish registering your account. Once you have entered an e-mail and a password and sorted out the initial set-up experience, you are ready to begin booking your tickets online.

Find the movie page through the Facebook search bar or clicking this Facebook Movie Page link. This should lead you directly to a list of all the theaters near your location, so you just need to scroll down and find the theater you are wanting to visit.

Once you have found the correct theater, you need to scroll through the different movie categories and find the movie, or movies, you are wanting to buy tickets for. There are a host of good titles and theater content currently so be sure to take your time finding the right one. Select the movie you are interested in then select the time you are wanting to buy tickets for.

This will lead you to a checkout page, where you have to choose which cinema you are wanting to book with, this will typically either be AMC, Atom, or Fandango. Once you have clicked purchase, you will be taken to the theater site, depending on the theater you have chosen. Make sure that you have logged into the site if you are a member of any of the reward services found in theaters to ensure you get the discounts you are entitled to.

This is an excellent way to avoid paying an additional convenience fee as Facebook will take care of the additional cost for you. If you are tired of booking your movie ticket through an online system just to be met with a higher sale cost, then try booking your next movie through the Facebook Movie page.

AMC Convenience Fee Promo Codes

Much like a host of other online transactions available today, you can find a multitude of different discount codes and coupons online. People looking to find ways to save money when booking through AMC Theatres online site may want to browse the many money-saving sites available online.

There is a selection of coupons and promotional codes that members of cash saving sites or just internet users, in general, should look out for when they are next booking film times online. The best part is, most of these coupons will completely waive the convenience fee that AMC charges which is ideal if you regularly book online.

When you are next considering going to one of the many AMC theatres around the US and you book your ticket through the online system, be sure to check for coupons, codes, or even gift cards to help you save on the convenience fee.

AMC Member Experience

Thankfully, if you are a member of the AMC Stubs, which you should be if you are a regular theater-goer, then you will not be expected to pay convenience fees. Members of AMC stubs are entitled to a host of added benefits, such as being able to book free reservations as well as being entitled to the best food deal but perhaps the best one is the lack of additional fees.

If you enjoy regularly watching the latest blockbusters at AMC cinemas, then you may already have considered joining the Stubs scheme. There is a bevy of different member levels available all with their own unique prices and rewards. Starting from a free membership that will allow you to save up points towards snacks or even your next movies trip, to a paid premium rewards scheme that allows you to earn points as well as getting rid of the dreaded convenience fee. Popcorn lovers will also be interested as AMC Stub members can get free popcorn refills!

Being a member of such a scheme is an ideal option for the regular theater user, but even if you only tend to be interested in the latest movies once a month, it may still be worthwhile signing up for the free member system. Things such as free bookings and popcorn refills are just some of the rewards available if you are a member, so be sure to check it out when you are next online. Sadly, however, you will need to pay for one of the paid membership tiers to fully avoid the need to pay a convenience charge.

What tips are there to save money when shopping online with AMC Convenience Fee Promo Codes?

The best tip to take into consideration if you are trying to save cash when booking times online is to spend a bit of time checking to see if you can find any coupon codes or discounts online. Typically AMC runs a monthly discount code that will remove the convenience fee on one transaction per month, which is great for people who love movies.

Booking online only to be met with an added charge can be frustrating, especially if it is the only way you can book. Ensuring you check out the tips above when planning your next trip to the movies can be a great way to save cash without too much effort!


How do I waive the AMC convenience fee?

There are multiple different ways that people can avoid needing to pay the added convenience charge. From being a member of the AMC Stubs system to using an offer code you have found online. Above we have listed some of the best ways fellow blockbuster lovers can save cash when booking through an online website, so be sure to check out our list!

How do you avoid Movie convenience fees?

This completely depends on which company you are booking with and what is available on the website you are using. Companies such as Atom and Fandango allow people to book through the Facebook Movies site allowing you to completely avoid the convenience fee online.

Fandango and Atom also tend to offer their own membership deals and rewards, so if you aren’t already a member of their rewards scheme then it’s best to sign-up before you next checkout through their website. This can also be a great way to check if you are entitled to a specific offer or to even save up points for added benefits. Fandango also sell a gift card, that will allow you to book without the added charge, so consider asking for one of those this Christmas!

The best thing to keep in mind is that you can find the best deals and ways to avoid added fees as long as you do research before entering your credit card details. You may come across an incredible offer or deal that will save you a heap of cash, so always browse the internet before booking through sites such as Fandango and Atom.

Is AMC membership free?

AMC offers multiple membership levels, each with its own unique charge and benefits. You can rest easy however as they do offer a free membership deal that is ideal for people looking to save cash or get the best deal when booking through AMC’s site. Those of you interested in all the different levels and membership deals will find a list below:

AMC Insider: This is the free membership deal and is ideal for any type of theater-goer regardless of how often you plan on going to the theater. It offers people a way to save points towards a $5 coupon as well as additional offers and discounts on specific days of the week.

AMC Premier: If you are wanting to waive convenience fees, then this is the membership tier for you. Costing only 5 dollars a year + tax, you will get benefits such as a lack of convenience fees as well as incredible offers on larger food and drink orders. If you regularly visit AMC, consider signing up for this tier!

AMC A* List: A membership tier designed for true AMC fans, this is the most premium membership type that AMC offers. If you are signed up with this tier you can watch 3 free blockbusters a week, which is ideal for film lovers who just love the big screen. you also receive up to 10% back on all snack and drink purchases, just be sure to check the policy before signing up!

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